Wow! Benedict + Antichrist = Explosion of blog stats

Welcome to thousands of new readers of this blog!

Perhaps I should have anticipated your arrival. Linking “Pope Benedict” and “Antichrist” in the title of a blog post has brought you here, it seems. Yesterday this post attracted 2143 views, and today already at 6 pm that total has been surpassed with 2267 views. The well over 3000 total visits to the blog on each of these two days dwarfs my regular 200-300 visits per day.

And all this without me making any suggestion that Pope Benedict is the Antichrist, indeed I wrote the opposite! I am not a Roman Catholic, but I have a lot of respect for His Holiness.

Of course one problem with this is that it has attracted a few people commenting with their own theories of which individual the Antichrist might be. That was not the point of my post at all. Rather, I was suggesting that there is not and will not be any single figure called the Antichrist, as suggested by 1 John 2:18.

In fact the great majority of you new visitors reached me from just one site, Spirit Daily, apparently a Roman Catholic news site which linked to my post.

0 thoughts on “Wow! Benedict + Antichrist = Explosion of blog stats

  1. You’re in the big time now, Peter. All that name dropping really pays off. I think you should change your blogs name to “True Witness.” 😉 Didn’t this happen once before with Tony Blair?

    I think I’m going to try this…

  2. No, Tony Blair was a relative damp squib at 487 views so far. Then my statistics don’t go back quite that far so that misses the initial burst of enthusiasm. Here are my top 11 posts and pages in terms of views since last August or whenever it was I enable statistics:

    Pope Benedict, Bible scholars, and the A 5,103
    About Peter Kirk 1,563
    Do not read Adrian’s blog any more 837
    The Maltese Cross, or the Christian one? 823
    What “qaya” means 823
    Why is Easter so early this year? 725
    About Gentle Wisdom 721
    Augustine’s mistake about original sin 697
    Mark Driscoll: “I murdered God”, “God ha 575
    Complementarianism: Sola Scriptura or So 515
    Blair the Antichrist? 487

    Until yesterday “Why is Easter so early this year?” looked like becoming my number one post before Easter, at a steady 20-30 views per day. But now it won’t make that top spot, although it will very likely soon be at number 2, disregarding the static pages.

  3. I may have contributed toward making the increase a slight amount more than it may have been. I discovered this week that I never put up a link to your blog in my sidebar, and I remedied that. I’m heavily-linked because of my presence in many group blogrolls, so I know a link from me has a noticeable if not huge effect on Google rankings of those I link to. It doesn’t account for very much of this, I’m sure, but it may have increased your Google rankings in general just enough that some more people saw your post in their searches than otherwise might have.

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