The fall of Bishop Michael Reid

Peniel Pentecostal Church in Brentwood, about 15 miles from my home, has been controversial here in Essex for several years. I have never been there myself. But I did know people at a church here in Chelmsford which perhaps 20 years ago closed down and effectively merged with Peniel, including a family which left that group and joined my own church. Among the controversies is the allegedly overbearing leadership style of its leader, until last week, Bishop Michael Reid.

But the latest controversy tops the lot, and made it into the national newspapers, at least The Daily Mail, as quoted by John Richardson, and The Sun. The story is also in the Church Times blog, despite being completely non-Anglican. For it seems that Michael Reid has fallen into the oldest trap for church leaders, adultery. If the reports are to be believed, he has for eight years been having an affair with the music director (I nearly said “worship director”, but I know what Doug would say to that!) at his church. Indeed he has admitted adultery, without specifying more details, and resigned from pastoral duties in his church.

Simon Jones, who was apparently hurt by involvement in a similar church, has blogged about this matter in a somewhat intemperate way, accusing Reid of hypocrisy. He also writes, accurately:

A quick Google will reveal some truly awful stories about Michael Reid and the way he has dealt with people who have questioned his leadership over the years.

My aim here is not at all to defend Reid or his church, but to put some balance and truth into this story.

First, the current issue is nothing at all to do with his ministry style or church leadership. That is anyway an internal matter for him and his church, at least unless it is clearly unbiblical or abusive. Not surprisingly people who didn’t like his leadership are not sorry about his fall, but any link between the issues is only speculative.

Second, although Dave Walker and Simon Jones use “scare quotes” around the title “bishop”, and Dave even calls him “self-styled”, in fact Michael Reid is entitled to be called a bishop. Simon quotes a letter from the International Communion of Charismatic Churches confirming that Reid was properly consecrated as a bishop:

His consecration to the office of the Bishop was conducted in Benin City, Nigeria by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. He for several years after served as the national presbyter for the ICCC and a member of the College of Bishops. However, since his resignation several years ago he has held no position within the organization and the organization has had neither involvement nor oversight in his ministry.

According to the ICCC’s own website their episcopate was recognised by Pope Paul VI in 1978:

the pope saw it as a gesture of genuine desire to identify with the historical church and he defended the actions of the three Pentecostals and called for McAlister and DuPlessis to be brought before him for commissioning as bishops of special recognition and rights thereby establishing them both as direct descendants of apostolic succession.

Robert McAlister consecrated Benson Idahosa, and Idahosa consecrated Reid. So Reid became a genuine bishop in the apostolic succession. And, although he left the ICCC about ten years ago, on the understanding of those who believe in the apostolic succession he remains a bishop for life. So there is no call for “scare quotes” or words like “self-styled”.

As John Richardon writes, we should not be crowing over the fall of a church leader that we didn’t like, but

what all of us should be thinking is, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

And , I suggest, we should be praying for Bishop Reid and his wife, and for the woman involved and her family; also for the church under its new pastor, including that it will turn away from the abuses for which Reid was allegedly responsible and follow God’s leading for it as a church.

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  1. Intemperate 🙂

    I think what I wrote was fair. I don’t like his use of the title ‘Bishop’ because as far as I can see he didn’t go through the normal rank structure one would expect to earn such a lofty title. He was simple voted by one man to become a Bishop. Then after a few years he resigned from the ICCC and therefore was no longer under their authority, though he was able to still enjoy the stature that went with his rather dubious title.

    And there is a word that sums the man up well. Dubious. His dubious behavior has earned him few friends and in my opinion has done more harm than good, representing Christians in an extremely bad way, allowing himself to be taken advantage of by the media who enjoy extremists like him because it makes good television.

    However, past all of that, the crux of my blog post is my question regarding accountability. “scare quotes” or none, my hope is that people who read what i wrote will be challenged to think about how the Christian community as a whole rarely challenges the rogue leaders who do so much to bring the their faith into disrepute.

