"Kirk to consider gay ordinations": not me!

Reverend Scott Rennie, a gay minister in AberdeenDon’t misunderstand the headline on the BBC news home page this morning

Kirk to consider gay ordinations

This is nothing to do with me! As is clear from the full title of the linked page, Church of Scotland Assembly to debate gay ordinations, my surname is here being used in its alternative sense as a name, or journalistic abbreviation, for the Church of Scotland.

The word “kirk” is a Scottish and northern English dialect variant of “church”, probably of Viking origin. The place name of Danish origin “Kirkby” or “Kirby” is widely attested in northern England, and in the east as far south as Essex, but only in the half of England which was strongly influenced by Danish invasion and settlement, known as the Danelaw.

The word “kirk” is in fact of Greek origin, from kuriakos meaning “the Lord’s”.

My own Kirk ancestors are not Scottish but from Derbyshire in northern England. I have previously posted here a picture of my ancestral home.

Maybe another time I will consider gay ordinations, but not today.

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  2. If you ever decide to get a dog have you thought of calling it ‘Scotty’.

    “Kirk & Scotty -sounds logical to me Captain”

  3. In case anyone reading this is actually interested in the Church of Scotland position on ordination of homosexuals, the BBC later reported, in an update to the same page, that

    The Church of Scotland has voted to allow the possible selection of gay and lesbian ministers in the future.

    But a closer read shows that the decision is in fact more to put off a decision:

    A theological commission will now be set up and will report in 2013 before a final decision on the issue of gay ordination is taken.

  4. More on the Church of Scotland issue: Ekklesia reports that

    There has been some uncertainty as to what the Church of Scotland General Assembly actually voted for, and against, on the issue of coupled same-sex ministers and related issues. on Monday 23 May 2011.

    Ekklesia goes on to describe what was actually decided, which seems to be more than just to put off a decision until 2013, but less than full approval of ministers in same-sex relationships.

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