Let's support Todd and Shonnah Bentley at this difficult time

It has been announced by Fresh Fire Ministries that Todd Bentley has separated from his wife Shonnah. Here is the relevant part of the statement on the Fresh Fire front page:

The Lord’s blessings and abundance have been so evident on the ministry during this season of intense activity and we rejoice in seeing and being able to participate in what we believe is only the beginning of a worldwide awakening. It is with considerable sadness then, that we must temper the jubilation we know you all feel with the sobering news that Todd and Shonnah Bentley are presently experiencing significant friction in their relationship and are currently separated. We want to affirm that there has been no sexual immorality on the part of either Todd or Shonnah, nor has there ever been. Undoubtedly the pressures and the burden of the Outpouring, which approaches 144 days on August 23rd, have helped to create an atmosphere of fatigue and stress that has exacerbated existing issues in their relationship. We wish to stress however, that the Outpouring is not “to blame” for the current chain of events and that in effect we have no interest in blaming anyone, but rather we deeply covet your prayers for Todd and Shonnah and for Fresh Fire Ministries during this time.

We know that many of you will have questions, for most of which we presently have no answers. We cannot see far down the path ahead of us, but we have quiet confidence in the One who sees the end from the beginning and promises to provide grace and strength for whatever lies ahead. We are hopeful that the outcome will include restoration, but we can make neither promise nor guarantee. We intend to take each day as it comes and look intently for the new mercies promised us each morning. We will watch and pray and ask each of you to do the same, knowing that you will pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit. …

With all of this in mind, we ask each of you to continue to pray with us, both for Todd and Shonnah and for this ministry, as we continue to bring the saving, healing, and delivering power of God to a dry and thirsty world, desperate for an encounter with the endless love of the living God.

We thank you again for your many prayers and support and we truly believe the promise of the Lord that He will indeed work all things together for our good.
With our sincerest blessings and gratitude,

The Fresh Fire Ministries Board of Directors

Michael Spencer reports a message from God TV which seems to be dependent on the above – and also noting that they are no longer broadcasting from Lakeland.

I have seen rumours purporting to give further information about Todd and Shonnah’s marriage difficulties, some of it from a former employee of Fresh Fire. This information may be true but if so the release of it was a breach of personal privacy and of confidence. As a Christian I am not prepared to pass on this gossip or link to it. I am saddened that bloggers who are not the usual Todd-bashing culprits have chosen to give credence and support to this kind of gossip by responding to it on their blogs.

One generally sympathetic blogger seems to imply that the current difficulties somehow prove right all the concerns of the critics “about the money, the angels, the use of scripture, the style etc.” This is the kind of rhetoric I would expect from those same critics. But compassion for Todd at this difficult time as well as simple logic should help us realise that these issues are independent. History proves that it is not only false teachers who have marriage difficulties. I think I warned months ago, and I certainly mentioned here, that the Lakeland meetings were putting a huge strain on Todd’s marriage and family. Indeed the Apostle Paul recognised how difficult it was to combine Christian ministry with a good marriage, 1 Corinthians 7:32-35.

I call on all my readers to join me in praying for Todd and Shonnah at this time, for a restful break from Todd’s ministry schedule, for a renewal of love and understanding between them, and for full restoration of their marriage. Please pray also for the children at this difficult time.

I at least will stand by Todd even when he is down and in the gutter.

As an exception to my normal comment policy, I will not allow any comments on this post which are negative about Todd or Shonnah. My other posts about Todd remain open for comment.

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  1. I at least will stand by Todd even when he is down and in the gutter.

    and I genuinely hope that there are thousands more like you – but especially the ones who publicly backed his ministry on the same stage as him. They are the ones who need to stand up and back their man, and get alongside the family to care for them at this time.

  2. Thank you so much for your words. I have so far read nothing but condemnation for Todd and Fresh Fire Ministries. I am saddend that this had to occur as I know the enemy will try to expoit it and the media and those opposed to revival will use it as an “I told you so” but I am determined to stand alongside this family and pray over them for restoration. What could be better than their marriage/family being restored to validate them and to show the grace and mercy of our God? From this point forward I I will not allow myself to read anything that appears negative on this subject – not to keep myself “blinded” but because I refuse to join in the the glee that the world takes in parading a man’s faults or down times and I also refuse to join many in the church who have a lack of understanding of the concept of grace and restoration.
    I pray wholeheartedly for Todd, Shonnah and their children as well as Fresh Fire Ministries – I will follow the scripture that says to “restore” one and to pray one for another.

  3. This saddens me, not simply b/c it’s Todd Bentley, but simply b/c it’s a marriage that’s having difficulties. Marriage is no longer the sacred thing in our society (and church) that it used to be. I hope that for everyone involved that their marriage is restored. I read somewhere (I can’t remember where now) that in Canada before getting a divorce a couple must be separated for 9 months. I think that that is a great idea, as it can serve as a “cooling off period.” My hope is that after spending some time apart, they’ll realise that divorce is not the answer to their problems.

  4. This is indeed sad news. Marriage is such a delicate flower, and can sometimes seem to be part of our throw away culture. We must pray for Todd, his wife and the children. There is still a marriage and all Christians should surely pray for healing and restoration for as long as that is the case, indeed that it will remain the case. We must pray that God will bring alongside suitable persons who can provide the whole family with the pastoral support they will need to work through ght strains and difficulties and come through, God willing, stronger and may be with a new testimony of God’s grace and healing.

