0 thoughts on “The universe probably isn’t a giant hologram after all

  1. Falling into the transcendental temptation (Kurtz) is almost impossible to avoid.

    Several times daily. Primed as we are. As I am. As a believer. Speaking for myself.

    When I wrote here on your blog – “ mechanics below the Planck length don’t need interpretation” – because the unitary equations work despite and without interpretation, this hologram stuff is one part of what I had in mind. But this article – “no blurriness down to 10^-48 meter. That’s ten trillion times smaller than the Planck length” – whoa. I’m glad they had some fun playing with the idea of encoding 3d volume onto 2d structure – but I guess this new finding only means that it’s good enough to accept an incarnation of Jesus as sufficient for us only on this side of that boundary.

    I’ll let dogmatists turn Jesus back into a flatlander .

    “… Indeed, it’s not at all clear whether it’s even possible for there to be distances shorter than the Planck length, at least not in our current understanding of quantum mechanics …”

    God, in mercy. I thought I was bereft of all reason reading this article – until I came on that sentence. And it’s really, very, nastily – bad – to lose your mind when your mind is not in holographic conjunction with some whole holographic universe. Wherever could you possibly go to find your own lost mind in such a fractured, partial, scaffolded, “we know in part” cosmos? (hint: “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things” – John 14:26).

    So we still don’t know whether we’re just chopping up bits of non-holographic parts and taking out more and more of the trash in our search for God in the Higgs?

    Do we know if Jesus is granular or analogue all the way down?

    And here – look at me – the fool I am, getting accustomed to looking deep, deep, deep into Rupert Murdoch’s eyes and seeing in his very eyes – a holographic Jesus.



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