Lakeland revival with Todd Bentley continues

UPDATE 3rd June: I know a lot of people are finding this page from Google searches on “Todd Bentley” and similar. Welcome! Note please that this is only one of a series of posts I have made about Todd and the events in Lakeland. For the rest of the series follow this link to my Todd Bentley category.

Today I watched quite a lot more of Todd Bentley and his team from the revival in Lakeland, Florida, which friends had recorded from God TV. I am convinced that this is a real move of God’s power, although through imperfect human agents and so not entirely perfect. My previous post on the subject generated some discussion, but I will not try to engage with criticisms of what is happening.

Henry Neufeld offers an interesting perspective on these revival meetings from his friend and former pastor, rounded off with some of his own thoughts, cautious but not negative. The former pastor, who was involved in the Brownsville revival in their home town of Pensacola (also in Florida but several hundred miles from Lakeland), writes as follows:

My experience at Lakeland was awesome. It is nothing like Brownsville. Everything about this move of God will drive everyone’s religious spirits crazy. Nothing fits the normal church theology. God just shows up and melts people. …

I recommend that everyone who wants to make a commitment of more of themselves to the Lord, to go! If you go as a spectator you will come away only with disappointment and criticisms, which only hurts the critic. The healings are awesome. Are some fake? Probably. Are some real? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

As long as God gets the glory, I believe this will continue to grow around the world.

Some people from my church are flying all the way to Lakeland next week to catch the revival fire and bring it back to England and this town. In some ways I wish I could go with them. I did wonder why the need to actually go there, why this revival can’t be caught from a distance, but on further reflection I believe they are right. I have already heard stories of church leaders who have returned to the UK from Lakeland and seen revival start to break out in their churches. I long to see that happen in my own church, and in all the churches in my town. In fact we have already seen some small signs of it, just enough for us to realise that we need and can hope to receive far, far more.

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  1. peter–

    why/how does this kind of event/movement resonate so much with you? (i’m making no judgement here about the event/movement itself. i’m asking about your response.)



  2. Scott, a good question. There are several answers. One is because a big thing is being made of it at my church and among my friends. Also it is generating quite a lot of interest on the blogosphere (over 30 search engine hits related to “Lakeland” or “Todd Bentley” already today), and I like to scratch where people are itching, put the record straight about some misrepresentations, and keep my statistics up!

    But basically it is because I believe, or at least hope, that this is a really significant move of God, at least as significant as the Toronto blessing of the 1990s. I missed out on Toronto until a couple of years ago. This time, if it is really from God, I want to be part of it from the start.

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  4. peter–

    does it resonate because of the healing?

    does it see to you that these people are having a mystical experience of god?

    if it is mystical, how is it different than the experience of god in sacrament– eucharist, for example?

    does the energy of the event appeal to you?

    or have i missed the boat here, and this whole thing is something else entirely?


  5. The main point for me, Scott, is that people’s lives are being changed – not so much physical healing as emotional and spiritual. Yes, there are wonderful experiences of God, but not of the kind traditionally called “mystical”, also not of the kind normally experienced in the Eucharist at least in my tradition.

  6. peter–

    thanks for responding. your response was too short for me, though, i wanted to know more about how you were thinking here. another post, perhaps?

    in one of my ongoing discussions with friends and colleagues, we wrestle over how sacraments are about ‘meeting jesus.’ and the stories in the gospels about meeting jesus are all about change. if you’re not ready to meet jesus, avoid the sacraments (even the eucharist). if you’re not ready to be changed, don’t go to confession, or have your kids baptized just yet. if we expect to meet jesus anywhere, not just in the ‘big seven,’ we have to be ready to be changed.

    does seem to apply to this event as well? is it sacramental to you?



  7. Peter,

    “I did wonder why the need to actually go there, why this revival can’t be caught from a distance, but on further reflection I believe they are right.”

    Please would you unpack this more. I do not understand how this fits theologically.

    Can you express that “rightness” theologically?