  5. I know I’ll probably be criticized as judgmental, and I’m not sure how I’d do in a marriage, since I have my own difficulties with people. But isn’t marriage where the Holy Spirit really counts? That’s where spiritual power is truly needed, where both parties need to produce the fruit of the Spirit (e.g., love, joy, peace). The most important manifestations of the Spirit are not barking like a dog or someone professing to be “anointed” just because he gave an enthusiastic sermon. I’m not going to say that the Holy Spirit can’t work in these ways, since he’s done unusual stuff before. But sticking with marriage through good and bad is where you really see the Holy Spirit at its best.

    I agree that we should pray for the Bentleys, but I just wanted to get that out. There are various parts of the charismatic movement that majors in minors and minors in majors.

  6. How easy it is to make judgements about other people with little real knowledge of their true predicament. Whatever people may think of Todd Bentley and his presentation of our faith in Christ, Jesus teaches the need for compassion and prayerful support for members of His Body. Freshfire Ministries do not say Todd and Shonnah have separated but that they were experiencing marital difficulties. The Spirit of the Living God will care for His servant and those who are close to him.

  7. I would say that I have been neither for nor against Bentley during his ministry in Lakeland. However, I do think that this should serve as an example of how important marriage should be even before ministry (Hebrews 13:2). Marriage is a beautiful picture of Christ and His Church (Ephesians 5:22-32) and we should all be careful to maintain strong biblical marriages. I believe a man (or a woman) should step out of the ministry if their marriage is struggling in order to protect the unity God has put together for a lifetime.

  8. Peter, thank you for you compassion and refeshing encouraging words concerning Todd & Shonnah Bentley. I am standing firm in prayer, expecting full restoration and healing in their marriage. I respect, honor and appreciate all that Todd & Shonnah Bentley gave to the Lakeland, Florida healing, revival, even in the midst of their own trials. They continued to give unselfishly of themselves through prayer, intercession, healing and deliverance to the people all in the mighty name of Jesus. It’s not in vain. The Lord’s healing, restoring hand is upon Todd, Shonnah and their children.

  9. Peter:

    “The rumours…”

    Permit me to address this as a reporter, and we’ll try to keep theology out of it for a sec.:^)

    I’m really trying to understand your concern.

    Are you referring to religion editor Cary McMullen of The Lakeland Ledger doing his job?

    Is your concern a newspaper blog was used as opposed to an article being written?

    It isn’t rumour.
    It’s fact.

    If you are saying you are distressed a Fresh Fire employee tasked as media spoksperson on the last day of the job spoke to an editor, how do you know that information release locally wasn’t authorized by the powers that be?

    If you are saying you were cautious because it could have been a rumour, that’s perfectly reasonable.

    If you are saying the local coverage was a leak, I can assure you leaks are done all the time in the business.

    Assuming the former employee was not authorized as a still employed Fresh Fire spokesperson to speak to media on the last day of her job, I’m confused by what you are saying.

    Fresh Fire could well have authorized the spokesperson to speak to the Lakeland Ledger.
    So could have Ignited.

    You and I don’t know that, but from experience it makes sense to me local gets first crack.

    A fact is a fact.

    If the Fresh Fire spokesperon wasn’t authorized, the facts haven’t changed, is that your concern?

    McMullen’s information was not incorrect.

    He reported what an authorized spokesperson said.
    If you are concerned he didn’t verify, second source, you don’t know if he did or didn’t.

    Whatever colour he used around the core point, or used as filler is secondary. His information was quite stark actually.

    This is how it works.
    It’s difficult when recepients (readers, listeners, viewers) have personal feelings about a story, that I do understand.

    a) Information is released locally
    b) Lakeland is where events occurred, the Lakeland Ledger is the local go to media
    c) Lakeland is where a key partner (Ignited) is located.
    d) It is common courtesy by any organization or business to release to their local outlets first so they can feed the wire service, that’s win-win for everyone involved
    e) The Lakeland Ledger has covered this event for months

    Fresh Fire (Canada) would have been all over the Ledger if the facts were wrong.
    Ignited (Florida) would have really been all over the Ledger if the facts were wrong.
    A correction would have been forthcoming or the information yanked.

    That Fresh Fire (Canada) took a few hours to put their statement up is neither here nor there.

    The Fresh Fire (Canada) organizational statement verified the Lakeland Ledger fact.
    What colour or filler added is secondary and the choice of the organization.

    They chose to release within quite a narrow time frame of the local (Lakeland) release, that isn’t unexpected or unusual at all.

    Next up was re-act by C. Peter Wagner, Charisma Magazine, God TV.
    You’ll see more re-act from partners.
    You’ll see more facts coming out.

    If you are saying media makes mistakes, agreed.
    The Lakeland Ledger religion editor didn’t make a mistake.

    If I’ve misunderstood who you are referring to,(“the rumours”) correct me. I’m drawing from your comment yesterday.

  10. Let’s keep praying and supporting them, that is the Biblical thing to do. Analysing the situation does’nt change it and I am so glad you have taken a stand publish negative comments not to ents. Everyone has issues in life that the Lord is dealing with, the difference is we are not all on a public platform for all to see. We as a body need to support one another better, I believe thats what Jesus means when he says to love one another.

  11. Thanks for the positive comments. I am about to delete one which was not, which was in clear breach of my guidelines for this post.

