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I enabled WordPress Blog Stats on this blog I think in August last year, and since then it has been monitoring how popular my posts are, carefully excluding my own visits to my blog.

Up to about a month ago the most read post had only about 800 hits. That was in fact Do not read Adrian’s blog any more, which was read mainly in the last week of last November. But over the last month the situation has changed radically.

My post from early February Why is Easter so early this year? has become a real hit, with 2675 hits so far, and a peak of 231 views in one day on 20th March. Probably around 2000 of these have been the results of various searches including “easter” and “early”, and that is not surprising because my post comes up number 5 on a Google search for “easter early”. But I expect that from now on this post will be viewed a lot less as this year’s Easter fades into the past.

But this post’s popularity has been dwarfed by the unexpected success of Pope Benedict, Bible scholars, and the Antichrist, which I discussed here. This has attracted 6310 hits, but the vast majority of these were on just two days, 2nd and 3rd March. When this post dropped out of the latest links page at Spirit Daily, it quickly lost its readership. Indeed my statistics show over 6000 referrals from this site.

Meanwhile The Maltese Cross, or the Christian one? has crept up into third place with 951 hits. I think a lot of these are the results of searches for “old bailey”, “blind justice” and similar. This leaves Do not read Adrian’s blog any more back in fourth position among my posts with 840 hits, followed by Augustine’s mistake about original sin with 746 and Mark Driscoll: “I murdered God”, “God hates you” on 618.

What will be my next hit post? Not this one, I’m sure. I could say that it is for you, my readers, to decide. But in fact it is not. The only way a post on this blog can get near to 1000 hits is apparently if it somehow comes to the notice of people who don’t usually read this blog, through a search term or an interesting link on a popular site.

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  1. Your final statement is absolutely correct. It is not regular readers that cause a certain post to gain popularity but rather Google searches and often times not the ones we would hope for. After my “Where is Jesus’ tattoo?” post came out it soon became so popular that it was getting hundreds of visits per day! I finally had to delete it and put it on its own blog where people continue to visit it in hordes (153 visits yesterday). Right now my most popular search terms are “sing the greek alphabet” and several terms to do with Warner Sallman paintings of Jesus. I’m in the process of spinning off the Greek alphabet song onto its own blog.

    Personally, I think these popular posts tend to obscure the actual stats on our blogs so I like to get rid of them. The other thing is that a very popular post can move your blog into a higher arena and make it more attractive to SPAMmers. So for that reason I like cruising under the radar.

    Nevertheless it is a thrill to get a huge number of hits from time to time…

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