  8. I think Henry Neufeld gives a good take on things. God is perfect, we’re not. But when he moves in real power it a) cannot be contained; b) amazes/shocks/inspries/reinvigorates the church; c) d) etc etc. Revival always features those who say they are healed etc but are not really – each of us has the choice before God – but to focus on that is to truly miss the point. Lakeland is something too big to ignore and seeing people from ACROSS THE WORLD seeking God like this is amazing – more action, less talking about things.

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  11. I am in the UK and have been watching Todd Bentley. He said if anyone wants to be healed by God to email in a prayer request. I have been deaf in my right ear for 30 years (since a train crash) I was told my ear was damadged beyond repair. But thank God my hearing has come back.
    You don’t need to go to Florida to get healing, even though it must be amazing to feel the power of God so strongly.
    God Bless

  12. Jo, thanks for that encouraging testimony.

    I didn’t mean to say that one needs to travel to Florida, or even drive to Dudley, to get healing or anointing. But in some way, at least for some people, it seems to help.

  13. What Jo said is true. I had bone cancer when I was 10 and had my right leg amputated below the knee. After I emailed my prayer request, it grew back overnight. Praise Jesus!

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  15. Mike, I can’t blame you for being a bit sceptical. I too would like to see some evidence to back up Ruby’s testimony. This should be reasonably easy to produce in a case like this. But of course she may prefer to avoid further publicity, and so we should respect her privacy and not assume a lack of any further response implies any untruthfulness.

  16. Hi

    Wow looking through alot of posts and more healings are happening across the world.

    Peter I would love to go to Florida but unfortunately can’t. I am just So Glad God can work across the nations. Through our TV & PC’s God Bless u. Todd Bentley is due to come to England, we are waiting for him to release the dates.

    Ruby that is brilliant. I am soo pleased for you, what an amazing healing, I know you must feel as excited as I did. God Bless you, I hope you feel on top of the world.

    Hi Mike I would like to explain to you how I was deaf in my right ear and how Hospital/doctors reports, newspaper cuttings ect can prove this happened. 30 years ago when I was 4 yrs old I was hit by a train on a rail way crossing. The train hit my right side I had broken legs, fractured skull, broken ribs and numerous cuts. I have the scars to prove it! and loss of hearing in my right ear. The doctors said the nerves in the ear were beyond repair. I am very fortunate to be alive. The doctors told my parents I would not walk again, but they were wrong. I was so pleased I survived I thought being deaf in one ear was minor. God healed me
    since sending in my prayer request to fresh fire ministries. It took 3 days for my hearing to come back, God must have been repairing. I can understand you find all these Lakeland healings very hard to believe but in Lakeland florida people are now turning up with X-rays and hospital reports confirming their claims of healing.

    Check out CBN NEWS:
    Big Blessings

  17. Jo, thanks for the further details, also the link to the CBN report. Mike, I hope you can watch that, as it gives examples of properly documented healings, from a Christian news channel not directly involved in what is happening.

    I also rejoiced at the emphasis at the end of this report that the anointing is transferable and indeed even stronger away from Lakeland. I long to see this greater strength, the Holy Spirit working with even more power, here in the UK, not in just a few cases like yours, Jo, but in many all over the country. Todd prophesied about a firestorm of the Holy Spirit sweeping the country. Lord, send your fire!

  18. Blessings

    Thanks Peter, Amen
    Yes Lord send your Fire..
    I know alot of people are getting excited about the Revival coming to the UK- it’s happening, this link is from Dudley:

    My Mum has also just got back from a Wales conference where God is moving also very powerfully.
    ENGLAND get ready to PRAISE GOD

  19. […] I long to see this greater strength, the Holy Spirit working with even more power, here in the UK, not in just a few cases like yours, Jo, but in many all over the country. […]

    Amen, Peter! My heart pounds every time I read the things coming out of this. I still long to see it for myself, but as time goes on I am finding myself more and more longing simply for God to move in and through me to my family and friends, Church, workplace and such. I know that the day to day faithful running of the Race is testimony enough, but with everything happening in the UK at the moment with the Church assailed by its enemies like never before, I long for the Spirit to move.

    God please forgive me for being so weak and self-focussed for the largest part of my Christian life. When we see grace revealed it brings us back to our knees, back to the cross. Always a good thing.