    Bene, neither is your comment the kind I hoped for here, but I will allow it because it is not really negative. Now I don’t know if you have any inside information on this. But I read McMullen’s words “former local spokesperson” and “her contract with Bentley’s Fresh Fire ended today” as implying that Breidenbach was not speaking as an official spokesperson, but making public comments after the termination of her contract. I note also that there is specific information in the Ledger report which is not in the official website statement and so has not been confirmed. If Fresh Fire had intended to make this public I would expect to see it on their website or in a press release from them. It is passing on of this information which I object to.

  12. I am not sure why the original article said that one had to be separated for nine months for a divorce in Canada. It is actually a year, unless there is proof of marital offense, (adultery or physical or mental cruelty). Most people take a year, and don’t try to prove a marital offense.

  13. Thanks, Ferg and Sue.

    Sue, this shows only that the article you refer to (which I have read but will not link to) cannot be trusted, and should be ignored as gossip. There is in fact no suggestion in the only reliable statement that the separation has been formalised in any way.

  14. I was thinking on the way home after I heard the same news today. There’s no infidelity, just distance…lots of distance between the 2 of them. Seeing his wife on stage was like seeing Amy Grant & Gary Chapman on stage in concert: no closeness, their just up there in body. I betcha this issue has been bubbling for quite some time, Lakeland only prolonged her decision to leave/split+. This has been weighing heavy on me all day.

    After digging around the internet for a bit to see what happened after I got home from work, I come to see that I was right. Not that I want to be right about any of this, but it seemed all to parallel to other situations we’ve seen, been in, or are seeing. Hard to deny the basics of relationships. Even my own marriage was within 1 phone call of dissolution last year, lawyers were paid, paperwork taken care of, etc.

    What’s sad to me is how the Lakeland naysayers are reveling in his ‘fall’. Not one of these anti-outpouring ‘experts’ with their own blog has mentioned to pray for him, his wife & kids in a real sense, rather the naysayers say “pray for him, because he’s been deceived which makes me right”. Self-serving to the highest degree. Or is that lowest degree? This is the way of the world.

    Problem is, Jesus didn’t condemn even the woman who had 4 marriages and was living with the 5th guy, right?

    Likewise, I cannot condemn Todd. I pray for him & his family. In fact, I will intercede for him. There is nothing else we should be doing as Christians.

    Finding this blog was a refreshing departure from the know-everything naysayers! These are people who ask to pray for him AFTER they tell the world that they choose to tell us they were ‘right’ about Todd. However, Jesus didn’t eulogize the sinner before he blessed/touched them like some sort of Roman philosopher, he related to them, something so much of the negative blogosphere has missed thru asking us to “pray” for Todd AFTER their intelligentsia is known to us.

    Again, thank you for this blog, it’s the way Christians SHOULD react to things of this sort.

    Pray. Intercede. Satan wants to pull him & his family down.

  15. a month ago i felt an urgency in my spirit to cover Todd and his family in prayer.. it is true that we should always be praying for our leaders and their families. They’re human too and we’re all changing from glory to glory. even though all of us might be a bit surprised we all know that God wasn’t. He takes the weakest and shows Him self strong! I know and believe that God will work all this out for the good of Todd, Shonnah and their ministry.
    I now know the importance of keeping my leaders in prayer and I’m going to keep praying for this family together with all of you. God raised all of us up for a time like this..where the whole world in now watching us.

  16. I am rejecting one critical comment, from Susan, which I would have accepted on another post but not here because of my announced policy.

    Thanks for the other comments. It is good to know that there are many people out there supporting Todd and Shonnah.

  17. The important thing to remember here is Todd is human and so is his wife, just because he has been leading a world wide revival things can still go wrong. People will try to shoot him down but I suggest to supporters or skeptics to offer compassion and love to some one who did his best for God and thats all he asks for regardless of the mistakes. I am sure the Lord will restore this marriage and Todd will be come back a stronger person.

  18. I am so glad to see others out there that is standing in the gap for the Bentley’s. They are human and we all make mistakes. I, too, am praying for their marriage and their children.

  19. Hi, I am saddened like everyone else, that Todd and Shonnah are going through this. I pray they are lifted up in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not incompatible with Himself, and as He resides in them both, then there is hope for true reconciliation.

    If Todd dropped his sword and walked away and never held another public ministry meeting, he has done more in 10 years to build up the Kingdom and destroy hell’s strongholds than 99.99% of the church, past and present. If the Lord had stayed His hand from Todd because of his personal issues, think of all the healings, miracles, salvations, revival fires that would have been negated. Would you tell these people, many desparate, that this revival was wrong and should not have happened? Or that the salvations that took place were out of order? Think of all the changed lives, churches, ministers, fired-up passionate people that this has produced. The fruit speaks for itself, and I can testify to it in my life and my church.

    It is really irritating to hear all the negative, especially from people who sit in the padded pew, in the air conditioning, and throw stones at someone who traveled to the third world to preach to the completely lost.

    God bless Todd and Shonnah and the kids. Their personal problems don’t negate what they were trying to do for the Lord. Todd is a war hero in the body, and to the Lord. I doubt I could ever even DREAM of having that much impact for the Kingdom. King David wasn’t perfect, Gideon, Abraham–check out some of their blunders. The Lord did not leave them, and they are still in the hall of fame in the Lord’s Word. Todd’s issues seem rather small in comparison.

