What's my eschatology?

ElShaddai Edwards recommended yet another theology quiz, this time What’s your eschatology? Well, I know my eschatology is somewhat confused. I used to be a premillenialist but without believing in a rapture before or during the tribulation. But my position has gradually been changing to something more on the lines of Moltmannian eschatology, to which ElShaddai provides a useful introduction. I studied some Moltmann years ago at London Bible College, and perhaps more of it rubbed off than I realised. But this also ties up with the kind of position I was looking at in my post on the book Breakthrough. So here are my results, based on quite a number of answers in the middle of the spectrum to questions which I could not really answer:

What’s your eschatology?
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You scored as Moltmannian EschatologyJürgen Moltmann is one of the key eschatological thinkers of the 20th Century. Eschatology is not only about heaven and hell, but God’s plan to make all things new. This should spur us on to political and social action in the present. 

Moltmannian Eschatology
Left Behind

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  1. I too was interested to learn more about Moltmann’s eschatological positions. I generally score as an amillennialist and try to advocate Kingdom living in the here and now. The description of Moltmann’s Spirit-focused Kingdom kerygma resonated strongly with me. Esteban’s endorsement sealed it for me and I’ll probably be looking to pick up one of Moltmann’s books. I’m still interested in Breakthrough as well, so thanks for posting that link again!

    P.S. I do want to clarify that the Moltmann text in my original post is simply quoted from this site and is not any original content on my part.

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