Not banned in China

One bonus of switching from Blogger, hosted at, to WordPress, hosted on my own site, is that my blog is apparently no longer blocked in China. I discovered this by testing this blog’s URL at (which I found from here via a link in the WordPress documentation, but see the cautions in the comments on that blog entry), which gave the result “Your URL is available”, whereas for both my old blog and Better Bibles Blog the result is “Your URL is Blocked!” And I know that they really were blocked, because a friend who was in China couldn’t read them.

Meanwhile my ClustrMaps map shows that I do have at least one reader in China. But then I was getting the same result with my old blog, so maybe that one reader is a censor. Well, I hope he or she finds this blog interesting, but in a positive sense and not one which provokes a ban.

0 thoughts on “Not banned in China

  1. Peter, I tested WordPress and it didn’t seem to get a positive result back either. I hope Blogger is not blocked in Taiwan, which is where I’ll be going to at the end of this May for about 2 months. I’m assuming Taiwan is totally free.

  2. Kevin, there is a difference that my blog is hosted at my own site, not at The Chinese firewall is not clever enough to pick up web pages which happen to be blogs unless they are hosted at known blogging sites, or include certain keywords which causes them to be blacklisted.

    Anyway, I think you’ll be OK in Taiwan.

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