Apologies to Robert Ricciardelli: it wasn't him gossipping about Todd Bentley

I wish to apologise to Robert Ricciardelli of Vision Advancement Strategies, a member of the International Coalition of Apostles led by Peter Wagner, for accusations I have made against him on this blog, and in comments elsewhere.

Certain comments were made on this blog in September 2008 in Robert’s name which purported to reveal private information about Todd Bentley and the woman with whom he has admitted an inappropriate relationship. Some of these comments have recently been picked up and quoted by another blogger, and linked to elsewhere including here.

Both in September and again in comments on the recent posts, I accused Robert of spreading gossip about Todd. But now Robert (in comment 84 here) has denied making the comments in his name in September, and has reported that someone else has been making inappropriate comments in his name.

It is clear that the imposter posting in Robert’s name is sinning by doing so, bearing false witness in putting Robert’s name on his comments even if the reports are true, as well as spreading unverifiable private information, i.e. gossip, presumably with malicious intent against both Todd and Robert.

It also now seems clear that the genuine Robert Ricciardelli is not spreading gossip. So I now apologise to him and to anyone else reading this for suggesting that he might be, and withdraw any comments to that effect.

I have deleted from my blog the comments apparently made by the imposter and my responses to them. This refers to comments on this post, also some on this more recent one. Since my post “Thoughts on Todd Bentley, healing, and the dead being raised” (dated 20th September 2008) was primarily a response to the comments on an earlier post in Robert Ricciardelli’s name, and several other comments were made in his name on this post, I have deleted the post and all its comments.

I don’t know if the information in the deleted comments is true or false. I do know that it is personal information about two people who are not currently in public ministry, and that it has been reported by someone who has been proved a false witness for misrepresenting their own identity. I would therefore urge bloggers, indeed all Christians, to avoid repeating or giving any credence to this information. The name of Todd’s lady friend has I think never been revealed by any reliable source. And in the absence of any verifiable evidence to the contrary everyone should accept Todd’s own statement that the inappropriate relationship between him and her started in July 2008.

19 thoughts on “Apologies to Robert Ricciardelli: it wasn't him gossipping about Todd Bentley

  1. Miriam, are you the same person I have been interacting with as “endtimespropheticwords”? See my comment #90 on the post you link to. There I have written:

    Robert wrote that he has not posted anything since August. That clearly implies that he is repudiating the comments made in his name which you dated to September. I admit to not being certain which comments were actually made by Robert …, but since many of them were not and he regrets making others I have chosen to act as if none of them were in fact genuine.

  2. Yes I am 🙂

    Robert wrote that he has not posted anything since August. That clearly implies that he is repudiating the comments made in his name which you dated to September.

    But that difference was explained in my comment to you on my site. Did you not see it? You will note too that he specifically verified my comments and the comments on your site that I had linked to!

  3. Miriam, I did not see in Robert’s words any specific confirmation that he had made the comments in question. He is perhaps not sure exactly what he said when. Very likely the name which you have been giving is correct (there is independent evidence of that from Myspace etc) and he knows it, but isn’t sure whether he actually wrote in a comment. What he is clear about is that he didn’t give the bad information about the NAR leaders.

  4. Hi Folks – just a quick message regarding the true identity of ‘Miraim Franklin’ of endtimespropheticwords (ETPW) as discussed above.

    It seems the ‘prophetess’ is not in fact who she seems… Unfortunately we are witnessing hypocrisy and duplicity on an unbelievable scale I’m afraid…

    For example, the prophetess says..
    “The charlatans a-plenty who do not fear man, God or Beast are out to fleece the vulnerable and undiscerning for every last dime… Then there are the more sinister ones who intentionally prey like vultures – …who disguise themselves as angels of light… Satan knows scripture, (and very well), albeit he twists it for his own ungodly purposes. He is a good counterfeiter, looks, walks and talks almost like a real Christian.”

    But the important question is.. who is the prophetess Miriam Franklin? Is she for real – or is she in fact the epitomy of all that she so loudly denounces?

    I challenge you Miriam to deny that you are in fact Rosalind Miriam Franklin, of Liskeard, Cornwall, currently awaiting trial in the UK on multiple charges of deception and fraud in your other persona as the corrupt owner of Diggory Press / Exposure Publishing / Meadow Books / Kingdom Come Publishing and associated businesses – where you also loudly proclaim your ‘Christianity’ whilst at the same time ruthlessly defrauding unsuspecting clients?

    Interested parties should follow this link for documented evidence of her deceptive activities, including nearly 100 personal complaints – as well as articles from The Times / Private Eye / The Guardian etc..


    I also challenge you ‘Miriam’ (Rosalind) to deny that you regularly employ dozens of false identities, and that you are in fact the origin of many of the supportive posts on various internet blogs as well..? Curious researchers should check out the IP addresses..

    Sorry for the let-down folks, but it seems the brazen hypocrisy and deviousness of this woman knows no bounds.

  5. I just retrieved from my spam box and approved Stephen’s comment. I have no knowledge, beyond the evidence presented, whether the charges in the linked page are genuine or if Miriam Franklin of End Time Prophetic Words is the same person as the accused Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin. The evidence I looked at does seem to indicate a strong case against Miriam Franklin, but I would be interested in any different information on this matter. I had already understood enough about Miriam Franklin that I knew she was not to be trusted.

