0 thoughts on “In which I receive an award, of a sort

  1. Dodgy!!! I was quite proud of my artistry.

    Does your intended read your blog? She really should be fully aware of your nutty ideas as well as all your nutty online friends before she marries into our family.

  2. David, do you really think I should introduce my intended to a friend who considers such a picture “artistry”? A five year old could well be proud of it. To be honest, I probably couldn’t have done better, but I wouldn’t claim too much for it. But I will introduce Lorenza to you electronically, and in person if we get the chance.

  3. Children make the purest art because they draw unconsciously and un-self-consciously. Both Miro and Klee were inspired by the art of children and tried to capture that innocence. Miro is my favorite.

  4. David, I am glad you are childlike and so not self-conscious about your art. I can also believe that you drew this unconsciously. But yes, I too love childlike art, so don’t take me too seriously.

  5. Are you sure this image may not represent a ‘spiritual vision’ of some deep significance that many charismatic types claim to receive?

    What possible interpretations could it have?

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