Why does Todd Bentley inspire such hatred?

Why does every mention of Todd Bentley, on this and other blogs, inspire such hatred? Why are there always some professing Christians who respond with such vituperative language? For example, early today I received here the following comment, which I did not approve:

Peter Kirk – You can rot in hell where you belong for being exactly what you are a self righteous hypocrite who supports liars, adulterers, thieves, deceivers such as Todd Bentley and friends

And that was all because I had asked that commenter to provide evidence to back up allegations made in a previous comment which I did not approve. While I accept that Todd has done wrong, I am not endorsing listing him among “liars, adulterers, thieves, deceivers”.

And then I found this from another commenter on another blog:

Todd Bentley is a FRAUD
Todd Bentley has committed FRAUD

What will you try to convince people of next Mr. Kirk?
That the holocaust never happened?

Again this was prompted by a request for evidence in my previous comment:

I “question the fact [your word] that Todd Bentley has committed fraud” because I have seen not one jot of evidence to suggest this. I would remind you of the biblical commands not to make accusations without two or three witnesses, and not to spread malicious gossip.

The commenter still did not provide a jot of evidence of the alleged financial fraud. Neither he nor I may appreciate Todd’s fundraising techniques, but that does not make them fraudulent. There doesn’t seem to be anything illegal in the arrangements reported by Rick Hiebert, suggested elsewhere as indicating fraud. So in the absence of any evidence to the contrary we must assume Todd’s financial affairs to be legal. But presumably in this absence of evidence the commenter thought he could prove his point by SHOUTING and associating me with holocaust deniers (see Godwin’s Law).

And these two are just a small selection of what has been directed at me personally, not to mention what has been directed at Todd, his friend, and anyone who has been seen as lukewarm in condemning his sins – not just the admitted ones but the ones alleged with no evidence.

Perhaps the explanation is in this comment from Will:

Things are getting a but demonic here,
first off we are not to attack one another this is not lifting Jesus,

Secondly you shall not receive a rebuke against an elder unless it be in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses.this is not in an email form but personally. …

Indeed, Will, and thanks for supporting me. I’m sure the demons are having a field day with discussions like this, laughing aloud as they watch Christians tearing one another down and apart. These are the same ones who rejoiced in their victory of ending God’s work in the Lakeland revival, by the ancient means of sexual temptation. Now they want to destroy the fruit which came from it (people are still publishing testimonies of healing at Lakeland, such as this one from a rock star who was healed: “oddly enough, ever since I went to the dude Todd Bentley that everyone is saying is a healer; my back has been feeling better”). And they want to destroy any possibility of Todd repenting and being restored to ministry. So these demons stir up hatred within Christians, or within those who call themselves Christians but are actually in their control, and incite them to, among other things, write hate-filled blog posts and comments.

The biblical authors Peter and James tell us to resist the devil who seeks to devour us, and he will flee from us (James 4:7, 1 Peter 5:8-9). On this basis I have been responding to many of the negative comments about Todd with positive truth. But Paul teaches us not to give the devil a foothold in our lives (Ephesians 4:27). So I will not allow on this blog comments filled with hate, or with unsubstantiated allegations, against Todd or against anyone else including myself. Please don’t waste your time trying to post them. I will also no longer respond to such posts and comments on other blogs, unless I decide that it is important to do so in a particular case.

I pray that those who are commenting negatively about Todd will be filled anew with God’s love and compassion even for those who have fallen into sin, and will start to write and speak only positively and in accordance with God’s love.

And I pray that Todd will turn away from his inappropriate relationship, repent of all his sins, and seek reconciliation with his wife and children – and that Shonnah will be filled with love and forgiveness as they try to work this out together. I look forward to the day when Todd will be restored to a ministry which will be even more powerful than we have seen at Lakeland.

