Trying to be gentle

Eclexia in a post on her blog, and Doug in a comment here, have rightly taken me to task for a lack of gentleness in my last post. Indeed Eclexia felt intimidated by the way I was arguing. See also my comments in reply to each of them. I’m sorry that I have not lived up to my intentions when I changed the name of this blog. I will try to do better in future!

Also, as I mentioned to Eclexia, my lack of gentleness was more evident on other blogs, but that should be no excuse for failing to show the fruit of the Spirit!

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  1. The blogosphere invites hard edges.

    But, I must say, even as you have questioned me on my blog, I’ve never found your words harsh. The observations may be pointed, but the words never are.

  2. I tried to respond earlier, but my internet connection whacked out and my comment was lost. Please let me say I am very sorry that I communicated the opposite of what I was trying to say. I didn’t feel intimidated by the way that you were arguing and that is what moved me so deeply. I really was affirming and appreciating (though I wish I could have said so succinctly and clearly) that you are reflecting the name of the blog. I’m not the ultimate judge of how well you’re reflecting the fruit of the Spirit, but it feels to me (which is admittedly very subjective) like you and John do show humility and kindness in your disagreements, which I do not always experience in these kinds of dialogues. That is what I was trying to express.
    Also, in light of the fact that you thought I was calling you to task, I want to say that the spirit you responded, both in this post and your comment on my post was truly gracious and neither intimidating nor attacking. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Eclexia. I realised that you were not explicitly taking me to task. Nevertheless I could tell from your tone that you were somewhat pained by the way the discussion was going, and that together with Doug’s comment made me realise that I was not being as gentle as I should be. Thanks for your affirmation, that I was not doing quite as badly as I might have thought.

    Thank you, John. I’m glad you didn’t find me harsh because I realise I have been a bit pointed in comments on your blog.

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