  2. “First, the current issue is nothing at all to do with his ministry style or church leadership. That is anyway an internal matter for him and his church, at least unless it is clearly unbiblical or abusive.”

    I wouldn’t be quite so sure about this Peter. One thing that years in leadership have shown me is that issues like these are often related. A man who is in leadership and yet living a private lie will often exhibit signs of bad behaviour in other areas of his life. We can’t be certain either way – but I’d not discount a connection.

  3. My guess is that ppl are associating his leadership style with his demise b/c they believe that the way that Michael Reid did things is in such a way as to more easily allow “falls” like his. People who have an issue with his leadership style perhaps see it as one with very little oversight (as in, no one was watching him to make sure that he didn’t “mess up” or use his position within the church leadership to his advantage).

  4. Simon, I felt “intemperate” was appropriate for phrases like “rubbing there hands with glee”, “Hardline Christian fundamentalist”, “sleaze and hypocrisy” and “my suspicions are that more lurid and unpleasant sensations surrounding the Bishop may yet come to light”. You have the right to write this of course, as long as you are not being libellous, but personally I think it is over the top.

    Eddie and Rhea, I can agree that pastors who reject proper accountability are more likely to fall deeply into this kind of sin. There may indeed be a connection. But in the absence of evidence of this we should, I think, keep the issues separate.

    Doug, I would be very interested in the Vatican’s take on the meeting between Pope Paul VI, McAlister and DuPlessis and what the pope had to say about their epsicopate. I cannot find any other account of it.

  5. Hi Peter

    From the many testimonies that I have read of ex-Peniel church members, Reid’s leadership style seems to me to have been more than overbearing and certainly abusive at least as far as I understand that word. I have no personal knowledge of Peniel or Reid, but from what I have read a lot of hurt seems to have been caused to a lot of people, and I can understand why people are reacting the way they are, especially since Reid has had such harsh words for people involved in sexual sin, whilst, as has now emerged, he himself was in the same situation.

    Not being an episcopalian, I cannot comment on the bishop angle.

  6. Peter, I have vague memories of reading some interview with DuPlessis years back, in which his range of ecumenical contacts including a visit to the Pope were discussed. I don’t recall anything that suggested any kind of episcopal recognition, but more a recognition that the Spirit could lead the church to explore new ways. As someone influenced by Yves Congar, Paul VI was particularly interested in this. He was also capable of generous and dramatic gestures, as when he took off his papal ring and placed it on Archbishop Michael Ramsey’s finger. The problem with dramatic gestures is nobody is quite sure what is being said.

  7. Indeed, Doug, to your last point. Perhaps the ICCC has (deliberately?) misinterpreted Paul VI’s gesture. But at least they have a documented claim to a genuine episcopate.

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  9. I agree with the balance you’ve shown Peter, I would like to add that perhaps outspoken people such as the Bishop Michael Reid are often the prey of envious folk who secretly desire titles such as ‘Bishop’?

    You’re right to point out that his use of the title Bishop is legitimate, a Bishop is simply an overseer and he was certainly within that role and with an international aspect. In addition, the original ordination of the ICCC from the Pope was a significant gesture towards the charismatic community, those who refuse to accept this might be betraying their own dubious hearts?

    God bless.

  10. The criticisms of Michael Reid on this bogsite really fail to realise that this man was worthy of being a “Bishop” and anyone doubting the legality probably is’nt spirit filled at all. Secondly he was a man of faith and as I found out from personal experience a man full of compassion for folk – all be it he didn’t suffer fools gladly. Sometimes he was “just a man” when he preached (and made errors) but on other occasions was fully anointed and talked with amazing wisdom.
    Too many people want to run him down – well what have you lot done in this world? Sadly Mr Reid has now let himself down – the church and Christ, and naturally our sadness sometimes makes us forget what wonderful godly works he did accomplish.

  11. Ray, the doubts about Reid’s legality are nothing to do with being Spirit filled but because there is no record that I know of of Robert McAlister being formally consecrated. And none of us, except for Jesus himself, are worthy of titles like “Bishop” apart from God’s grace.