    Love to all in the Lord,


  20. So so sorry that these two wonderful people and their kids are experiencing stress and breakdown. Right now I wish I could put my arms around them both to let them know just how special their ministry has been to me. Todd’s appearance, his childhood background, his disclosures about the past, prove the power of the Gospel, but Satan is angry and will exploit gossip, criticism and doubt, so sadly many in the church join in condemnation of Todd. My husband has tattoos, he like Todd had a rotten childhood, but God raised him up. He began to evangelise, especially to the youth culture caught in the grips of drugs etc, and guess what? the church that he was a part of, rejected him because he did not conform in terms of image or education and because of some of the disclosures that he made in order to experience deliverance healing and freedom. He has since walked away from ‘church.’ I pray that Todd stays true, I pray that Shonnah and the children remain true, but most of all I pray for reconciliation and a fresh release of romance, deep deep love for each other.I pray that they will be like a threefold chord. One strand being Todd, one being Shonnah and the main one being the Lord Jesus, knitting them tightly together as a cord that cannot be broken. Amen

  21. It is just awful how some bloggers are doing exactly that, kicking him when he is down. Let’s not forget that he is on the frontline and that the enemy is doing all he can to bring attack.

  22. Father Creator I thank you for the spiritual and relationship growing opportunites I have been able to take advantage of in my time in recovery over the last 7 to 8 years.

    Many words have been spoken into my life, I ask that all of those seeds be planted along the seeds others have spoken into Todd and Shonnah life so that a new variety of seed can come forth to seed, just as Rye and Wheat was cross to create Triticale So that the message needed for tomorrow generation can come forth to feed the spiritual needs of those tomorrow.

    Father I been told that those have done the footwork in the physical others can be blessed in the spiritual . Father You know the footwork in the physical that I have done doing the foundation work from the Cloud and Townsend series of Boundaries and Safe People, http://www.cloudtownsend.com/ and the work I have also done from J Johnson of Keys 4 Relationship, http://www.keys4.org I ask that Todd and Shonnah be blessed in the spiritual for the footwork I have done in the physical.

    I also ask that this be an opportunity for Todd to come to terms with balancing the pull from religious and addictive spirits that want to use this as an opportunity to cause strife in Todd soul and Shonnah souls. So that Todd comes to a deeper understanding as to what it means to be the role model for Fatherhood that you want modeled. to this generation of dysfunctional families.That it is not all about Todd’s ability to deliver the power of the FATHER but that it needs to be about being able to bring others to where they can duplicate in their own way the ability to teach and disciple others to bring others into the operating of the POWER of the FATHER surrounded by the FATHER’s GRACE MERCY and LOVE
    Again bless Todd in the spiritual for the footwork in physical that I have done doing the Men’s Fraternity http://www.mensfraternity.com/ and the Wild at Heart
    http://www.ransomedheart.com/ studies I have done.

    Also help Shonnah come to terms with any of the past emotional harms of being neglected in any way as a girl, that are being exposed by Todd’s over focusing on doing the will of the FATHER, Help Shonnah come to a deeper understanding what it means for a Lady to surrender to supporting the Mission that the FATHER lays on her husband, yet be a strong enough Lady to be the helpmate to keep the Husband accountable that it is about bring balance to his life, and not to over focused on the mission of the FATHER, with neglecting other ‘s emotional and spiritual needs of those in the inner circle that will be there when one is on their deathbed.

    Father Creator, in your mercy hear this prayer.

  23. A further statement from FFM from yesterday:

    We wish to acknowledge, however, that since our last statement from the Fresh Fire Board of Directors, we have discovered new information revealing that Todd Bentley has entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff. In light of this new information and in consultation with his leaders and advisors, Todd Bentley has agreed to step down from his position on the Board of Directors and to refrain from all public ministry for a season to receive counsel in his personal life.


    Let’s continue to pray for everyone affected by this.

  24. The new information is very sad. It reminds me how we should always be lifting up our leaders in prayer. It’s good to see the truth finally coming to light….when we hide our faults in the dark, it only makes things worse. Being open and honest about our mistakes and shortcomings is the first step to healing. It’s also good to see that Todd is stepping out of ministry to be restored…I believe that this is biblical and the right thing to do, though oftentimes within the church it doesn’t seem to be the way that we do things.

    I pray that God would comfort Shonnah during this time.

  25. Except that it is no longer gossip that he has been in adultery. From Fresh Fire:

    “We wish to acknowledge, however, that since our last statement from the Fresh Fire Board of Directors, we have discovered new information revealing that Todd Bentley has entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff.”

    Todd’s wife will get my prayers. If this does not knock him off of this absurd pedestal, I am not sure what to say. We should not feel sorry for Todd, but embarrassed by him. He has to work this out on his own.

  26. Jules, thank you for letting me know about this new statement. I urge everyone reading this to read the full 15th August statement, as well as the 12th August one (this should be a permanent link) already quoted above. It is good to see that Todd is indeed being held to account, giving the lie to accusations that he was not accountable to anyone.

    Indeed let’s continue to pray for Todd and Shonnah.

    Drew, the Fresh Fire statement does not mention adultery. At least that is not how I understand “an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level”, which is surely intended to mean not a physical relationship. It is of course good that this has been discovered at this time, hopefully without the relationship becoming adulterous. I came close to rejecting your comment for the words “absurd pedestal”, but you make a good point that Todd needs to work this out properly before he can be restored to any kind of ministry.

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  28. I stand corrected it was California pastor Bill Johnson who knew about previous situations..

    quote “This is an obvious tragedy, both for Todd and Shonnah and the move of God in Lakeland..They had problems a couple of years ago, and I got involved at that time to lend support and give counsel to Todd and his staff. In talking with Todd I was led to believe those issues were now in order. Obviously they weren’t.”