PS The Official Todd Bentley Facebook Fan Page, which I linked to here and here, seems to have disappeared from Facebook. I wonder if this is a temporary glitch, or if the administrators decided that it was too much work keeping this free of the same kinds of negative comments which I am discussing in this post. There is still an unofficial fan page, which is attracting some negative comments but is probably not being read by Todd, and his Myspace page is still available. There is no sign yet of the promised new joint statement by Todd and Rick Joyner.

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  1. While I think there are a number of reasons one might oppose Todd Bentley, one major reason there is so much hatred and anger is that those who hate are actually uncertain of their own spiritual experience.

    If Todd Bentley has done good, I rejoice. It doesn’t diminish me, or you, or anyone else involved in ministry. If it is wrong and harm is being done, we need to discover this and deal with it appropriately.

    Anger and hatred indicates that there is something going on other than a desire to correct errors; someone is feeling threatened.

    If anyone reading this feels hatred toward Todd Bentley, I’d suggest taking a look at your own spiritual life and focus on that. If you are simply correcting what you see as errors, that’s another matter. Suggesting that someone “rot in hell” falls into hatred, not Christlike correction.

  2. Thank you, Henry. I’m sure you are right. Perhaps many of these are people who were once enthusiastic about Lakeland and feel confused and betrayed. I don’t blame them for that, but it does not justify their response.

  3. Peter, more has come out since you posted this.

    It’s not verified to my satisfaction, nor do I doubt to yours, however, we’ve known it was only a matter of time.

    We are not responsible for how others respond, we are responsible for our response, thousands of people have been hurt.

    A lot of money and power is at stake, and there is no honour among thieves.

    Again I ask: Where did the money go?
    To whom and how much?

    The latest will genuinely grieve you.
    This is similar to Bakker/Falwell, or Swaggart/Gorman.

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  5. Bene, can you give a link to any new revelations in the last twelve hours? I thought maybe there was something at your blog. I would like to see anything that is not pure speculation, although I will only link to verifiable material.

    Perhaps you are referring to the latest post at End Time Prophetic Words, but I would like to see some details of “This letter has been verified as being 100% authentic”, and some explanation of why a personal letter has been published but only apparently on a hostile blog. But I doubt if this was made up by Miriam, because it expresses a consistent story by Todd which Miriam has failed to understand, that he legally separated from Shonnah in July 2008 and only after that started an inappropriate relationship with another woman.

  6. Peter,

    Perhaps this will help clarify what those suspecting “fraud” on Mr. Bentley’s part mean.

    Indeed, Mr. Bentley’s decision to work through a private company instead of a charity would neither be illegal nor immoral.

    If you refer, however, to what I witnessed in person, namely the tales of “Pentecostal handshakes” and Mr. Bentley soliticing donations in his pockets, in the pages of his Bible, on his lectern, that could be a problem. He referred, in my hearing, to doing this several times. *If*, and I emphasize if, Mr. Bentley were to be dishonest and not properly account for these donations by putting it through the system of his charity, he could use it as undeclared personal income. Not that he would, of course, but the temptation would certainly be there. This would perhaps be at least morally dishonest, if not legally wrong.

    A private company alone would have fewer institutional protections against being dishonest.

    That was what I was trying to explain. I am trying to be careful in distinguishing between what could happen and what has happened, in an attempt to be fair. I think it appropriate, however, to suggest that more safeguards are better than less here.

    Thanks for your time…

  7. Peter:

    Oh sorry, no, not at my blog.
    Didn’t mean to give you a runaround.
    Not putting it up, I do want you to be aware. FYI.
    Miriam knows her stuff, has a wealth of denominational contacts you don’t.

    What she posted could be primary, who knows? She hasn’t verified, and given her audience she doesn’t have the burden to do so.
    You and Miriam don’t strike me as the sort who would be willingly played. If she’s gets conned she certainly has the character to say so.

    It’s wise to hold off until her sources are revealed.

    Ideally Rick, Caleb or another reputable up to speed journalist would be given access, however that isn’t how this sub-culture works and that’s too bad.

  8. Rick, thank you for the clarification, and the confirmation that what you wrote was not evidence of fraud. Actually I don’t see any moral dishonesty in accepting direct donations in this way if it is not against the law – an issue which would vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction I think.

