Rapture update 1: New Zealand untouched

Christchurch cathedral after the earthquakeGood morning from England. In New Zealand it is already after 8 pm on Saturday 21st May. But there are no signs yet of the Rapture having started there at 6 pm, as predicted by Harold Camping. No reports of earthquakes or backwards-twisting tornadoes. For a suitable image I had to find one of the February earthquake in Christchurch.

Why should this be? Is there no one in the whole of New Zealand worthy of being raptured? Well, if even one of their distinguished theological professors, Tim Bulkeley, could pour scorn on the predictions of judgment day today, then that just could be the explanation.

Or perhaps the damage Down Under was so massive that no reports have reached the rest of the world? I note that Tim has not yet posted today, so perhaps, despite his scepticism, he has been taken up to heaven with his fellow Kiwis.

Or could it be that Harold Camping is wrong? If so, it is only the church that will be damaged by today’s non-events.

5 thoughts on “Rapture update 1: New Zealand untouched

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  2. This reminds me of a short story I remember from childhood where the trumpet for the last trump gets dropped out of heaven, is lost and turns up in a junk shop in Camden. It’s bought cheap by someone who doesn’t know what it is. He can’t get it to play, and so with a friend couples it up to some sort of compressor one Sunday morning in his garden shed. They eventually pump the compressor up to the highest pressure. At that, the trumpet gives a loud squawk before being grabbed by an angel and taken back to heaven to await the hour to which it belongs – though briefly, before it disappears, the whole of North London gets a scintilla of a vision of the entire heavenly host and the throne of God. Predictably, one of those most shocked is a fashionable vicar who at that moment is just opening his sermon on how the Last Judgement is merely a colourful and primitive figure of C1 speech.

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