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  13. I have written about the decline and fall of Michael Reid Ministries. You can find me under Johli Baptist using Google.

  14. I agree with the balance you’ve shown Peter, I would like to add that perhaps outspoken people such as the Bishop Michael Reid are often the prey of envious folk who secretly desire titles such as ‘Bishop’?

    You’re right to point out that his use of the title Bishop is legitimate, a Bishop is simply an overseer and he was certainly within that role and with an international aspect. In addition, the original ordination of the ICCC from the Pope was a significant gesture towards the charismatic community, those who refuse to accept this might be betraying their own dubious hearts?

    Could we agree that the ‘Jesus’ type of responce in this situation is simply to instruct and forgive. Those who want to continually throw stones ought to be very cautious in my view.

    God bless us all as we truly seek to follow our Saviour and Lord.

    Steven Evans

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  16. Reid’s style of leadership is very much linked to his fall.
    He is capable of showing many different moods and of presenting a full range of behaviour from that of gentleness through to a rage.
    As far as I am concerned there are two sides to him:
    The christian leader with a very good understanding of the Scriptures … and the controlling leader who dominated the people of peniel, enforcing shunning of those who left and splitting up families, marriages and friendships, in order to isolate the people in peniel and consequently to be able to control them.
    It wouldn’t matter if a person left to go to a different church, they had become ‘not of us therefore ‘they are against us’.
    This sort of controlling spirit is the downfall of many men and women. They begin to believe that they are untouchable and that they can behave as they want.
    Don’t forget that it is not a ‘lapse’ that we are talking aboout. Can you imagine how ANY christian could have an admitted affair for 8 years and during that time be condemning of any one whose behaviour was wrong in Christian eyes, and even set up a UK based organisation to campaign for Christian family morals and standards!
    I feel that it is not his style of leadership that has led to his downfall, but his nature that is the cause of both.

  17. The news came as a shock.But it is not a news to rejoice about or an opportunity to say derogratory words about the office of the Bishop.Any one who is careless can fall into this same sin.We should be careful and stay away from every appearance of evil.I strongly feel that the calamities Bishop Reid found himself was a spiritual trap network hatched in the coven world to destroyed his ministry and silence his voice as a mouth piece of the church in England againgst evil.I am sure the Lord will forgive him and he would bounce back into the ministry.He should also stop critizing other men of God and focus on hos mamndate.It was good he stepped out of the ministry to serve his church discipline.The church should not join the occultic groups in saying non sence about the issue.This a big lesson to all of us who are church leaders.Please let the faithful Peniel Church members keep the vision on.We are praying for you in this trying times.The storm will soon be over.

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  19. Bishop Fred –

    Yeah right! I’m sure the devil made him do it and all that! That’s what he says too – how strange. Also would you recommend to those you are supposed to care for (as a ‘bishop’ yourself), a minister who will cheat them out of their money, bully and intimidate them, who will make them cut off their own family members or suffer public denouncements, who could once again prey on women as he has done to make sexual advances and expose himself to them?

    Most of all, do you wish a man with no remorse for any of these things, let alone repentant, ‘bounce back’ to fleece and abuse the church of Christ?

    He can only do so if people are gullible enough to fall for the hypocrisy and sales patter that spew from his mouth, and if irresponsible ‘bishhops’ like you recommend him to such vulnerable Christians.

    You are right he is part of a move of GOd – the move of GOd that is bringing down the false prophets, the prosperity doctrine thieves, in the USA and now in Brentwood UK.

  20. Bishop Fred –

    Yeah right! I’m sure the devil made him do it and all that! That’s what he says too – how strange. Also would you recommend to those you are supposed to care for (as a ‘bishop’ yourself), a minister who will cheat them out of their money, bully and intimidate them, who will make them cut off their own family members or suffer public denouncements, who could once again prey on women as he has done to make sexual advances and expose himself to them? Adultery is the nicest thing you can say about him.

    Most of all, do you wish a man with no remorse for any of these things, let alone repentant, ‘bounce back’ to fleece and abuse the church of Christ?

