One post, one event and one link change a blog

It’s amazing how one post, one event and one link can change the life and direction of a blog. That is what seems to be happening here at Gentle Wisdom.

One post: On 17th March, soon after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and based on a link from a Facebook friend, I posted David Wilkerson prophecy: earthquakes in Japan and USA. This clearly touched a nerve, as it quickly became one of my most popular posts ever. It attracted over 800 visitors in its first four days, as I wrote in Why the fascination with prophecy?, with a peak of 526 views on 19th. For the next month this article continued to be viewed around 100 times each day for more than a month, being the most read post at Gentle Wisdom on all but about two of these days. Most of the visitors came from Google searches for “david wilkerson prophecy” and similar.

One event: Late on 27th April the news came in that David Wilkerson had been killed in a road accident. This led to an immediate surge in viewing of my post about Wilkerson’s prophecies, again mostly from the same Google search. There were 2,743 page views on 28th April, and the total page views for the site on that day, 3,692, was the second highest ever on this blog. But by 4th May the views of that post were down to 338. My post In memory of David Wilkerson was much less read, presumably because it was one of many similar ones in the blogosphere.

Jeff RenseOne link: Then suddenly on the evening of 6th May, here in England, I noticed a sudden increase in viewing figures for the blog. Indeed for several hours I was receiving around 1000 views per hour, so more than 20 times my recent average of about that number each day. And nearly all of these hits were views of the same post on David Wilkerson’s prophecies. I discovered that the reason was that two prominent links to that post had appeared on the front page of Jeff Rense’s well known site Rense is well known, and described by Wikipedia, as “an American conspiracy theorist and radio talk-show host”. Now I welcome this link from, but please note that it came as a surprise to me and that I do not endorse the site. Anyway, because of that one link this blog received 6,790 page views on 6th May, of which 5,839 were of the David Wilkerson prophecy post, thus going well past the previous record for one day, just over 4,000 on one day in March 2008, after I linked “Benedict” with “Antichrist”. Today, 7th May, the rate of new views has dropped off, but already by lunchtime a new record has been set of over 7,000 page views.

In early April I warned Jim West that I would be threatening his #1 spot in the biblioblogger rankings. I didn’t get there in the April rankings, although I did make it into the top 50, at #47. But if my page views continue to surge as they have done recently, I will certainly be much higher in May, and Jim should at least be looking over his shoulder.

0 thoughts on “One post, one event and one link change a blog

  1. Well, Rachel, it was nothing I have done. Call it chance, call it providence, call it Jeff Rense for once having sense, but I don’t deserve “Well done” for this.

  2. Thanks, Kevin. We’ll see. 10,138 views yesterday. But the rate of viewing was much lower in the evening. The link is still up at but I guess most of its regular readers have already visited my post. And my Alexa rank has not yet been updated to reflect this recent surge in traffic. Actually some of the Alexa data is so out of date that I wonder if they are updating anything properly.

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