    2000 years ago,someone went into the desert before His mission started, Todd played footsie instead..

    I swear as a English person i’m shocked you guys fell for all the spin,the i kicked her in the teeth,the angels,the hes healed from cancer then dies a few weeks later…

    Comeee on people you fell for some mesmeric
    experiances thats ALL

  29. I would not pretend to be a Todd Bentley supporter, but this whole situation is deeply sad, and damaging to the cause of Christ in the eyes of the world.

    We do indeed pray that the marriage will be restored by the grace of God – nothing is too hard for Him.

    I would only add this – that there are many people who have surrounded Todd for the past few years, senior pastors and so forth. I hope that this sad event brings them to examine themselves carefully too. Any of us could fall as Todd has fallen!

  30. Now to me this is damning evidence

    Robert Ricciardelli revealed, “Truth is there are very few people being healed in LAkeland. I have worked with Charisma Magazine editor LEE GRADY in discovering how many false reports have been released as facts. These are our brothers and sisters involved in this, but this move of God has been a move of men with God still touching some who come to seek Him


  31. Drew, I am unapproving your comment of Saturday 16 August, 2008 @ 11:17 pm because it is irrelevant to this post and effectively accuses Todd of something which as far as we know he has not done. Later you made part of the same point on the relevant post, and I will allow that because it is in the form of a question and concerns an issue I raised on that post.

    Rhea, I am also unapproving your comment for the same reason. I will allow you to repost it on the relevant thread.

  32. comments made by Andy….
    ‘I swear as a English person i’m shocked you guys fell for all the spin,the i kicked her in the teeth,the angels,the hes healed from cancer then dies a few weeks later…’…….Be careful what you say, I know people that have been healed. The Holy Spirit is at work doing a greater thing that you can know.

    ‘Robert Ricciardelli revealed, “Truth is there are very few people being healed in LAkeland. I have worked with Charisma Magazine editor LEE GRADY in discovering how many false reports have been released as facts. These are our brothers and sisters involved in this, but this move of God has been a move of men with God still touching some who come to seek Him’……You are ready to accept the word of this one man (who is against this revival as being from God) as ‘damning evidence’ but choose to reject the word of others testimonies of thousands? where’s the wisdom in that.

  33. after having read the additional statement from fresh fire ministries I am deeply saddened by Todd’s actions. Lets pray that he will repent and be reunited with his wife and family. This is a desparately sad time for the church.

  34. Peter,

    Thanks for having such a website. It’s so good to see this in the midst of such horrible things being said about Todd by “Christians” who feel it’s their duty to expose sin and to stone him. It was literally making me sick to stomach to read such words of death coming from the mouths of these
    “Christians” who have had an elder brother (Lk. 15) attitude.

    It’s been a hard week, watching the revelations of Todd’s separation, and then infidelity be exposed. I am so in prayer for both Todd and Shonnah and for healing for them and for all affected.

    My home church is Bethel, and today Bill Johnson devoted the entire time to addressing what has happened and the attitude which we should have. Watch the podcast. It’s awesome. This is so my heart for him, and I stand with him, along with Bethel and others like yourself. Kris Vallotton also followed on Sunday evening with a message entitled Freedom and Responsibility. Get it if you can. You will so catch a glimpse of the Father’s heart for Todd.

    I love the way Bill is seeking to cover him and to restore him. I’ve been through this a few times with other leaders in other parts of the Body and sometimes
    it has gone really well, and other times it hasn’t, both in the response of the person and in the way the leadership and other Christians handled what happened. But with the kind of covering, fathering and restorative process he would have through Bill, Che and John and others, if he responds well, there will be something beautiful becoming of all this. But the Church has got to lay off of him and let him and his wife heal. Remember, let him who is innocent cast the first stone. Never mind the world. I am speaking to the Church. Yes, many around the world were affected, and much damage was done. That is fact. But Father is able to deeply heal each heart, including the new believers, and mature Christians who have a right spirit about all of this and the heart of the Father, as he was toward his prodigal son, can have a huge part in that.

    There’s so much more in my heart, such as letting the
    past be in the past, if one has repented and received forgiveness, as Todd had. And yet people were so keen on bringing it up and holding it in front of his face and the world. Even this event doesn’t have to be the end of Todd, though trust will have to be re-earned and though many would rather he be buried – even some leaders I have otherwise respected. But he won’t be able to move on if people do the same thing about this latest event that they did of his youth. We have got to learn to let Jesus be the judge of people’s hearts, even leaders with a worldwide influence, and pray for them, yes, but let Him work in their hearts. They should at least be in
    accountability to other godly leaders, as was the intention with Todd. People think that his fall is justification of their judgment of him. No, I will say it contributed, though of course the issues were much deeper. But if people can’t safely admit their faults and weakness, it grows, hidden underground, until something like this happens. And when you have the added attacks by Family, you are set up to fail.

    To the Family, he’s got some healing to go through now. Let’s give him that space to heal. Let’s support him in prayer and in our attitude of love, forgiveness, mercy – the Father’s heart. To those whose hearts need healing over this, go to Papa. He can heal you, also, and give you peace and comfort and revelation. Family, let’s draw together, not apart in this time. Let’s cover Todd and Shonnah, like Shem and Japheth covered their father’s nakeness, when Ham sought to expose him and mock him.
    This is a critical time for all of us. Don’t separate from each other and don’t throw any more arrows either at him, the leadership or each other. Don’t allow yourself to be used by the enemy in this way. Rather, let’s show the world what Family is truly supposed to be like. A miracle is in the making, if we do.