    He can only do so if people are gullible enough to fall for the hypocrisy and sales patter that spew from his mouth, and if irresponsible ‘bishhops’ like you recommend him to such vulnerable Christians.

    You are right he is part of a move of GOd – the move of GOd that is bringing down the false prophets, the prosperity doctrine thieves, in the USA and now in Brentwood UK.

    Read up, wise up on:

  21. Bishop Fred. You say the news about reid came as a shock. That may be because you only saw the image that reid presented himself in.
    In reality he is a man who really is a hypocrite, I refer you to the CCTV organisation for Christian family values, and the way that reid so vehemently attacked other people for their lifestyles whilst indulging in an 8 year adulterous affair!
    Another example relates to Reid used foul language to describe a local minister. He denied totally that he had done such a thing. Even when presented with a tape of what was said, he blamed the people who taped him!
    reid is in the process of legal action against peniel. Is this a Christian action?
    Reid enforced shunning of the people in peniel to other Christians and even family members who were not in peniel, even if they went to other churches! Families are split up. Husbands and wives are separated, even to the extent of being encouraged to get divorced. A good Christian practice?
    The Scripture ‘they went from us because they are not of us’ was abused to show that anyone who left was giving up Christianity and was therefore a devil worshiper, and no one was allowed to contact them. Christian teaching?
    reid continually denigrated other ministers. Almost eveyone who visited us was mocked and denigrated by reid after they had left.
    reid is currently taking legal action against peniel. He wants money! If reid was a Christian bishop would he sue a church? Would his focus be money?

    I agree. It is not good to rejoice about damage to the office of a Bishop.
    But you should now go back to peniel and talk to the people there. Most of them now know that they are free in Christ. Their eyes have been opened and God, in His Grace, is showing them Truth. Many are now rejoicing in the love of Jesus Christ.
    Many have apologised to those who knew what reid was and who have opposed him over the years. I know that we do not need their apologies, but it is good for them as part of their repentence and growth in Christ now that they are back on the correct path with their focus on Jesus.
    I will not question what God may or may not have done with reid. But I will say that the fruits of his ministry and his life are not what one would expect from a Christian, let alone a bishop.

    “Any one who is careless can fall into this same sin”
    I would accept this comment with reservations. Yes we can all fall short of the mark, we can all make mistakes, we can all be tempted – we are mortal human beings after all!
    But an 8 year affair! Enforcing shunning for many years! Telling lies about people who have peniel! The list of problems is long. I have also had people from other churches around the world contacting me with their experiences of reid. Their stories are the same.
    I find it difficult to see reid as a spirit-filled Christian. If he is then he has certainly treated God with contempt! It might be better for him if he is not yet a Christian and truly repents to receive God’s Grace, as we all have done.

    reid has not been caught out in a spiritual trap hatched in the coven world. God has brought light into reid’s life and the light has brought an end to his activies.

  22. A cautionary tale……

    So it seems the Rev Michael Read Pentecostal Charismatic ‘Bishop’ .. was no one special after all, yet he and his ministry had a massive blind following…as a wise man once said..set yourself on a self righteous pedestal and prepare to fall.

    It’s a lesson to all of us….

    Why do so many Christians put their faith in the big preachers and not go directly to God?….here is a story of yet another Charismatic leader who has been caught with his pants down. I learnt along time ago not to follow any man or woman in this world (either in the church or outside the church) or for that matter any particular denomination, sect, new truth/revelation, new blessings or any other group or individual who claims to be a spiritual giant(s)amongst us normal Christians with normal faults and lives.

    In my view it is only weak minded people who need to look up to some kind of Christian leader in awe for their personal faith and direction. It never surprises me that when a big spiritual man/woman falls as often they do, that they take many of their blind followers with them. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and no one else is the lesson. And find out for yourself the truths in the Bible; if you can read! Leave the rest to the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth to you. Don’t depend on any ‘go-betweens’, priest, fathers, ministers, self appointed apostles or prophets, confessors, elders, deacons or counsellors etc.. If you submit to such people you are leaving yourself open for a tumble, if and when they are found wanting. They are no better than you, nor closer to God than you. So why look up to them or depend on them for your faith? ( I look down to no one nor judge anyone one either). God’s grace has given us direct access to God though prayer. And at the end of the day we are all sinners and in need of God’s mercy and grace.

