The blind see and the dead are raised – here in the UK!

Richard Steel reports on a blind man receiving his sight, on the streets of Dudley, England, this morning. This includes a video interview with the man.

Thanks also to my commenter Rhea for the link to a report of many healings in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where there seems to be a similar outpouring to the Dudley one. The report includes a young man being raised from the dead. Where does this report come from? The BBC website!

Yes, the outpourings in Dudley and Belfast are both linked to Todd Bentley.

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  1. I would love to see some of the reports from the doctors of these folks (pre- and post- miracle).

    I wish that I had the doctor reports from my own healing when I was a kid.

  2. Fascinating, I say! That side of the Atlantic I’ve heard about a lot of skepticism, so maybe such outpouring is necessary. If the man was unable to see out of his left eye for almost 20yrs and now can see out of it, How can I doubt that a miracle has taken place.

    But why must there be a connection to Todd Bentley? Couldn’t God bring about an outpouring in England and Ireland apart from Mr. Bentley?

  3. How can I doubt that a miracle has taken place.

    If there is no evidence of a miracle, there is a lot of room to doubt.

    I could tell you that my CP is gone! But unless I have a doctor’s record that says I had it in the first place, the claim is meaningless. I don’t have CP now and I have not had it in the past.

    But if I go to one of Bentley’s shows and claim that my CP is gone! I might be proclaimed as healed.

    I rarely talk about my healing because there is no record of it. My family knows and a few others, but it will not be used by the likes of Bentley.

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  5. Ellen, I too would love to see the medical reports. I don’t have them in these cases. TC Robinson has linked to a video of a healing at Lakeland which includes evidence from X-rays.

    TC, thanks also for this link. There certainly doesn’t have to be a connection with Todd Bentley. Healings were taking place here in the UK before he was well known here and no doubt continue in places which have no connection with him. Indeed Richard Steel’s blog reports some in Dudley from before Lakeland started. I added largely as an afterthought that these two examples are connected with Todd. It may or may not be true that more are happening because of this connection. If it is true, I rejoice. If it is not, I rejoice that they are happening anyway but look for even more.

  6. Peter, I think it’s a stretch to state that ‘the dead are raised’. It’s wonderful news and I can well imagine that God was involved. However, the impression that I get is that his brain was still functioning and he hadn’t been declared dead.

    I think that one of the biggest dangers in situations like this is hype. I read blog posts that speak of ‘Signs and Wonders in the streets’ and when you read them they’re about people being relieved of stress and finding that they can walk slightly better than they could before. I don’t want to knock that and I am geninely happy for them, but is that the kind of thing that the Bible has in mind when it speaks of signs and wonders?

    Richard Steel’s blog contains some wonderful stories and I am thrilled for the people involved, but I wouldn’t particuarly see that as any kind of endorsement of Bentley et al, or as what the Bible refers to as ‘signs and wonders’.

  7. I can say this much. Todd Bentley has regularly spoken at my church Revival Fires Church as a speaker at conferences, and I also went out to Lakeland Florida in April to receive impartation. I was seeing miraculous healings before I went out to Florida and The Outpouring started here in Dudley yes, but it has gone up a level in recent weeks. Todd Bentley has been a significant influence on my life, though others have as well, not least my pastor Trevor Baker, and also Benny Hinn as well. In response to Graham, I would say that if you look at my blog you will see that some miracle healings are more notable than others, but some of them are right in line with biblical times, and that’s because Jesus Christ is the one who is ultimately healing people. He is just looking for the likes of you and me to work through to advance His Kingdom for His glory.

  8. Peter; the point of signs and wonders is to point to the King and his kingdom, not to his messenger. I am not questioning the veracity of the reports, but I am very concerned that you associate them with Todd Bentley, but not apparently with the risen Christ.

    Given the situation, I can see why you want to defend Todd and I know that you will understand my reaction. However, I think you have amply illustrated a fundamental flaw in all celebrity based ministry (be that Todd Bentley or anyone else from whatever churchmanship) – eventually the minister becomes the story.

  9. However, I think you have amply illustrated a fundamental flaw in all celebrity based ministry (be that Todd Bentley or anyone else from whatever churchmanship) – eventually the minister becomes the story.

    Eddie, a very keen observation indeed. What you’ve outlined will help us to determine whether Todd Bentley is another charlatan. I hope not.

