More Rick Joyner videos on Todd Bentley's restoration

I wondered if Rick Joyner would keep up his promise to post weekly videos about the restoration process which he is leading for Todd Bentley. But he has done more than that: in the last week he has posted four new videos! These four, and the two earlier ones which I reported on here and here, are accessible from this page. Todd features personally only in the two most recent videos, because he was away from Rick’s centre spending time with Shonnah and the children.

In the first video, The Restoration Process & The Issue of Divorce, Rick speaks for 10 minutes about sin and restoration, especially in the context of divorce. He repeatedly states that he is not lowering biblical standards to condone divorce and remarriage. He makes it clear that sin is sin and needs to be repented of as such. He clearly has no intention of letting Todd get away with excuses for his behaviour. Instead he is looking for true repentance, which will open the way for God’s forgiveness and eventual restoration. Rick also clarifies that the restoration process will not be a quick one, that rumours that Todd will be returning to ministry in the near future are unfounded.

In the second video, Rick Addresses Lee Grady’s Charisma Article, again 10 minutes, Rick compares how Grady and Jesus respond to those they disagree with, and explains how Grady has strayed into areas where he has no authority as well as only partial information. The same advice should be heeded by any who make public negative comments about Todd or for that matter anyone else in public life. Of course Rick is himself making negative comments about a public figure, but note how gently and lovingly he does so.

The third video, Choosing Mercy over Judgement, 11 minutes, and the fourth, The Ministry of Reconciliation, much shorter at under 6 minutes, seem to go together in that both feature Bill Johnson as the main participant with Todd and Rick responding to them. I guess the videos were made together as all are in the same clothes. But the shorter one starts abruptly, and was posted four days later, suggesting that its first part had been edited out. I will not attempt to summarise Bill’s helpful messages. The most interesting thing that Todd says is that he had a good week with Shonnah and the kids, and was able to say sorry to Shonnah and reach a measure of reconciliation with her; but there are some concerns about her health. Oddly there was no mention at all of Todd’s new marriage and wife – but then the series is continuing.

As I will not continue to summarise or post links to each new video in this series as it comes out, I recommend anyone interested to subscribe, as I did, to e-mail notifications of new videos.

0 thoughts on “More Rick Joyner videos on Todd Bentley's restoration

  1. Peter, thanks for being a voice of reason on this difficult subject.

    It is certainly stretching our understanding.

    But how nice to have comments by someone who is not frothing at the mouth in indignation, so that there can be civil and reasonable discussion.

    Gracias –


  2. I just finished watching all the videos back to back , WOW what an awesome responsability WE have ,,,, WE HAVE ,,,???? Jesus said when you pray say , “OUR” Father in heaven,,, it kind of takes the focus off just “MY” father in heaven,,, I felt at peace that OUR NEW “BODY” (the body of Christ) is finally coming together, and is acutally allowing God to bring the precious out of the vile , and beauty from ashes,(remember when Jesus said that He has no place to lay his head ,,,,well now he does… Todd said he has nothing left but GOD , no pressure for ministry , just LOVE FOR JESUS(FOUNDATION), It’s as if he’s starting over , and these great men of God are there to help him clean up the mess that he made in his life , if any one say’s that they never had to have God clean up a mess(SIN) in their life , they are not worth even listening to, theres only one who ever ran His course through perfectly , and he gives his grace to the humble , I just wanted to share a thought with you ,,,tell me what you think,,,
    After the fall of man in the garden, God Judged the serpent with this in GEN 3:14 (KJV)And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and “”dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life””:
    WHY do you think God said “dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life” seeing snakes do not actually eat dust in (earth’s) reality??? ,,,, you can look at GEN 2:7 . what do you think?