    God bless you all.


  20. Amen, Jo!

    England, the nation that once sent missionaries to the world… I pray that once again the Spirit will embolden his people here to come to Him again, like never before, with a desire to be set apart for Him, in this generation.

  21. This is real simple: God has given us his word and that is the final authority by which we measure such things as the Lakeland revival. Therefore it is obvious that this is not of God. People must chase the truth and not experiences.

  22. Dave, I agree with you that such things must be measured by God’s word. But which particular passages of God’s word tell us that the Lakeland revival is not of God? I don’t see this as obvious at all.

  23. The Word is the final authority, which we can only understand with the Spirit’s help. All I see from Lakeland is God’s name being honoured and people coming to Him. Todd & Co. don’t appear to be taking any glory for themselves, although the risk will always be there. With them saying, in effect, ‘don’t come to us, come to God’ it helps deal with all this.

  24. Jo said:
    “Hi Mike I would like to explain to you how I was deaf in my right ear and how Hospital/doctors reports, newspaper cuttings ect can prove this happened.”

    Do you have a blog where you can post the things you’ve listed above? Perhaps you can scan the documents with a scanner and black out your personal information like your address.

    I would really love to see everything you have!

    Have a God day!
    Mike M

  25. Since 14th May God healed my right ear of deafness. It is so amazing to now be able to hear everything in stereo!

    Excited, Hungry for God: Jamie, I agree with your posts, especially when you wrote: I long to see this greater strength, the Holy Spirit working with even more power, here in the UK.

    Mike, I will be able to provide you with documents. The accident happened while I was on holiday with my family in Germany 1974
    My parents have the folder containing documents, photos, and letters with amazing Prayers, Love & Support. I now know we would not have survived without God.

    Mike, I am curious and concerned, if you want this information to prove that faced with near death and deafness in my right ear, that I am totally healed today by God (besides the scars on my head, legs and glass cut scars on my body; Thank God I am healed. Then what will this prove to you? Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? Have you ever had healing? Sorry lots of questions.

    God Bless You All & Gentle Wisdom

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  27. Whilst I am a charismatic, I have a sceptical view about pretty much everything that calls itself a “revival” – the witness of recent history is that such claims are more hype than fact.

    I started out with an open mind about Todd Bentley, but I found this video on YouTube that really worries me.

    At 4:55, Todd says that the Lord told him to knee someone in the stomach..! (Check out the video if you don’t believe me).

    All I can ask is would the God of the Bible (my God for 25 years) tell anyone to do that?

  28. CharismaticSceptic, I too have seen on TV Todd kneeing people in the stomach, so I didn’t need to watch your video. I wonder if your God, that is God as you have conceived him, would tell Ezekiel to do all the things the LORD told him to do? Would he have told Elijah and Elisha to lie down on top of dead children (1 Kings 17:21, 2 Kings 4:34)? Would he have struck Ananias and Sapphira dead? Would he have knocked Saul of Tarsus to the ground? Perhaps your concept of God needs to get a bit deeper than “gentle Jesus, meek and mild”. When God has a great work to do, sometimes he needs to use forceful methods.

  29. I have looked at much video of Todd Bentley and the ‘Lakeland revival’. If anyone knows of any recent footage (video or audio) where Todd speaks clearly of repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ crucified, please post the link on this website so that we can all have a look.

  30. Dave, I too would be interested to see any such material. I don’t have time to search for video material, but I did find these not so recent passages in Todd Bentley’s 2004 book “Christ’s Healing Touch Part 1”, pp.56,59:

    [The Passover] was a prophetic picture of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, without spot or blemish, who was killed as a sacrifice for sin. Jesus was the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world. Today, when we apply the blood of the Lamb to our lives, death and destruction, which are the wages of sin, will pass us by. …

    If we will put our faith in the victorious Christ, we can receive the blessing of sozo, the forgiveness, liberty and healing He has provided for all through His atoning sacrifice – a sacrifice freely given so we can live a victorious Christian life.

    No doubt here that Todd believes in repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ crucified, and preaches it where appropriate.