    Thanks, Peter.



  35. He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

    There is so much mayo on this sandwich, no one tastes it for what it is… please stop supporting circus Christianity.

  36. Jim, I came very close to not allowing your comment because it is apparently calling on me not to support Todd and Shonnah, at the very time when they most need the support of Christian brothers and sisters. See Galatians 6:1-2. But I think my response is sufficient to show how ridiculously anti-Christian your sentiments are.

  37. Jill,

    Your thoughts were the same as mine during prayer time at our church tonight…too many stones being cast by those who have forgotten they were forgiven, too. We all prayed for Todd & his wife & his kids.

    It’s sad to see the stoic Church come after a fellow brother in Christ as if Jesus’ lessons in the New Testament don’t exist.

    Keep praying.

  38. The enemy always tries to find a weapon to prosper….

    he will use your mother, father, brother, sister, the bimbo, your oncologist ….. whatever he can use to get at your heart to get you to stop the flow of the Holy Spirit.

    Fact #1; If Todd was doing nothing to intimidate the enemy, the devil would not have attacked him….

    Fact # 2; In order to advance to the next level you have to be tried in the FIRE…. God promised that he would make our greatest weakness, our greatest victory….

    Fact # 3; The viciousness of the attack shows how effective the Outpouring was in displacing the Prince of the Air(Waves)… Those Air(waves) needed to be brought back under his control at ALL cost…

    Look at David….. God took his murder & immorality and after days of repenting in ashes and sack cloth, made him the Great…. Grandfather of Jesus…… so I guess the Holy Spirit can use anyone with the right heart, even a total scum-bag like David was on that day…

    Todd was used by God to bring forth the greatest Outpouring of the Holy Spirit ever manifest upon mankind in the History of the World to date…. might I even suggest that this was an even greater Outpouring than when Jesus Himself was here….

    Let me explain…. Remember that Jesus told us,” Greater things will you do than this”…. And he also said He had to go, so that the Holy Spirit could come…. Now when Jesus was here, He was the only one whom the Holy Spirit was flowing thru. When the Outpouring was at it’s height, & The Holy Spirit was coming through the portal that God had used Todd Bentley to open, literally millions of people had the Holy Spirit upon them & flowing through them. Night after night we all tuned in from across the global to partake in the Glory…. Jesus did a few miracles, where as the Outpouring had 10,000’s of miracles and it took the devil some 140 days to put together a plan and execute it…

    You don’t think that after the first raising of the dead there wasn’t one heck of a name calling in hell… Satan is not a loving master….

    Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Outpouring was successfully dislodging the Prince of the Air (waves) by taking the Glory worldwide via God TV & Internet and advancing the Kingdom Of God across the entire planet. The night before ABC Niteline came to Lakeland to do their report, the reporter attended a 90 minute seance where they brought up a spirit of the dead and the demon landed on the reporter… and then he then came to Lakeland, filled with a dead spirit, to film the ABC Niteline report which was the beginning of the end of the Lakeland Outpouring…. The spirit changed over Lakeland , when ABC Reported that after the airing of their show; NIGHTLINE UPDATE: After this story aired on “Nightline,” Fresh Fire Ministries released a statement announcing that preacher Todd Bentley would be taking time off “to refresh and to rest” after having spent four months in Lakeland, Fla., leading revival meetings.
    In a way, the enemy then used the faith of every one who watched that show to come in agreement that Todd was less than reputable… and the self appointed, so called christian watch-dogs … all listening to the same plan of Satan, started championing that Todd was a false prophet etc…. Remember, a lie repeated enough times becomes excepted “truth”, the lie becomes manifest…

    It saddens me as to how the enemy has viciously and savagely attacked Todd and his family. Todd was able to do something so profound that it had never been done in the history of the church. He took the gospel to a world wide media level. Now we need to understand something here. Satan is the PRINCE AND POWER OF THE AIR (WAVES) , and Todd took this Outpouring through the airwaves. He went into hundreds of countries. And at the very instant the Glory showed up in Lakeland, it was simultaneously Broadcast into each & every home watching around the globe & You don’t think for one minute that the rulers of darkness and principalities over those countries would NOT RETALIATE; HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The church, I am very sorry to say, is very ignorant to spiritual warfare as a whole. That is why I said at one time, Todd needed a huge base of intercessors raised up very quickly. They would need to hold back the intensity of this attack that was hurled at him. You need people who know how to intercede JUDICIALLY. THEY NEED TO RENDER A JUDGEMENT;

    MALACHI 3:1-5


    Todd shook the very pillars of Kingdom of darkness, & the gates of hell and the enemy is not happy about it. All of the gossip and lies about Todd and his ministry are a weapon of the enemy to try and stop the move of God.

    Todd moves in the Apostolic anointing with great confidence. Though we may not agree with all of his doctrine, nor share the same opinion he has of his prophetic experiences , Todd was very bold and he brought the Love of Jesus to the world. GOD BLESS HIM FOR IT. Now as the body of Christ, we ought not to criticize nor gloat, we need to hold our brother up before the Lord in protection against this attack from the pit of Hell. Todd showed it can be done…. Hello!!!!! We have been waiting for years to see an Outpouring Of the Holy Spirit and it would be a shame that through our ignorance, we were become part of the problem, instead of understanding spiritual warfare and come along side our brother in his time of need… The savageness of the attack just goes to show how much he shook things….

    Heather Clark summed it up,
    “I think it is terrible and cruel the way that he has been treated, slammed and bashed by the body of Christ”.

