Standing for election

A few weeks ago, if I remember correctly (but I can’t now find it from a search), my fellow blogger Henry Neufeld wrote something to the effect of “Hell would freeze over before I ran for election to public office”. Well, Henry, today I can announce that, although as far as I know hell is as hot as it ever was, I am running, or standing, for election. (Oddly enough, here in the UK we “stand”, but Americans “run” for election, is it something to do with the relative amount of effort we put in?) I am standing as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the local council elections for Chelmsford Borough Council. This is the first time I have done this. At the last election my party was in a poor second place in the ward for which I am standing, Galleywood, so I have a lot of work to do to stand any chance of winning. Now, unlike the US system, we have quite strict rules about election expenses etc, so to avoid any problems I will say nothing more about this here until after the election on 3rd May.

To make sure I am on the right side of election law: Promoted by Peter Kirk, of 61 Harrow Way, Chelmsford CM2 7AU.

4 thoughts on “Standing for election

  1. Great to here this Peter – it’s good to see Christians being involved in this way and nice to see you standing for my party of choice!

  2. Thanks, Eddie. Another member of my church has been a Lib Dem councillor for many years. In fact it wasn’t him but my own local councillor who persuaded me to stand for a neighbouring ward.

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