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  32. Hi Peter, I assure you that I don’t see God as weak and sentimental. My view is best summed up a quote from CS Lewis, “Aslan is not a tame lion”. Amen to that!

    But I think you missed my original point, which perhaps I didn’t state very clearly. Would God tell you, me, Todd Bentley, or anyone else, to physically assault someone in order to give them a “blessing” ?

    Yes, in the Bible, God himself does some powerful things, but I don’t think He ever tells anyone to attack someone, certainly not in a way that is even remotely equivalent to what we’re discussing. I don’t think any of the examples you quote can be said to support Todd’s action, which to me seems to have zero biblical basis and is potentially abusive.

    I’m wondering what’s going to come next – blessing somone with a punch in the face?

  33. I just found another video that includes some even more worrying content from Todd Bentley (I hadn’t seen it when I wrote the above).

    Please, everyone reading this, if there’s one thing you do, have a look at:

    I’m sorry, but I cannot accept that this is how a minister of the gospel should behave, and have to seriously question if the voice Todd is hearing is that of the Lord. I do not say this lightly.

  34. Thank you, CharismaticSceptic. But if you accept Aslan as a type of Christ, remember what Aslan did when he met the sceptical dwarf Trumpkin, in the book Prince Caspian (pp. 133-134 of my copy)? (I haven’t seen the film yet.)

    Aslan pounced. Have you ever seen a very young kitten being carried in the mother cat’s mouth? It was like that. The Dwarf, hunched up in a little, miserable ball, hung from Aslan’s mouth. The Lion gave him one shake and all his armour rattled like a tinker’s pack and then – hey-presto – the Dwarf flew up in the air. He was as safe as if he had been in bed, though he did not feel so. As he came down the huge velvety paws caught him as gently as a mother’s arms and set him (right way up, too) on the ground.

    It seems that C.S. Lewis’ conception of God allowed him to do apparently violent things to demonstrate that he is real.

    As for the YouTube video, I note that this is edited to remove relevant context. Why? But again C.S. Lewis would have had no problem with this. Nor did Todd Bentley’s congregation. For they trust him to do this only when God is clearly telling him to. Why do you have a problem?

  35. When we deal with God we always tread the verge of mystery. So much we don’t know (and don’t really need to), and so much we still have to learn. God’s ways are not our ways, but that doesn’t mean that because something is weird or outlandish it is necessarily of God. We are not to test God, but we are told to be of sound mind and judgement.

    What is the fruit? Is it good? – then Amen, and More! Is it bad? – then let us not be judgemental, but pray for wisdom and righteousness for all those, including Todd, involved at the core of what is happening. The enemy seeks anyone he can use to bring division, ridicule, doubt, weakness and such among God’s people. Let us not stop praying for all our worldwide brothers and sisters, including Lakeland, and seek how we – ourselves – can encourage each other on.

  36. Well said! As an American I feel I can speak to the condition of the church here and believe what God is doing in Lakeland is breaking up the fallow ground which the religious spirits in many of the American churches (and churches around the globe) have produced, and yes this is and will continue to distrub these spirits…praise be to God that is exactly what this outpouring is designed to do and why God has raised up Todd Bentley. He and many in his company challenge these religious spirits with an “in-your-face” message night after night. We need to be shaken out of our lethargy and get to the Father’s business!! God is moving in the USofA once again!!!

  37. I think Gentle Wisdom is such a great title and exactly what we need here. More of Your Spirit Lord and may the Jesus be lifted higher and higher!

  38. To CharismaticSceptic,

    I too tend to be “cautious” when looking at claimed moves of God, but always come back to the fact that God doesn’t always come in a comfortable package. But the Spirit will confirm the things of God within us. If we ourselves do not have a close walk with God, we cannot confirm these things by His Spirit and are then forced to use our human wisdom to judge these things, and we all know where our human wisdom gets us. Even those that are sceptical of moves like this are often sceptical out of fear, not by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

    Are you familiar with Smith Wigglesworth? He was one of the most incredible men of God who has documented healings from the early part of the 20th century. He was a major advocate of repentance and holiness. In fact, he never allowed any other book in his house other than the bible. On one occasion, a visiting pastor was told to leave his newspaper outside before entering his home.