    This is an all to often familiar tale in the Church and one all Christians should take note of…..

  23. Thank you, Simon. I see your point, and indeed I am coming to in it my ongoing review of Reimagining Church. But among the truths that we find in the Bible is that there is a church, a community of believers, with some kind of leadership structure, and you are wrong to put yourself outside that.

  24. Hi Peter,

    I understand the need for fellowship and church community, but the one quality any appointed leaders should have in abundance is humility, and there fore appointed to serve. Not to lord it over others as though they are the special one. The least amongst us should be just as equal to anyone else in the church community. I belong to a local church but i don’t look to the ministers in awe and I use my intelligence, faith and discernment to question what they teach and don’t accept it blindly. I think there is a place for respecting people but not looking up to them.

  25. Peter this experience should serve as a warning to Christians everywhere not to have a blind faith in any person(s) or denomination claiming to be have only real truth. I urge all Christians to check out the blogs below and read some of the witness accounts of first hand experiences. It is quite frightening that people can be so easily be led ( manipulated) in this way without questioning something they seem to have known was not quite right.

    So readers if you have an open mind, read these blogs below; it a warning to all vulnerable and weak minded Christians who follow a particular person(s) or denomination or sect with a blind submissive faith.

    Just like Hitler led millions to do his bidding without question it seems even in these days people can be so easily led without using their intelligence or commonsense; even when they know deep down something is not right. Never be frightened to question what you don’t feel at ease with. And if people don’t listen to you, have the courage to walk away.

  26. The bishop has sinned and will account for it. Yet let us not condemn him on pass judgement on him let us rather pray for him to repent and stop critising like we are the holiest people. God have mercy on us all.

  27. When a person puts themselves on a self righteous pedestal and openly condems others; like gays for example, and that person is in in a postition of Christian leadership, and perhaps led many into false Christian ideas, like shunning for example. They shouldn’t be surprised if they come in for critcism when they are found wanting themselves. (people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones or take the plank out of your own eye before you can see clearly to take the speck of dirt out of your brothers eye both come to mind) However, that is not the point I was trying to make. All Christians should learn from this lesson ,i.e. not to put their faith in any one man or woman or one denomination or sect to such a degree that their personal faith in God depends on that person or denomination or church. We should all have a direct relationship with God through the scriptures and be led by the Holy Spirit. Also to listen to many differnt people both within the Christian Church and outside and take a broad view of life. But also to have the discernment and courage to stand up and be counted or walk away if you feel something is wrong. Knowing you are equal before God as the person who is perhaps putting themselves above you.

    I personally judge no one, as I know I am a sinner who is only saved by the Grace of God. Therefore, I don’t take a self righteous stance nor do I go around condemming others in public.

  28. There has been a lot of publicity regarding fallen leaders recently, including the Bishop and Mr Bentley. Yet there almost seems to be an echo of the world in the reports, almost an enjoyment in seeing people in leadership or in some high position be exposed. Are we so quick to judge and slow to forgive? God rebukes each of us for our good. Each of uss struggle against the word, and sadly many fall by the wayside. But if God’s love never fails, and we are told clearly to forgive or we will not be, to love as God first loved us, should our attitude be different to these brothers and sisters?

  29. I have heard Bishop Micheal Reid when he was in the Middle East on a short visit and he ministered in our church. We should all forgive this great man of god, because our lord and saviour Jesus loves him still.
    The lord hearkns to a repenting heart. King David a man after gods own heart stumbled but repented. Therefore let us not condemen this great man of god but let us all join together and pray for him, so that he may bounce back into the ministry with greater power and anointing of the holy spirit.