    Bene, I still consider it unethical for Miriam or anyone else to post private letters without permission, or to post published material without an indication of how it was published. She has now written in a comment that “It was an ‘open’ letter to some degree among certain folk in Todd’s circles”. Well, maybe, but if there was a real intention to publish it why have Todd or Rick not published it? Possibly they have, but not anywhere that I can yet find.

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  10. A more pertinent question, to me, is why Todd Bentley inspires so much interest – especially in you.

    In the last year, Peter, you have written sixty-three posts with the tag ‘Todd Bentley’. This seems a little excessive to me. I really appreciate most of what you write on your blog, but I must admit that I’ve given up reading any of the Todd Bentley posts.

  11. Tim, I don’t blame you, if you are not interested in Todd. But a lot of people are, as I can tell from my statistics. And many of them are writing a lot of nonsense about him. By contrast, most of my other posts, even on controversial subjects, attract few readers or commenters. I don’t blog to get attention, but I don’t want to bore people by writing posts which no one reads.

    I could ask why you blog so much about folk music. I am not particularly interested, but you are, and presumably some of your readers are, so go ahead!

  12. The comparison is not valid, Peter, because folk music is not an individual person. If I had written sixty-three posts with ‘Kate Rusby’ tags, that would be a valid comparison.

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  15. Jesus never told us to love demons but to rebuke them and cast them out. And Todd Bentley is a demon possessed person besides being a sorcerer, a liar, a deceiver, and a thief. Any true Christian would say to Todd – MT 16:23 “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

  16. Susan, Jesus taught us by example to love demon possessed people, which included casting demons out of them. So we are obliged to love Todd Bentley whatever he is like. As for your accusations against him, please provide evidence or withdraw them.

  17. I have more I would like to say, but since its kind of late where I am located, I will save that for another time.

    However, I just had to comment on the commenter who asked why so many of your posts are focused on Todd. Did he really ask that question? Isn’t this your blog to write about whatever topic you please? If the reader didn’t like it, why did he keep visiting and reading?

  18. Rain, it is of course for me to decide what to write about. But I am also happy to receive feedback from my regular readers, many of whom are also my friends, about what they are interested in, and what they are not.

    I look forward to your further comments on the topic of this post.

  19. I was watching this video today and thought i’d share it with every one on this blog,,,, Listen carefully to the message , I believe this is full proof of Todd Bentley,,,, this video exposes who he really is…..


    The title is “Todd Bentley – After the heart of God”
    if the link doesn’t work , just google video it, if your wondering who’s side i’m on ? TODD OR GOD? then you’ve already made your judgement , and that thought should put the fear of the Lord into you, for we will all be judged as we judge,,,, i’ve wept for todd bentley as i prayed for him , did you shed one tear??? did you even pray that he would be restored to God??? God Loves him just as much as he loves you and me, what if God looked at you the way YOU look at Todd Bentley?? is there mercy??? “””SELA””” where will you appear after you pass from this life, he who hates his brother is a murderer , I think we are known by our love , why is satan called the Accuser , and Jesus ever lives to make intercession, whats the difference??? maybe what i have read in this blog , and the way i write shows that its not about being on this side or that side , but simply treating others the way you want to be treated , because in reality thats the way it is and thats the way it will be , i’m a far greater sinner than Todd bentley , but Gods mercy allows me to still love and be forgiven so i could forgive , Jesus I love you with all my heart , thank you for giving me this chance to write before your eyes, for every one who sinned by slander or hate lies or any form that i know i have done in the past , please forgive us and wash us in your precious blood , make us clean in your presence , so we can share in your great mercy and love , thank you for forgiving us , thank you for giving us a heart after yours. SELA

  20. Chris, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I don’t have time to watch a 50 minute video of Todd at the moment. But I am really pleased at your attitude towards Todd, that you are weeping for Todd as you pray for him and asking God to restore him.

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