Post 1000: musings on a milestone

1000 signWith this post I mark 1000 posts here at Gentle Wisdom, including those originally published at its predecessor Speaker of Truth, some of which were first published with the dreadful Blogger and later imported into WordPress. In addition to these posts there are currently 16 pages on this site, accessible from the menu below the header picture, and more than 10,000 comments. By the way, the numbers in the post and page URLs are misleading: they are not post numbers.

I have reached this landmark nearly six years since my first post introducing myself, and nearly five years after I started blogging regularly in June 2006. I have also posted 131 times at Better Bibles Blog, starting in July 2005, also a few times at qaya thoughts, at TNIV Truth and at the now closed Complegalitarian.

I was interested to re-read my very first blog post, at BBB in 2005, in which I rejected the advice not to marry in the 1984 NIV’s version of 1 Corinthians 7:1. At the time that rejection was only in theory; it was only in October 2009 that I decisively went against this advice. For that matter, so did the NIV translation team: they much improved their wording at this point in their 2011 update.

This milestone seems an appropriate opportunity to offer some musings about my blogging experience. As my regular readers will know, this has been a rather on and off matter. From June 2010 to February 2011 I posted only eight times, and I was thinking what no doubt some of my readers were thinking, that this blog had run out of steam and would soon expire completely.

Then in March this year, as I announced rather tentatively at the time, I effectively relaunched Gentle Wisdom, with the intention to build “more of a resource site” and to “make some money for my efforts”.

Well, I have done quite well in attracting readers, especially to my post on David Wilkerson’s earthquake prophecy.

I have made some money from Google Adsense, but not as much as I had hoped. Indeed I have not yet received any because I am still a little short of the £60 total required for a first payment.

And I haven’t got very far yet with the resource site project. I wrote my first few pages in my Follow Jesus section, but still have a list of several more to write. And so far I have managed only one post in the Life Today section, We British need not have bad teeth: The American way.

The problem is that I am not disciplined enough as a writer. I am far too easily distracted by various pressing things around me. Most of my blog posts are reactions to current events, or to what I read on other blogs and on Facebook, Twitter etc. That may not be a bad thing, but it does make me look like a fun blogger. Yesterday Christian author Frank Viola tweeted:

I find blogging to be fun. But writing books is bleeding.

Indeed. Writing serious content for this site is also “bleeding”, or as I would put it, “draining”. But I do want to do it. So watch this space to see how well I succeed.

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