Todd Bentley revives Florida, and prays for revival in the UK

I linked here in passing to the ongoing revival led by Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida. You can find out what is going on at Todd’s Fresh Fire Ministries site, which includes a page with live video streaming during the meetings, and recordings of previous ones, although the latest recording currently listed (which I have watched part of) is from 5th May.

The site also includes a blog. The latest post includes a report on Thursday evening’s meeting. Here are two extracts, taken from among many testimonies of healing and deliverance:

What can be said that hasn’t already? What God is doing here in Lakeland, FL is simply indescribable and amazing. As we continue to gather each night the presence comes stronger and like never before. …


The line stretches from one side of the arena to the other…

The entire line of over 60 people SLAM TO THE FLOOR!!!



Now I can understand why some people are sceptical about this kind of thing. There are times when I have been. I have only seen a small extract from a recording of this, so I don’t know enough about what is happening to give it an unqualified endorsement. But if it is indeed as I have heard reported by people I know and trust, then this is indeed an exciting new movement, and something we need here in the UK and worldwide.

In a comment on this blog Alastair made this good point:

I get wary when I see talk of “revival” and “outpouring” and “annointing” and “angels” but I hear no talk of repentance of sins and no emphasis on Jesus and his work.

Indeed, so do I. But is this a fair description of what is happening in Florida? I asked a trusted friend who has been watching with a somewhat critical eye. When I heard from him I commented:

I had a reply from my friend who has been following what is happening at Lakeland. He tells me that in the morning meetings, attended by thousands, there is “teaching on sin, repentance, love of the Father, Jesus’ death, resurrection and atonement”. The evening meetings, just as large, are more for testimony and ministry, but “there is always talk of salvation and accepting Jesus as Saviour”. This from someone who is not taking this all in uncritically but watching carefully to see if it is OK. So if you “hear no talk of repentance of sins and no emphasis on Jesus and his work”, it may be because you, like me, have not actually had the full Lakeland revival experience.

19 thoughts on “Todd Bentley revives Florida, and prays for revival in the UK

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  2. I watched some 3 hours of Lakeland and Todd Bentley on God TV last week.

    At one point he said: “the anointing – I used to feel in my hand; now I feel it in my spine – it’s weird”

    That comment stirred my memory, so I did a search on Google and found what I rememebered reading a few years back. The kundalini spirit (occult spirit)is associated with the spine.

    Please beware; I believe there are demonic spirits at work in this revival. Please see my website page:

  3. Brian, you should be ashamed of making attacks like this on named Christian brothers and ministries and targeting them at new Christians.

    I’m sure there are occult spirits associated with every part of the body as they counterfeit every genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit. By your argument the Holy Spirit is unable to do anything because it might be a counterfeit.

  4. Rodger, if the main thing “cheeseburger” has to complain about is being charged a very reasonable $35 for a three day conference, barely enough to cover expenses I would think, and having to wear a wristband, that does seem a bit petty. I don’t approve of excessive commercial exploitation either, but people do have to live, CDs and books cost something to produce and market etc. I do not agree with the “seed offering” teaching, but this was clearly a minor part of what was going on. Unfortunately this young lady seems to have taken offence at this aspect of the conference (as I know many people do) with the result that she was not open to see the real healings and other blessings that were happening around her. And her critical attitude made her unable to accept the fire of the Holy Spirit when it was offered to her. Todd Bentley, like me, is not a perfect instrument for God, but God uses him anyway.

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  6. I have been to two of Todd Bentley’s meetings (Toronto and Saskatoon) and have found the Holy Spirit working in a very powerful way. I can see how some people will find it skeptical. Some people will alway be doubting Thomases until it happens to them.

  7. Thanks, Kevin. Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. I believe these things because they have happened to me, not through Todd Bentley but in similar (but smaller) meetings elsewhere. I can even claim that I have felt the revival fire from my computer screen. I can’t prove that this was objectively true, but I choose to believe that God was touching me through this and I see the fruit of it in my life, in my case in a closer walk with God and a renewed enthusiasm for prayer, as well as in some more personal ways.

  8. I thought Lakeland was connected with the Toronto Vineyard group, the one that was passing off animal noises as the work of the Holy Spirit, maybe about 15 years ago. Am I wrong in that? Have they changed? If this is the same group, then I sincerely hope they’ve changed since that time.

  9. Todd Bentley certainly has links with Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, formerly a Vineyard church, although he is not formally affiliated. But I think you have misunderstood what was and is happening with the animal noises. See this early post of mine and this one.

    I will repeat here from that second post Adrian Warnock’s 1994 advice concerning meetings of this kind:

    attend with a desire to experience God for yourself if all this is genuine. Do not seek phenomena, seek God.

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  12. I was at Lakeland last night May 17th. I’m a born again SPIRIT FILLED believer with the evidence of speaking in tongues.I believe in the POWER of GOD to bring HEALING and DELIEVERANCE.These things come by YAH’s GRACE and MERCY and not by demand,”…can the clay ask the POTTER why have you made me thus?I left 10 minutes after the speaker started.New Believers beware!!! 1Kings 19:9-13 Oh yea,it was’nt because of the tat’s.I have plenty myself.

    Keith Gasperson

  13. Keith, I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say here. If it wasn’t the tats you objected to, what was it? Do you not believe in praying for healing and deliverance because “These things come by YAH’s GRACE and MERCY and not by demand”? If so, what do you do about the evidence that the apostles prayed for healing? Was Peter wrong to tell the lame man to walk in Acts 3:6? If Todd is wrong to “demand” healing, then surely Peter was as well?

    Also, do you think it is fair to judge him on 10 minutes only? It may be enough experience for you to decide personally that you don’t like it, but it is not enough for you to spread evil reports about a brother in Christ.

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  16. I have been watching the Lakeland revival since the beginning and know in my spirit that this is the Holy Spirit at work in Todd Bentley. I am more hungry for Jesus than ever and rejoice for those being healed and touched. My husband also started to watch the meetings and his heart has been softened so much! He had never really experienced the presence of God but now he is hungry for God and to be changed!
    Jesus, when praying for people to be healed, didn’t do it in the way the Sribes and Pharisees expected it to be done.They even said that Jesus was from the devil when He cast out demons. Jesus reply to them, was ‘a house divided itself cannot stand’
    Todd Bentley is full of the Holy Spirit and Jesus is being glorified. I rest my case!

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