  10. If you watch God TV (either on the internet or on television) and the broadcasts from Lakeland you will see that Todd Bentley gives all the glory to God, and exalts Jesus Christ. The worship time prior to the ministry is often around two hours, and many testify to getting healed in the worship time without Todd even laying hands on the sick person! This revival is bigger than Todd Bentley, a point he himself often makes. If it was not a genuine move of God, it would never have happened. Remember that The God Channel discovered what God was doing in Lakeland after meetings had been extended from the original early April conference. Thousands of people are going to this from all over the world not because of Todd (on some nights he doesn’t preach and the place is still packed out), but because of the tangible manifest presence of God, and the many authentic miraculous healings that are occuring which only God could do. Miracles point to the Messiah, not the messenger.

  11. Do we seek signs and wonders, or God Himself? I too long to see the Spirit truly break out across the world, as he has in so many ways.

    Healings and such can only serve as true testimony where a ‘proof’ of prior illness or such is seen. For people where such ‘proof’ is not available for whatever reason it doesn’t mean that the healing is not real, since that person is the real judge of what has happened.

    Our vicar returned from Lakeland last Friday and shared during the message how God didn’t ‘zap’ or ‘kappow’ him during the meetings, but driving home one night he heard God speak to him saying “My presence is always with you”. It is the nature of our hearts that is the issue, and whether a) we wish to truly repent and keep on following Christ, b) whether we seek His will in all things and c) focus on the whole mission of God, not just bits that we like or are more ‘amazing’. God works how he pleases, not necessarily to please us. Yet he graciously invites us to be his hands and feet in world, taking (more than anything else) his love and compassion to the lost, however this happens in situ.

  12. Eddie, you are completely right that in this post, which I wrote in a hurry, I should have explicitly attributed these healings to Jesus Christ and given him the glory. I didn’t intend to glorify Todd Bentley, and mentioned him for information, not to glorify him. I accept that there are serious dangers in the way that this has become a celebrity cult so reminiscent of worldly ones. That raises some questions about Todd’s style, although it is by no means all his fault, as Richard testifies. But it by no means invalidates his whole ministry. Just because the world, or worldly Christians, treat someone as a celebrity, that does not imply that they are a charlatan.

  13. There is a comment above about a blind man allegedly receiving his sight on the streets of Dudley. I also watched the video. I recognise the man. I have known him since he was a schoolboy. Mike has always had some limited vision. I hope Mike has enjoyed a measure of improvement but isn’t he still only very partially sighted doesn’t he still use a white stick? So what is the miracle? At most a partially sighted man apparently enjoying some very limited improvement at the time he was interviewed.

    Reports of a totally blind man receiving his sight are completely misleading. Why did a fuller ‘healing’ not take place?

  14. I’ve always said that I am not responsible for any partial or full healing that takes place it is the work of Jesus Christ alone, and the reality is that for a number of reasons people can lose their healing, though I’m pleased to say that many don’t. When people receive healing, I will not exaggerate what has happened, and that is why I like to use personal video testimonies. Restoration is not always total, sometimes it is partial, and I like to specify when it has only been partial such as in Mike’s case.

    I can only go by what people tell me. For some, healing is gradual, and a week later they might be feeling even better, while for others they might lose their healing, in some cases through unbelief or perhaps through no fault of their own.

    What I do is always ask people how they are before I pray, what they felt as I prayed (if anything), and if there was any tangible change afterwards in their condition. I use video testimonies so I document the words of the person I’m praying for because that is more powerful than any report that I put into words. The reality is that many people retain their healings, and I have some video testimonies of people who have been fine since the day they received their miracle. For example, you may have seen one man who received instant healing of arthritis in his right hand and arm, he testified to that on video, then I met him about 6 weeks later and he testifies on video that the arthritis did not come back. I have also talked to people who got healed, only to relapse a few days later. Why? We have to remember that as Christians we are in a spiritual battle, and the enemy tries to come along to steal good seed.

    In Mike’s case I never claimed that he was fully healed, and I hope that he will be able to testify that God has fully restored his sight ultimately. Whether people receive a 15%, 50% or 100% improvement through the power of prayer it is still miraculous because it contravenes natural law. In The Lord’s prayer we pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” We are praying for Heaven to invade Earth. As there is no sickness or infirmity in Heaven, we can expect God to intervene in our lives to bring physical restoration when we pray the prayer of faith. I understand that people will always have misgivings about the healing ministry, but I’ve seen too much in this country and abroad to doubt the fact that Jesus is alive, it is His will to heal, and He is restoring thousands of people miraculously today, both spiritually and physically. To Him alone be all the glory!

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