    However, his metods often included punching people. On one occasion, he actually healed a baby by kicking it. Our first reaction will always be “what!” And begin judging God by our own expectations. In many ways that is God’s test to you, to see if you trust in your own wisdom more than trusting Him.

    Confirmation from God always comes from more than one source. These will include, His Word, His Spirit, Circumstances, the Pastor or leaders God has appointed over you and finally your spirit.

    We are not called to fear the enemy, but we are called to be aware of his devices. He is active in EVERY church. As I am sure he is active in this revival. But to say he is using this leader as a puppet is a very serious charge. Our test is cleary laid out for us in 1 John,

    1Jo 4:2-3 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that [spirit] of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    Jhn 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

    Is this a move of God? I believe it is. But do not base your decision on the opinions of men, for there will be many on both sides of the issue. Both sides will have thier points, all sounding good, but when its all said and done, the only opinion that should matter is God’s. Do you know Him enough to hear Him?

    May Jesus, the Son of the Living God who has come in the flesh, guide you in your quest for truth.

  39. Brian, it amazes me that you think that such negative material is appropriate for the new Christians targeted by your website. Should you not be building them up, rather than feeding them with divisive material, Christians attacking other Christians? Yes, they need to avoid deception, but don’t you believe that God is able to keep them from falling (Jude 24) without needing your help?

  40. Chris,

    Thanks for that. It’s so easy to say things are right or wrong based on opinion. Smith Wigglesworth was certainly used by God, but remains a controversial figure. Yet his dedication to God comes across in everything.

    Sometimes we expect people who are uniquely used by God to behave in certain ways. But Jesus breaks that mould, with mud-in-the-eyes (John 9). Is that normal? Not where I come from.

    God’s capacity to astound remains unfathomable. What we call ‘miraculous’ is actually a misnomer, since when Jesus inaugurated the Kingdom of God, what we would call the realm of the supernatural becomes part of the hallmark of the Kingdom, along with a new and perfect love. Yet when we see something outlandish or downright bizarre, even foolish done by God’s people, we naturally scoff. Again, let’s be discerning. We can’t test God, but must test ‘everything’ (1 Thess 5).

    Miracles, signs and wonders are meant to testify to the truth of the Kingdom, not serve their own ends. I wouldn’t suggest kicking or punching anyone in God’s name, but obedience to God is the key. How can you test that? Not easy to discern, but if we are not obedient to God, he will pass his work onto those who are, to our shame. God is not confined or constrained to the natural laws of the universe – he wrote them! Let’s not buttonhole Him.

  41. It’s been three weeks, and still no answer from Ruby Rai and her new-grown leg. I’m left with no other option than to think she’s full of crap, or Todd’s outpouring. Same difference.

  42. Regarding the reason why many people seem to need to go to Lakeland…. I visited Toronto a few times since 1995 and my experience of my relationship with God was transformed irreversibly and wonderfully. The issues seemed to be humility and focus/security. Some are humble and seem to be able to receive God’s grace anywhere, anytime. I, in contrast, am analytical in nature, and therefore proud – I lean on my own understanding too much instead of simply trusting the Lord. Some are secure in and focussed on God and can receive anywhere, others, like me, are “Marthas” and need to be taken away from their kitchen responsibilities and the environment they know before they can focus sufficiently. As with so many of Gopd’s paradoxes, the ones who need to actually go there are almost always the ones who say “why do I have to go”. I know many who said “I don’t need to go to Toronto, God knows where I live.” but none of them got it – they are still waiting. If God is a king, then it seems natural that he should occasionally requires his subjects to make pilgrimage to a place of his choosing, just as Jesus; filled with all grace, journeyed to receive from John the Baptist. Maybe it’s also a Bartimaus/Mary thing – God is looking for those passionate to the point of desperation in a sea of lukewarmness.

  43. Mike, Ruby may simply have chosen to keep quiet rather than face a barrage of sceptical comments. Or maybe she is less than fully genuine, which by no means implies the same of Todd. After all people like him always attract their share of odd people.

    Thank you, Duncan, for your helpful comment.

