Tony Blair and God

Ruth Gledhill has written a follow-up to her piece earlier today about Tony Blair, and so I will also write a follow-up to my earlier post.

Ruth reports what Tony had to say about his former press secretary Alastair Campbell’s infamous words “We don’t do God”. Blair said:

In our culture, here in Britain and in many other parts of Europe, to admit to having faith leads to a whole series of suppositions, none of which are very helpful to the practising politician.

He went into this in more detail, reported by Ruth, finishing with this:

And finally and worst of all, that you are somehow messianically trying to co-opt God to bestow a divine legitimacy on your politics.

So when Alastair said it, he didn’t mean politicians shouldn’t have faith; just that it was always a packet of trouble to talk about it.

Ruth is happy to report that with his new Faith Foundation

he’s not afraid to ‘do God’ now.

But I think she goes over the top in her enthusiasm when she writes:

There’s a vacuum in our national religious leadership at present which badly needs filling, and Tony Blair could be just the man to do it.

Yes, there is such a vacuum, but I don’t see that the public will ever trust Blair enough again to let him fill it.

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  1. I am glad to see this beginning to happen in the UK. Now that Blair is no longer Prime Minister, it’s easier for him to express his faith more openly. What needs to be created is an atmosphere of openness to personal faith in society that is not seen as an intrusion upon another’s personal faith. I think this is a sign of cultural self-confidence in a nation.

    Canada has been slow with politicians “coming out of the closet” in revealing their personal Christian faith. But Canada now has a Prime Minister who is a devout though not outspoken evangelical who attends a Christian & Missionary Alliance Church.

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