Best Bible poll; British and American Bible differences

For the first time for a long time I have actually posted something on this blog every day for a week. That was not a deliberate decision so much as an indication that I have not been too busy with other things. Next week may well be busier, but I will try to keep posting at least several times a week.

But today’s post is only a pointer to posts elsewhere, because that is what I have been busy with today: I have posted twice to Better Bibles Blog.

First, I posted about the UnSpun Best English Bible Translation poll. This gives you the chance to vote for which Bible translations you like – and don’t like. Follow the link to cast your vote.

Then I posted something which I had meant to write for some time, on British and American Bible version differences. I have found some differences between American and Anglicised editions, in more than just spelling, apart from the well known one between “rooster” and “cock”. Again, follow the link to read more.

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