Thinking Blogger award

Henry Neufeld has given me a Thinking Blogger award. Thinking Blogger award I am apparently one of his “5 Blogs That Make Me Think”. Thank you, Henry!

With this award comes a tag to nominate five more Thinking Bloggers. Well, one of my first candidates would be Henry himself, especially for his recent review of The God Delusion, but he doesn’t qualify because he already has the award. So here are my five nominations:

  1. Jeremy Pierce for Parableman, especially for his long and continuing Theories of Knowledge and Reality series.
  2. Ben Witherington for his often thought-provoking posts.
  3. Eddie Arthur for his fascinating miscellany at Kouya Chronicle.
  4. Suzanne McCarthy for her recently revived Suzanne’s Bookshelf, as well as for her posts (which don’t officially count for this award) at Better Bibles Blog.
  5. Finally, an award to Adrian Warnock, although this is a bit double-edged. I am giving this not so much because he thinks himself, although he does when he is not simply quoting one of his preacher idols, as because by annoying me he makes me think, if only to clarify in my own mind why I disagree with him.

0 thoughts on “Thinking Blogger award

  1. Peter,

    I love this meme, and your response. You are 5 for 5 in listing people I considered nominating and tagging, but I had to do five and no more. I’m glad you tagged them.

  2. Well, Adrian, “preacher idols” was a bit strong. But I am always concerned when I see people quoting as authorities men (or women, of course, but for you it is never women) rather than God and his word. That is the essence of the wrong path that the mediaeval church took. There is always the danger of putting these men before God himself. I’m sure you are aware of this, but I want to keep you on your toes!

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