What kind of political animal are you?

I thank the Church Times blog for a link to SUSA, which is a new initiative “led by Bible Society with support from 24-7 Prayer” with the vision

To encourage and equip Christians in the UK to become more extensively and effectively engaged in politics and government.

On the SUSA front page you can take a light-hearted quiz “What kind of political animal are you?”, with questions which allow readers to

create your virtual cabinet and find out how your faith and politics match up!

I took the test, with questions which really made me think, for example about how far it is the government’s job to uphold moral standards. I ended up with a personal “cabinet” consisting of Tony Blair, Che Guevara and Bono! Presumably my views are supposed to line up with theirs. I also received a report complete with cute cartoons of my cabinet members, as well as with a personalised list of recommended resources – you may be able to see it here.

But, better than reading my report, take the test for yourself – and let me know in the comments who is in your cabinet.

0 thoughts on “What kind of political animal are you?

  1. Peter

    this is a good one. I note Tony Blair is down as liberalising things. There may be some truth in that, as long as you don’t hold more than lightly to the Christian or indeed many other faiths!

    My own cabinet was Wilberforce, Oliver Cromwell andd Mother Theresa. I guess I am less enamoured of Cromwell – given his apparent tendency to use force to inpose his will. In a work situation I was once described a too much a gentleman – force is not exactly me! Obstinacy may be.

  2. Thanks, Colin. I am not exactly enamoured of Tony Blair, or indeed with the kind of Christian faith shown by any of my cabinet members. But then I judge politicians not so much on their faith as on their policies.

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