  30. Yes we should forgive anyone who sins and truly repents. However, when someone has been in adultery for 8 years with a married christian woman in the church. This is not some small slip, some little hic up, this is consistent falsehood to the congregation and both respective families. Pre-meditated lying and hypocracy. So please Henry get real and take off your rose coloured glasses about letting this ‘great man of God’ return to his ministry. If this man hadn’t been given such power in the first place and his family and friends and congregation hadn’t been so blind, he might not of enjoyed the alleged 8 years of andulterous relationship deceiving the congregation with his double life! My how naieve some of you Christians must be. You don’t let a wolf back amongst the lambs once you have discovered its true identity. Get real man!

  31. I only became aware of this today having undertaken some research the Peniel Church following a service on Sky – Peter you have presented a very balanced and helpful view of a very sad situation – Pastors are ultimately held accountable by God and that is a fearful thing in itself. It is wrong to judge people because as you say ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ but as a Pastor I struggle to understand, not that he fell into sin, but how he ministered for 8 years whilst living in it? I was also greatly saddened to read the accounts of him turning down a £500,000.00 settlement from the church…..I would be in a cave seeking God’s and the congregation’s forgiveness and mercy not a financial settlement

  32. You all have said nothing about the late benson Idahosa who consecrated him a bishop. What do you all know about him, who is he? There are unconfirmed stories about his morality and he seemed to be a great pal of michael reid and the late El- paulk. They all seemed to have issues with tier morality what do you all have to say?

  33. Clara, I know little about Benson Idahosa except that some people I respected in the 1980s considered him a great Christian leader. I don’t think it is helpful at this stage to investigate his morals. He has already gone to be with the only judge who matters for him now. And I expect that he will be justified at that court in the same way as me, not because he is sinless but because Jesus died for him and paid the penalty for his sins. Let’s leave it there.

  34. I have had some brief contact with Pastor Reid in the past. He is a man who at best might be termed ‘controversial’ and at worst, well, considerably worse. Way before news of his 8 year infidelity broke, there were far reaching systemic problems with his ministry.

    In part it is a close clique of people at Peniel who were to blame, too easily putting him on a pedestal. We should remember that many people have had their fingers burnt through contact with Michael Reid. Furthermore, that his infidelity lasted a full 8 years, this was not some minor slip.

  35. I appreciate this is an old topic, but I had often wondered what had happened to Peniel and Mr Reid in particular and so decided to look them up on the internet.

    I was not surprised at the goings on.

    Back in the mid-eighties and ealry nineties I had, on occasions met Reid and knew several members of his “church”.
    On 1 such ocassion I found myself in a car with 2 young lads from Peniel (1 of whom was a very close relation to Reid).
    During the course of the general conversation I moved the discussion on to religion as I was interested to hear their views.
    The conversation was relatively pleasant until 1 of the boys (not the 1 related to Reid) told me Reid was the Son of God, Jesus Christ re-incarnated !
    He held this belief very sincerely and clearly this is what he had been told, since a very young age. No amount of argument, on my part, could disuade him from those views.
    I always felt sorry for the children at that place. Free thinking and free speech was never encouraged.

  36. Greetings in the name of Christ our Saviour.
    Jesus said “Let him who has not sinned throw the first stone” I have just found this site, so am a bit behind the times. I am very sad at all the mud slinging. When Jesus died on the cross for each and every one of us, He went through so many trials and tribulations to cover our sins with HIS BLOOD. All our sins were covered – future as well as past. If we truly believe. All we have to do is cope with the consequences of our sins.
    I suggest you take a look at history. A time line – From Adam onwards. Even King David was a murderer so he could get his hands on a woman who didn’t belong to him. Amazingly Jesus was born to Mary through this line. Where would we all be today if God did not have the Grace to allow His only begotten son to be born to die on a cross as the final sacrifice. May each one of you truly seek our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and ask our Heavenly Father to bless and fill us with The Holy Spirit.