  6. Stephen Mannings account about Miriam Franklin DOES look damning I agree. However I have just turned up an even more damning account, with links of evidence, of Stephen Mannings own spurious character. The whole saga seems to be a blatant smear campaign, and not the first.
    Check out ‘truth and lies, smears and tears.wordpress’

  7. Disgusted, I don’t know what to think, and I don’t have time to look into this especially as you have failed to give me a link to the evidence you found. Of course I could wonder if you are in fact Miriam Franklin or someone linked to her. I can’t be bothered to check your IP address to see if I can find a link.

  8. Peter I COULD be Miriam Franklin, but before God, I AM NOT.
    I DO go to her site sometimes like I do to yours and others.

    I don’t know how to link, but a google of the address I put in brings up the link. It DID shock me to discover it. I am not on anybody’s side, but HATE unfairness whoever the victim may be. Blog owners are rather in the firing line, and I would be just as anxious to be fair minded if it were you who were the object of discredit.

    There IS a lot of ‘cloak and dagger’ stuff being used and it’s making me not want to blog any more, anywhere, which is sad. In four years I have not come up against such a dreadful saga as this one.

    Anyway, on a lighter note, I wish you and Lorenza a wonderful life together. Congratulations!

  9. Disgusted, I am trying to be fair minded. Stephen has suggested that Miriam is not to be trusted. He may be right. You have suggested that Stephen is not to be trusted. You may be right. Since you say you are not Miriam, I believe you. I really don’t want to get involved further. But I would like to say that some of what Miriam writes, on her end time prophetic words blog, is not characterised by proper Christian love.

    Thanks for the congratulations.

  10. Thank you, Sleuth. I have no idea on what basis this article calls Miriam “major” and Patsy/Rahab “minor”. For the point of Stephen Manning’s post it is irrelevant that he is a Moonie (if this is true) or has elsewhere used academic titles he is not entitled to (if this is true). Miriam’s criticisms of Todd Bentley are NOT just, at least many of them are not, because they are based on unsubstantiated gossip. It seems that there is a lot of mud being thrown around by several different people including yourself. I don’t know how much is genuine and I don’t want to waste time finding out. All of you need to show a bit more Christian love to one another.

  11. (I apologise in advance for the directness of this post, as copied from another site..) STM

    For any serious researchers seeking the facts and the truth (who are not Mrs Rosalind Franklin posting in disguise once again)..

    Please see:



    For direct questions please feel free to email me at stmphd@mail.com

    Kind regards – yes, even to Mrs Franklin (or whomever she is pretending to be / not to be, at present)..

    Stephen Manning

    Oh by the way; perhaps Mrs Franklin will explain why she has attempted to block my IP address from accessing these latest cloned ’sleuthfortruth’ websites – especially since WordPress.com pulled her blog there due to contravention of the libel and defamation laws..?

    Do you really think these other service providers are going to facilitate your rantings in spite of all the evidence Rosalind?

    You’re tenacious – I’ll give you that. But tenacity is only a virtue when it is bonded with righteousness. Otherwise (as in this case) it is simply calculated and narcissistic arrogance, and contempt for what is right and true… not very ‘Christian’ traits, right?

    Unless you are planning to do a runner before the trial in March 2010, I really can’t understand your tactics here.. unless you simply can’t help yourself – because I can assure you I am not going away…

    I reiterate; you will not succeed in bullying or intimidating me – nor undermine my resolve by attacking me in your various deceptive guises.

    Whatever you do to try to blacken my character and motives – I will absorb it, and still be there in Court in March 2010 to confront you with the truth – and as I’ve said many, many times before – the more you attack me unjustly – the stronger my resolve. So please feel free to keep it up Mrs Franklin..

    By the way – I’ve copied the whole of the bravenet site as evidence of defamation and cyber-stalking – thank you for that. It will be interesting to see what the Judge makes of your counterclaim in this regard now..

    On a parallel note; it would also be interesting to know what Jesus thinks of your behaviour too..? Any comments?

    Have a nice day..!

  12. Stephen, I will allow your comment. But please can both sides now stop using this comment thread as a forum for exchanging claims which I am unable to verify or falsify. In other words, this discussion is now closed.

  13. On reflection Peter I leave the above post to your ‘Gentle Wisdom’ as to making it a private or a live comment. After all HIS PERFECT LOVE CASTETH OUT ALL FEAR.

  14. Sylvia, I unapproved your first comment. I will accept your word that you, “Disgusted”, are not Miriam Franklin. I do not know and am not very interested in whether the allegations against here, and against Stephen, are true or not.

  15. Hi Peter..

    Just for the record – ‘Disgusted’ and ‘Inquisitor’ are indeed pseudonyms of Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin – and therefore, so probably is ‘Sylvia’..

    I would imagine this can be proven by checking the IP addresses – unless of course they are cloaked using ‘anonymous’ masking software – which in itself should I hope raise some suspicions..?

    Interested parties should check out http://checkpoint.ie/roguesgallery.html for the evidence..

    Sorry to drag you folks into this..

    I’ll take my leave now,

    Kind regards


  16. For the record, Stephen, the IP address used by Sylvia and by “Disgusted” is in Florida. In the comment I did not allow “Disgusted” identified herself as Sylvia Green and stated that she lived in Florida. The only partial verification I have of this is the IP address which, as you say, is not conclusive evidence.

    The last time Miriam Franklin (or someone using that name) commented here, in January this year, it was from a different IP address, which to my surprise came us as in Keighley, Yorkshire, UK (but that may be an ISP’s location, not Miriam’s home).

    Stephen, your IP address comes up as in Mayo, Ireland.

    This conversation is now closed.

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