More on Reform: will they consecrate their own bishops?

Rachel has some interesting things to say about the Reform position on women bishops, including the text of a letter in the Church of England Newspaper (available online only to subscribers). See also John Richardson’s comment and Rachel’s reply.

Rachel also links to a post on the same subject by Peter Carrell, who offers a New Zealand perspective on the discussions.

And then Peter Carrell links back to England, and Cranmer’s Curate who has a post revealing that

Plans involving ‘senior figures’ are now underway to consecrate a group of Conservative Evangelical bishops for the UK.

The Curate (who is actually not a curate but an incumbent, a vicar) implies that this is something to do with the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, and Reform is not mentioned. But then if these new bishops are indeed to be “Conservative Evangelical” I can hardly believe that this is not something to do with Reform. Cranmer’s Curate is a member of this conservative evangelical group, and a signatory of their letter to the General Synod. I suppose he has been consulted in advance about their plans – and has broken ranks by revealing them. John Richardson the Ugley Vicar (who is not a vicar but a non-stipendiary curate), another member, has made proposals to Reform along these lines. So maybe the balance of views in Reform is shifting away from the strategy outlined in their letter to the General Synod and towards John’s proposals.

0 thoughts on “More on Reform: will they consecrate their own bishops?

  1. Just to set the record straight – I have not broken ranks with Reform whose leadership I support. My appeal as a small church minister is that there is as much openness about the process of consecrating Conservative Evangelical bishops, if that is what the leadership of our movement decides to do.

    Yours sincerely,

    Julian Mann

  2. Julian, thanks for the clarification. I agree that openness is desirable. I don’t suppose you will choose to reveal how you are party to this information if it has not come through Reform channels. But I suppose if it did come from Reform but was not stated to be confidential you have no good reason not to post it.

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