  44. Can i quickly ask to see whether the people posting skepical comments on here are actually Christians or just people claiming to be in order to seem ‘legit’ yet they just want to try and put the Fire of the Holy Spirit out?

    If they are Christians then why are they so skeptical about the movement of God? The Bible says to seek God in a childlike fashion with such faith as to what he does, it seems like these people have/are missing out on this very cruicial point.

    I am interigied to see that these people seem to think that God doesnt want to heal his beloved sons and daughters of which all humans fall under the bracket of (obviously they have not experiened the Father Heart of God). After all Jesus paid the Ultimate Price for our sins on the cross and by saying that these healings (many of which have medical evidence) are false is pretty much saying that Jesus died for nothing on the cross and is negating that it even happened (not great ‘theology’ there !?!).

    It is also probably why these people will never see/hear or feel the Holy Spirit moving, because they are not open to it. They seem to like pushing themselves away from the Glory of God when all God wants is to meet with us (his sons and daughters).

    I at first was skeptical about all the manifestations etc surrounding Florida etc but after going to the New Wine Channel Islands confernce in Jersey a couple of months ago i was radically changed by the power and touch of the Holy Spirit and this has changed my relationship with God in an amazing way. I encourage all to be open to God and whats going on in Florida and around the world and see what happens (im pretty sure it will be some really good stuff)

    🙂 Fire on all of you guys 🙂

  45. Piers, I too sometimes wonder if the objectors are genuine Christians. But I know some of them are. It is just that there is so much false teaching around. Also there are many people around, perhaps including some but not all who comment here, who hold intellectually to orthodox Christian teachings but show no signs in their life of the love or other fruit which should accompany true Christian faith. Whether such people will eventually be saved, or will meet with a response like Matthew 7:23, is, I am glad to say, not for me to judge. The safest thing is to call them professing but misguided Christians.

  46. Christians today should be PROUD of what God is doing in Lakeland, support it, thank God for it and desire it in their own churches and cities.
    My concern is that we have too many career christians who know nothing and desire nothing of the Holy Spirit and Jesus. All they want is to sit at in the comfort of their homes and PRETEND to be followers of Christ. Show me your works – I say to these people.
    They are the false prophets who should repent and follow the ways of the Lord.
    I beleive in what God is doing through Todd and pray for it to grow and grow and grow and for many people to become saved in to the Kingdom of God not man.

  47. I am so grateful for these online Blogs.. people get HOT, Emotional and on FIRE!! Fire Fire Fire!!! God is working mightily. as the Bible says, Iron sharpens Iron!!!.. This outpouring is a Division between light and darkness, hot and cold, the born again and the unsaved, the religious and the true believers. The Prophesy is NOW being fulfilled, Jesus said in Matthew 10: 34-37 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”

    Todd is a man. God uses men. God uses anyone he chooses. Usually God chooses the lowest of men, unlearned, unordained, to humble the proud, to confuse the wise, to judge the rulers. Jesus said the greatest born of women was John the Baptist – most people today would not invite him into their homes because he looked wild, preached wild, lived wild!!! contrary to comfortable outward pious proud Religious lifestyle.

    I agree that there can appear to be much hype and fleshly activity going on.. but many critics fail to acknowledge that the Bible says to come into God’s presence with Joy, thanksgiving and Praise, we are told to wake up our souls and that is a process (call it hype if you like – hype yourself up – seek God with all your heart soul and mind!!). There is also an ignorance to acknowledge that regardless of who the preacher is, whether his intention is fraudulent or not, that when the Word of God in the name of Jesus (from the Bible) is preached, God cannot deny Himself and is faithful to His Word, and therefore regards the hearers of the Word: “if anyone” believes in their heart, without doubt in the Word of God, they will be granted according to their FAITH”. we are called to walk by faith from beginning to end, but Faith without works is dead therefore it is practical and true to expect an outworking of faith, ie miracle. It is not about who the preacher is but what he says the Word of God says, and when these are in alignment, POWER is released!!!

