I am a moderate in hermeneutics

I was not surprised to find that in The Hermeneutics Quiz, which I found from a tip by Dave Warnock and (for those of you put off by long words like “hermeneutics”) is in fact a set of questions on how I interpret the Bible, I came out as a “moderate”, with a score of 55. This rather simplistic score conceals the fact that the majority of my points came from the last few questions which were mostly about the applicability today of Old Testament law. I took a more conservative position on the earlier questions about the Bible. I was also somewhat surprised that my more individualistic answers about how I interpret the Bible and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit made my score a more conservative one. It seems to me that this quiz needs at least two or three dimensions, perhaps more, rather than trying to place people along a single conservative-liberal axis.

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  2. haha I too scored 55. A lot of questions I would have liked to put “A combo of 1 and 5,” but alas. It was an interesting quiz, but like all assessments is limited in scope.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. It seems to me your 55 is barely moderate, Peter, and my own 49 is barely conservative, since the dividing point between the two is 52. We’re really very close. I was surprised the progressive side has such a wide spectrum.

  4. I was also scored as a moderate,can’t remember my score now I think it was around 55. Interesting test, like others, sometimes I felt like I had to choose between two extremes when I wanted to somehow choose both!

  5. I came out 39, well within conservative but somewhat toward the lower end (conservative is 20 to 52). I imagine you’ve got to be a fairly extreme fundamentalist to get lower than 20. Most evangelicals are probably conservatives or low moderates.

  6. As usual, I loathe quizzes which try to put me into a box of someone else’s making. I actually looked at this quiz but found that I did not fit into any of the five slots for quite a few questions.

    My response to Q. 17 Tattoos:

    I have a largeish birth mark (thankfully not visible with normal clothing) so I have never been able to understand why anyone would want to consider permanently branding themselves with a tattoo.

    My motto: If you are going to call me names, call me “Christ’s”.

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