Moved at last

Sorry to be slow blogging recently. I have been working hard on my new house with the aim of making it habitable. I seem to have spent most of the last month tiling and otherwise redecorating my bathroom – I did start before Christmas, and it still isn’t completely finished. But it is complete enough for me to move in tonight, just less than a month since I got the keys.

For the moment my computer and office things remain at the old house, not least because I still haven’t got a phone line at the new one. I was waiting for TalkTalk to set me up with their very good free broadband offer, only to find out yesterday that they can’t do it unless I first have the BT line put in my name – which implies a one year minimum contract with BT. Why didn’t they tell me that a month ago? So I am going back to BT, who can probably set up my phone line in a few days, and Metronet for broadband, who promise to transfer my account in a week. Maybe I will try TalkTalk next year.

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