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  39. I am a member of peniel church but. I wish to speak about the issues in the church. The issues are Bishop Michael Reid did commit a sin, but as people do we have the right to condemn him and his wife. I have been in this church close to twenty six years and I have seen many things happened over the years. I recall an incident at church where one of the ushers committed the same sin with a member in the choir. We all know he was a womanizer its is disgraceful that he was made chairman of the trustee’s. I was there to see Archbishop Benson idahosa raise the money to secure a home for the Reid family. Am tired of reading stories that are not true in my local newspaper. The church was eight hundred strong but some week we will have ninety members why is that. We need to be honest has Christians because over half the members has left and form there own meetings in their homes, why is that. Over half the members do not have confidence in the present leadership at peniel church because we changed our name from Michael Reid ministries back to peniel church and now it’s changed again to Trinity church. Is it because one of the church members cousin is the Chaplin to the queen he does not understand what is happening in the church. But now this man is going to run the church. So the leader and the trustee’s decided to call the church trinity and we now know the school will have a name change. please can some say why that is? I here that people say that the leader of peniel church also made mistakes in his life which I can recall, the reason why he was not active in the church for five years, he embezzled church funds. To pay off his bad debt we all know what he had done. And now the church is paying him over £75.000 to ease his money problem. I am very unhappy how this has turned out but I have to tell the truth if we are meant to be children of God. The devil is a liar. I use to enjoy the church when it was at it height. Now it’s lost. Good people have left because the preaching is so bad you feel sleepy as I said we need to forgive and move on. I object to the eviction it’s not good for the church of Jesus Christ how will you feel if it’s was your mother & father. I hope the new leadership will reconsider I will await for either the coming back of Bishop Reid or for God to choose a man who fears God but that is God’s will not the will of man .

  40. Tony, it’s clear that your church has continuing serious problems which need to be dealt with. But the way to deal with them is not to go back to a leader who (as far as I can tell) is an unrepentant sinner. This is not a matter of judging individuals but of using proper discernment and upholding God’s standards of righteousness.

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    Thanking you,
    Yours in His Ministry
    pastor.K.Ratna babu

  42. most but not all of the comments I read here are writen by people that never went to the church, never met the bishop but are just going on hearsay. I suggest that you stop listening to gossip forget thist church and its bishop, and consentrate on your own life.

    listening gosip and spreading hearsay is just as bad as adultry. Instead of delighting yourselves in talking about the sins of others, why not tell us about your sins. I guess you would never do that as you are so perfect

  43. David, I make no claim to be perfect, except in that my sins have been forgiven in Christ. Meanwhile, why are you delighting yourself in talking about the alleged sins of others, of gossip and spreading hearsay, and not telling us about your own sins? I suggest you too concentrate on your own life.

  44. Peter can you please tell me whose sin I have talked about. I did not mention anyones sin. However what I said was instead of talking about other people’s sin. ie Bishop Rieid, talk about your own. I do not need to talk about mine because I do not talk about others. but many on here seem to want to discuss thesins of bishop as if they were so perfect.

  45. Well, David, when you wrote that “listening gosip and spreading hearsay is just as bad as adultry” (I agree!), I thought you were calling them sins, and accusing people writing on this blog of them. And if you don’t call them sins, you imply that adultery is not a sin, which means that we weren’t talking about any sins of the bishop. But I don’t really want to get into a discussion of this here.

  46. Bishops sins like all our sins are between us and God, as far as I am concerned the bible says in 1Jn 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
    1Jn 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    we should learn to forgive as God forgives and move on not open websites to broadcast it to the world. No one opens a website to broadcast their own sins so why do it to others. I do not just mean this site but all webstes that are started to spread gossip.

    Jesus said in Mat 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
    Mat 6:15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

    Mat 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    Mat 7:2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    Mat 7:3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    Mat 7:4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
    Mat 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

  47. plea l one use to helper me paying my school free plea.student post Emmanuel dauda in is bank account 1018171143 in Nigeria. pray for peace and abetter Nigeria

  48. it has give me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth ,just as the father commanded us ,2 john 1;4 do not love the world anything in the world .it anyone love the world ,the love of the father is not in him.the light com for people but the love darkness.are f

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