Todd Bentley: From Restoration to Resurrection Power

In March I reported that Todd Bentley is coming to Dudley, England in July, to minister at Trevor Baker’s Revival Fires venue – which is very much smaller than the NEC to which Revival Fires invited Todd in 2008, before his marriage breakup. But when I wrote in March, and indeed until quite recently, this year’s visit had been announced on Todd’s website but not at the Revival Fires one. There was also no mention of it in the Revival Fires magazine Summer 2011 issue. I can’t help wondering if this was because Trevor is no longer as enthusiastic about Todd as he was in 2008.

But now, I see, this visit has been put on the Revival Fires conferences page, indeed at the top of the page as it is now their next conference. And apparently Trevor and his Revival Fires team will be ministering together with Todd, so they are not just letting him use their venue. More details are given on the page, including the conference title:

From Restoration to Resurrection Power 2011 with Todd Bentley

21 – 23 July 2011, £10 registration per person. Session times are Thu & Fri at 7.30pm and Sat at 10.30am, 2pm, 3.30pm and 7.30pm. Evening meetings are open to all. Held at the ARC.

Todd BentleyCome join with us as Todd shares his process of restoration, which will be followed by resurrection power! Do you want to see the curse of sin, sickness, disease, death and poverty broken? Through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:1) and you can know resurrection power in every area of your life. …

This looks like being an interesting conference. I would like to hear Todd sharing about his process of restoration. It’s not far from our home, but I’m not sure if my wife and I will be free to go.

0 thoughts on “Todd Bentley: From Restoration to Resurrection Power

  1. Todd Bentley talk about his restoration? Are you referring to the one where he divorced his wife one day and married his adulteress the next. Yeah that’s true repentance and restoration isn’t it? It seems that God needs to make a brain where there seems to be no brain. I can’t believe anyone is so dumb as to follow this pagan.

  2. CHarvey, please can you provide evidence for your charges of “adulteress” and “pagan”, or else withdraw them with apologies. I have seen nothing to indicate that Todd and his second wife had sexual relations before their marriage. And you impugn the good name of the pagan religion by suggesting that this professing Christian is in fact one of theirs.

  3. Obviously, you’ve been out of the loop for quite a while Mr. Kirk. Fresh Fire Canada released a statement shortly after things came to light confirming the affair. Yes, Todd and Jess are both adullterers. Whether they had sex or not though it’s apparent they did. You must be out of your mind if you think otherwise after Todd divorced his wife one day and married his mistress the next and then started the restoration process proclaiming he was fully repentant the very next. If he was fully repentant, he would have abandoned the adulteress relationship and tried to work it out with his wife. As far as the charges of paganism, we’re talking about a guy who claims his ministry is guided by the same angel as William Branham. A false prophet and heretic of the early 20th century who denied the Trinity and taught all kinds of other blasphemous doctrine. If you are not bothered by his claim that his ministry is guided by the angel of Branham and that God wants him to get people to believe in the angel, then perhaps you should ask for the angel of Joseph Smith to guide your ministry. When I see such ignorance and idiocy, there’s an old worship song that comes to mind and I can’t help but sing it, “God will make a brain where there seems to be no brain. He works in ways we can not see, he will make a brain for those duped by Todd Bentley.”

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