    Todd Bentley feeds the poor, looks after the homeless, visits those in prison, helps the widow and orphan (which the Bible says is True Religion) – can any critics claim the same?.(let alone true believers) . No money, not one cent from the revival goes any where near Todd’s personal finances. I would fear God and not Judge lest though be found to be judging Gods Servant. I challenge any critic to listen to Todd’s teachings and sermons >> refer Media Files >>
    I too started out dubious and have since found repentance – as Todd clearly states, it is only HIM Jesus Christ, risen from the dead that we should seek, not man.
    Spiritual things are discerned by spiritual people and as in Jesus day so it is today, the light shines in a dark place but men perceived it not for their ears are dulled and their eyes dimmed, lest they should hear and see and believe and be saved. The greatest Prophets in the Bible were the ones most persecuted and commonly killed by the masses, even the Lord Our Saviour came to His own, but they received Him not..

    I thank you Father God for using Todd Bentley, I forgive the critics and pray that you give them understanding, wisdom and patience to hear the full story, rather than pieces of Your mysterious work in using such a humble man as Todd Bentley. I believe you Jesus Christ are the one and only true way to God and that there is salvation in NO other name under heaven. The name of Jesus Christ. AMEN & AMEN.

  48. We shouldn’t impune peoples Christianity because they are skeptical of the whole florida revival/todd bentley thing.. It doesn’t mean we dont crave revival etc, the opposite!
    Along with others i’m wary of anyone preaching angels (demons are, afterall fallen angels..) and we must remember that all supernatural phenomena is not from God.
    Not enough Christ & the cross for me.. Dan. <

  49. Peter,
    You mention Toronto and how disappointed you are that you never went.

    What was not taking place was the clear preaching of salvation. John Arnott, pastor of the church in Toronto, was even told by “God” to stop preaching on salvation because the God of the universe who called us to the great commission and who loves us so much he doesn’t want anyone to perish felt that Arnott was pushing him too hard by preaching too much on salvation.

    Therefore, rather than make the Toronto Blessing about salvation- Randy Clark and John Arnott concluded to make it about God throwing a party for his people. Indeed a party it was.

    People were barking like dogs in the Spirit, clucking like chickens in the Spirit, there were people receiving gold teeth, gold dust falling from the ceiling, and even angel feathers falling from the celing.

    In other words, people were acting like a bunch of wild animals and claiming that the Holy Spirit had inspired them to do so. True revival is not found by seeking in a church these experiences that can be produced by stage hypnotists in Vegas. Rather, true revival is more of a personal matter of getting into the Scriptures and getting the Scriptures into us. Let no one deceive you. For there are many false prophets who have gone out into the world. Test the Spirits. Let’s get back to the authentic Christian faith as has been passed down to us throughout the centuries of church history. Amen.

  50. Daniel, I don’t doubt the true Christian faith of those who are sceptical about Todd and Lakeland, but remain open about finding out the truth about it. I do have doubts about those like Chadwick who seem to have made up their minds about the facts and have apparently made it their mission in life to libel and pray against the work of their Christian brothers and sisters.

    Chadwick, this is your final warning. I will allow you one last comment to reply to what I have just said about you. Then, unless there is a real change of tone, that is it, you will find your comments being refused or deleted.

  51. Hi.
    I found your Web Site by Google
    And I wish you the best you can get,
    the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

    Welcome to visit my Site.
    Allan Svensson, Sweden

    Why does the revival tarry? It is because God’s
    people tarry to obey the powerful command of
    the Lord in Rev. 18:4. This is the most powerful
    revival message of the Lord to his people in our time.

    As in the days of Lot, it is now. Lot was not interested
    to leave Sodom. God sent two angels to rescue him.
    One of the angels said to him: “Flee for your life sake …”
    Just like as Lot, God’s people are not interested to leave
    the great Babylon, but finally they must flee for
    their life from there.

    God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge
    because their preachers have rejected knowledge.
    Hosea 4:6-11. Instead to preaching the truth of the
    Assembly of God, they have preached lies about the
    Assembly of God. The Pentecostalists have abused
    the expression “Assembly of God” and used it as a
    name of their church.

    The coming revival, a nameless revival

    Why was the Pentecostal Revival stopped?

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