Rapture update 3: I'm still here in England

Clock Tower - Palace of Westminster, LondonThe time has now passed for the Rapture, as predicted by Harold Camping, here in England. No earthquakes, no tornadoes, just a normal quiet Saturday, and my wife and I are still here.

I must say I wasn’t too worried that I would be raptured today, against my will, after the non-events in New Zealand, Japan and indeed anywhere to the east of this green and pleasant land.

The only reported event in the Orient today which could even remotely be considered a sign of the Rapture or the allegedly coming Tribulation was a landslide in Malaysia which killed at least eight children and perhaps quite a lot more. This was of course a tragic event of course for those involved. But it was caused by heavy rain, not an earthquake, and it “took place at about 1430 local time” so ahead of Camping’s predicted schedule.

So as the hours move on towards 6 pm in America, first on the East Coast and only later in Camping’s California, my advice to Americans is simple: “Don’t panic!” But just in case you might also want to avoid taking a bath at 6 pm, to avoid embarrassment.

Meanwhile atheist John Loftus has started a meme on My Predictions of the Excuses Harold Camping May Make, and Joel has tagged me, and everyone else who read his post. So here is my prediction: Harold Camping and a small number of his followers will simply disappear, and let the word get out that these few were raptured and no one else was considered worthy. This could actually mean suicide, as I suggested before, but more likely they will find somewhere to hide away and lick their wounds. Most likely Camping, 89, will start an overdue retirement and, once the fuss has died down, never be heard of again.

These kinds of false prophets will be with us until Jesus really comes again, as he predicted. But hopefully it will be some time before any are taken as seriously as Harold Camping seems to have been.

0 thoughts on “Rapture update 3: I'm still here in England

  1. OK! But, I’m sad. I wish it had happened. It would be good to see the Lord face to face. That earthquake is still coming. The islands of the sea will still all disappear. The time of trial appears to be just beginning. It will get a lot worse—soon.

    That’s when He is coming back also—soon!

  2. David, you know I don’t agree in wishing it had happened. I don’t even agree that it will happen at any time in anything like the way premillennialists have been teaching. But there will be earthquakes and all kinds of tribulations. And then some time the end will come – but if Isaiah said it was soon and it hasn’t happened yet, then his idea of “soon” was very different from Harold Camping’s!

  3. I agree. Isaiah never said soon. Jesus said we would know the season, and it is obviously the season. I’m an a-millennialist. I tend to believe that pre-, mid-, and post-millennialists all have it right—for different portions of the Body of Christ. I even wrote a novel to that affect called, “Finally!”

    The earthquakes in Isaiah will happen. We currently are fulfilling parts of Isaiah 24:1-6 (or at least verse 5). As for verses 17-23, it’s coming. But, I can accept that it may not come until the end of the millennium or the tribulation or both. Obviously, we haven’t reached the damage of Revelation 16 yet. But it is coming. As for the timing, that’s above my pay grade. All I can do is pray, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

    As I argue in my novel, I expect the Rapture (whatever that is and however it works out) is probably a gradual thing over a period of years with people dropping their bodies as they complete their work. We do have to deal with Psalm 12:1. But several other verses suggest that the world will not notice. The only thing that is clear is this: If few figured it out the first time, why would we think the second time would be any different? No one has it figured out—and that includes me. But it is clearly the season.

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  5. David, thanks for the clarification. Isaiah may not have said “soon”, but Jesus did in Revelation 22:20. So whatever we expect we have to deal with that word. You have interesting ideas. I don’t think I agree with them, but then neither do I claim to have everything worked out.

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