The Kingdom New Testament: N.T. Wright's new title

N.T. WrightI thank commenter Jonathan for alerting me to an interesting change in the title of N.T. Wright’s forthcoming version of the New Testament. The book title previously announced, including here at Gentle Wisdom, was:

The King’s Version: A Contemporary Translation of the New Testament

Now it has become the following, on the publisher’s product page:

The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation

The publication date has also been pushed back from 27th September 2011 to 29th November 2011. (Update, 3rd September: publication date is now given as 25th October 2011. Still not mention of it as

Available from The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation.

The old title had come in for quite a lot of criticism, for example in comments on the linked post at Better Bibles Blog. The new one, it seems to me, is much better. Any comments?

5 thoughts on “The Kingdom New Testament: N.T. Wright's new title

  1. Tim, I don’t really know. But there is more speculation in the same direction, and perhaps some relevant information, on the Better Bibles Blog post that I linked to.

  2. A little better. At least it avoids the unfortunate implication that NT thinks he is the king. I still think it’s a bit daft though. And is it really right to give a one-man project the status of a “translation”? I know it’s technically correct, but it is trying to set it alongside the big scholarly projects like NIV and NRSV.

  3. Charlie, there is a long tradition of one man and one woman translations of the Bible, or of the New Testament. So I don’t think we can really complain at the name. I doubt if anyone will take it as a real competitor to the big name translations. I suppose it depends on how HarperCollins markets it. They are a secular company so they will probably go for what brings them most profit. But they own Zondervan as well so they won’t want to hurt NIV.

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