  3. Peter may I say as a relative newcomer to blogging I have enjoyed many visits to your site.
    You are obviously a gentleman and a scholar and your site aptly named.
    On this topic however, whilst I certainly appreciate your loyal approach, I find we have quite differing views.
    I would agree with Dan there is an awful lot of frothing at the mouth going on but from what I saw of Lakeland there was a whole lot of shaking going on, sorry that sounds rather as if I am about to burst into song doesn’t it :}?
    I must be up front and say I do not have the respect for Mr Joyner or Mr Johnsons theology that you seem to but I am following the instalments with interest and go from very sad to rather cross.
    I do have a query that as you seem very knowledgeable about all this, you may have an answer to. If the previous adultery did not take place and if as you have maintained there was no adultery this time what is all the fuss about? Why is for instance the woman caught in adultery, King David etc brought into it? Public humiliation and restoration for Tattoos and getting tipsy seems a little over the top.

  4. I think i’ll Just answer myself,,,,PS:I”ve been through the bible cover to cover around 30 or 40 times and I’m in love with the author,,, if i feed on the word of God i’ll Grow in knowledge , if I feed on the spirit of truth who reveals Jesus (the word of God)I’ll grow in Christ (who is life)… The tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil , was exactly that, KNOWLEDGE , The tree of Life ,is exactly that LIFE,,, The difference between LIFE and KNOWLEDGE is CHRIST and FACTS , Fact says if you walk on water, you’ll sink , Christ surpassed facts by walking on it , and Knowledge doesn’t require experience , thats why it brought forth death , life requires experience ,Try to LOVE without experience **SELAH**
    I believe that those who are still casting stones got those stones from the dried dead fruit of the tree of knowledge , if they were casting from the tree of Life they would be expressing the fruit of that tree (LIFE), the question i’m answering is this , “WHAT YOU FEED” grows in your life , Adams flesh was made from the dust of the ground and that was serpent food , the more we give in to our fallen flesh nature the bigger and stronger the devil (deciever) becomes in our life, and the more and more we take on his nature as the accuser of the brethren ,and the more we accuse . The more we feed on Christ the more we take on his nature as the one who ever lives to make intercession , Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they didn’t recognise Him , then He died for them , Paul Killed Christ’s followers because he didn’t Know Jesus Personally , then when he met Christ, and later he said if he could he was willing to be accursed from Christ for the very ones who were beating him ROMANS 9:1-5 , moses was willing to get his name blotted out of Gods book for the very ones who complained and wanted to stone him to death Exodus 32:32 (KJV)

    32Yet now, if thou wilt forgive their sin–; and if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book which thou hast written. ,

    Moses , Paul and Jesus all show an example of what the fruit of the tree of life looks like ,,,, one more question , Who are you feeding through you words? Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner are willing to take this injured sheep from the mouth of the lion to be healed at the risk of their own reputation…would we be willing to be seen with Todd Bentley and his new wife in our church? then let him come home and meet the family , then to work to meet the boss and friends? or is unconditional love conditional.

  5. Georgina, welcome and thank you for your comment. As I understand it, there are people out there who disliked Todd Bentley long before there was any talk about his marriage difficulties, who jumped on the first hints that something was wrong and assumed the very worst without a shred of evidence. In doing so they broke explicit commands in the Old and New Testaments, and managed to exacerbate an already difficult but essentially personal (at least after Todd withdrew from public ministry) situation. And these are people who call themselves Christians!

    Chris, thank you for pointing out what unconditional love is like. I praise God that there are some high profile Christians who are prepared to show it despite the baying of the hounds around them.

  6. Peter, I appreciate your comments, but the thing that bothers me is not so much about Todd’s marriage difficulties, but I wonder what kind of theological restoration he’s getting from Messrs Joyner and Johnson. There was a lot of Latter Rain stuff being thrown around Lakeland (with the Branhamite Bob Jones making an appearance) and unfortunately, I see Joyner and Johnson in that same category. So if Todd does come back into full-time ministry, are we still going to see the same showmanship, the same hype, etc.

    I think Dutch Sheets raised these issues better than I did. We certainly need a kind of charismatic reformation to weed out the bad theology.


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