"We should not let our disappointment be the father of our theology"

The words of this entry’s title are from a talk by Rob Rufus at a New Frontiers conference, as reported by Adrian Warnock. Indeed,

We should ask God to lift our lack of experience to the level of the Bible rather than bend the Bible to our experience.

Do read the rest of this short report, and let your faith be encouraged!

This reminds me that the disagreements I have with some New Frontiers teachings are very small compared with the great things which we share, such as our salvation and fellowship with Christ, the gospel message, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the assurance of living with God for ever. So in this blog when I discuss other Christian traditions I will try to focus on the positive things I find in them.

I will finish for now with some more of Adrian’s words about Rob’s talk:

We must have a heart for the lost. God loves the lost. We have to ask ourselves as Rob said God asked him – “Why do you want My power to be manifested?” Bring the hopeless cases to church and expect God to act!

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