Which Calvin has the better theology?

John CalvinCalvinIn case anyone is confused, the Calvin I was referring to in my post Calvin, Preacher of Legalism is the Reformer of Geneva, left, not the cute cartoon boy, right. But I’m not sure there is much to choose between their theologies as put into practice. One was profound but toxic, the other wrong but harmless.

Thanks to Jeremy Myers for informing me on the boy’s theology:

Calvin's theology

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  1. Thank you, Jeremy. I must say I thought you were making the link, with a deliberate wordplay, and perhaps raising the issue of whether John Calvin’s theology was more like Jesus’ or Hitler’s. Or am I reading too much into your throwaway line? But I would counter that John Calvin didn’t live and act according to his theology, as you say Jesus and Hitler did, but quite specifically went against what he had written against the death penalty for heresy – see my previous post on Calvin.

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