    Question? Are we going to allow the enemy to crush this move of God beyond repair….

    or are we going to mount up a counter attack to open up MANY Open Heavens around the Planet…. “so there was not found a place for the devil and his hordes”….. Every move of God starts with one man or women who answers The Call….

    We are praying for him and for reconciliation of his marriage.

  39. Lor, thanks for this. I think that a comparison with historical revivals will suggest that your description “the greatest Outpouring of the Holy Spirit ever manifest upon mankind in the History of the World to date” is somewhat exaggerated, at least if you are only talking about what has already happened. But I agree with you that it has been of great spiritual significance. That is why it has attracted such great opposition, from the enemy and those who follow his promptings including, tragically, many who call themselves evangelical Christians.

  40. Well, Lor, is that a real confirmed audience figure or just a potential one? Even if only a potential one, I accept that very likely Todd’s meetings were watched in all, if we include TV and internet viewers, by more people than any other Christian meetings in history, except perhaps for the Pope’s visits. We can agree that something great was happening, and has not finished, without necessarily comparing with anything in the past.

  41. The night before ABC Niteline came to Lakeland to do their report, the reporter attended a 90 minute seance where they brought up a spirit of the dead and the demon landed on the reporter… and then he then came to Lakeland, filled with a dead spirit, to film the ABC Niteline report which was the beginning of the end of the Lakeland Outpouring…. The spirit changed over Lakeland , when ABC Reported that after the airing of their show

    Lor – I don’t believe a powerful move of God will be stopped by a reporter who went to a seance. The demons flee from the power of Jesus.

    ABC Nightline caused a problem because they could not find any verification of healings. That is a tragedy, because I think people were healed at Lakeland.

    If Todd had got cancer, or hit by a car, I could see your point about an “attack” – but as his issues appear to be his own personal issues.

    I am nervous of your use of media exposure as a sign of a genuine move of God – what about the millions of Christians in China who have triumphed in secret? They have overpowered great spiritual strongholds over a nation but have never been on God TV.

    My other concern is that your post makes it look like this was all about one man, Todd Benltey, and his ministry. While others supporting this move of God suggest there were many other ministers involved in it, and that an issue for Todd should not jeopardise the whole thing. Which is it?

    Though we may not agree with all of his doctrine, nor share the same opinion he has of his prophetic experiences , Todd was very bold and he brought the Love of Jesus to the world.

    Paul said “Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you.”

    People got twitchy when Todd’s teaching seemed to move away from accepted understandings of scripture and people are hurting now lifestyle issues have come to light.

    What is a “portal”?

    “10,000’s of miracles”?

  42. Thanks, Blue. I agree with you that Lor went a bit over the top here. Nevertheless the ABC programme does seem to have been damaging, for reasons that we cannot be at all sure of.

    I suggest that Todd needed at Lakeland someone like your father, a retired doctor who is not afraid to put his name and reputation on the line to give evidence of miraculous healings – and who because he is retired has nothing to fear from the medical authorities. Perhaps Trevor Baker would like his help in Dudley.

  43. Shall we ask Phil to hire out his services?!!

    Any doctor can say if someone is well, or better, or not.

    They may not claim it is “miraculous” but they can ascertain if someone is better or not. An optician can check healed eyes work without knowing of a miracle.

  44. Well, I’m sure the GMC and the ASA would have something to say about Phil hiring out a retired doctor, but maybe if his expenses were paid generously …

    Indeed any doctor can say this. The problem at Lakeland is that they couldn’t find any prepared to do so, for public consumption. That is why having a Christian retired doctor is an advantage.

  45. Jill thank you for the tip on the website where Bill Johnson’s message from 8/10 talks about Todd!

    Lor, thank you for your excellent message! I appreciate it!!

    I wrote this entry this morning to a friend who asked if I heard about the very latest at freshfire’s web site, I’m reposting it here. Later in this message, I refer to Bill Johnson’s message at his Bethel church on 8/10/2008 (once again, thank you to Jill!).

    This morning, on the way to work, I was thinking about my emotional reaction to this latest news. The light bulb finally went on over my head: God knew about this all along, yet He chose Todd anyway before time began. He knew that Todd would pull a Peter (cock would crow 3 times) and yet God chose Peter anyway. Peter & Todd were probably a lot alike in their aspirations, attitudes, fire and demeanor. I felt that I didn’t see the big picture before this morning, in that I only viewed what went on from at three-dimensional point of view rather than like God sees it: from four dimensions. It made far more sense now.

    The church as a whole needed a visible outcast to work with, just like Jesus did with the lepers, the woman at the well, etc. Jesus didn’t send them away because of their sins & shortcomings, rather the accepted them because of their faith. The church of today should be acting like Jesus with this ‘outcast’ of Todd, but instead is acting like a political organization for the sake of it’s own political power in an election year. Jesus never played these games with people’s souls, yet the church continues do so. Not much Jesus-living in many Christians. A clear warning.

    Yet, many churches will continue on their man-made ways, paying homage to God only in the sermons. They are now on their own, no longer with God’s full touch. They will continue to steer at the helm of their own destinies for their own purposes and delight in their own successes of ministries rather than sailing in the direction God wants them to go. All while saying “we knew this was a false revival!” They couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Where is God in all this? Bill Johnson’s message that you viewed the other day. Bill already KNEW what went on, yet he gave those words of re-assurement, kindness and an understanding that is willing to work with him rather than disown him. THAT’S following Jesus. I love Bill’s quote (paraphrasing here): “to follow the hand-washing mentality means allowing this: denominizationalism requires disassociation of the person in question to prove commitment to truth. By doing so, it fuels the very religious system that goes against God. Jesus didn’t do this.”

    My apologies for being long-winded. I’ve seen more than a few people commit sins, those sin(s) come to light, then the church spits them out. It’s perverse & wrong to not give people more than one or two or three chances. I applaud those churches that really work with people in the midst of their sins/shortcomings, therein abides the power of God.

    Kirk, thank you for this excellent blog. It’s more than refreshing to see others who are looking at the ‘fourth dimension’ rather than just reacting to things.

    As always, praying for his family.


  46. Hi Mike,

    You’re welcome. Actually, there are two messages – the 8/10 one you referred to and then 8/17 is more directly and entirely devoted to the situation with Todd. From what you said, it sounds like that is actually the one you were referring to.

    Peter, I considered writing a summary here of what Bill said for others to see, but I’m not very good about keeping things short. However, if you think it would be helpful, I’d be glad to do that. Otherwise, as I said before, everyone can just access it for themselves at http://www.ibethel.org.

  47. Just for your information, Patricia King is another person who has released a statement regarding Todd. You can find it at extremeprophetic.com. For those who don’t know her, of course, she has a prophetic ministry and has been connected with all these other ministries, including Bill’s. Patricia King has had the unique position of being a “spiritual mother” to Todd. She also has roots in Abbotsford, where Todd is from.

    Patricia acknowledges Todd’s sin, as much as she was able (it’s pre-the 2nd statement from Freshfire), takes a strong stand for holiness, and yet also states her intention to continue standing with him and Shonnah. She also discusses the revival and the genuineness of it, as well as the attacks that came against Todd and the revival.

    She, herself, has experienced many such attacks and many people have judged her ministry. Regardless of whatever you may think of her, you will see a clear view of her heart for God and for holiness, as well as for Todd and his restoration. I am not sure how involved she is, currently, in his restoration process, as I know that Bill, Che and John are the 3 main people working with him. However, I do know that she remains committed to him and to seeing that God is honored in all this.

  48. Mike and Jill, thanks for your comments. I really appreciate the position Bill and Patricia are taking, as you have summarised them. I wish I had time to follow up all the leads on this.

  49. Pingback: Rupert’s Blog » Todd Bentley, Lakeland, meetings and marriage

  50. I think it was Bill Johnson who said that if we took the typical attitude of divorcing ourselves from any who sin, and hanging them out to dry to prove our “spirituality”, then we would have to get rid of “Song of Solomon” from the Bible. Solomon began his life as king seeking after God, yet lost it during his reign. We could probably add to the “divorce” list, anything written by king David also, for even though he repented, his sin was rather significant. If the same happened today, I have no doubt that David would be crucified by the church. The razor would then have to be taken to many other smaller passages, like Sampson, Noah (he got drunk), lot (where do you begin?), probably any references to Peter (he denied Christ). I wonder what we would have left?

    I believe the Church at large needs to rethink its attitude to those who sin. The historical attitude of Christians scrambling over each other to be the most obvious to the world in denunciation of the person has to stop. I dont believe any credibility is gained through this. Quite the opposite, in fact. All we do is fuel the world’s criticism of the church.

    I, clealry, agree with you. Support Todd and his family. Disagree with the sin, but support the man. Keep up the positives. They are good.

  51. Peter, may you be so blessed by the Lord because of your integrity in the stand that you take and the compassion you show for Todd and all who have supported his ministry. I have been so saddened by the dreadful judgements that the so called ‘Church’ has made upon this man. Why is it that those who appear to be so knowledgeable and discerning lack what is the most important quality of a believer, and that is ‘Love’ I believe that these costly developments affecting Todd’s family are because Hell has had quite a shaking from the revival. I also believe that there is a spiritual sifting where the wheat is being sorted from the chaff, the lambs from the goats in terms of exposing the true nature of peoples hearts. Todd is my brother in Jesus, Shonnah, my sister. How can I not pray for them.How can the church not pray for them. We will all be accountable before God, for our words, attitudes, acts of ommission as well as acts of commission. Baba

  52. Wow. Plenty to comment on, from all sides.

    Firstly, I am deeply saddened by what has happened with Todd and co, and it shows just how careful each of us need to be in our own walk with God. Let the perfect one cast the first stone and those with the RIGHT to carry out the likes of James 5 etc. do so, not the ‘armchair’ Christians unwittingly aiding the devil in his work.

    I was reading Leonard Ravenhill the other day when he said something that we already know in the Bible, but it hit home again. The Holy Spirit brings liberty (real, not liberalism which is something else), while Jesus brings DIVISION. Yes, division. Everywhere Jesus went, division went with him. The penetrating work of Jesus Christ cuts right to our heart dividing bone and marrow and seperating us. I’ve heard far too much criticism of a man (Todd), just like the rest of us, still liable to the troubles we face and such. The deepest sadness is that all this is more public. But… the Church (and many who call themselves Christian but dishonour God’s name by the claimed association) has been sat around doing precious nothing for a long time.

    Let this be a reminder to us that without God we have no chance. Each of us MUST depend upon Him absolutely. Dare we trust in anything/anyone else? That would be madness! Lord protect us from any who would try to come against us and your work in our lives.

  53. Jamie, thanks for this. You make an important point that discerning sin and judging sinners is a task for those with the right to do so as the alleged sinner’s pastors etc, not for every armchair believer.

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