TTLB Ecosystem Confusion

I seem to have been evolving quickly through the TTLB Ecosystem, which seems to be a fun way of ranking blogs. Only a couple of days ago I was still on the bottom rung as an “Insignificant Microbe”. But by yesterday I had jumped five places up N.Z. Bear’s evolutionary ladder to “Slimy Mollusc”. And today I am one step higher still, a “Flippery Fish”. Why the sudden change?

Well, until yesterday, except for a blip last week, TTLB had not recognised any incoming or outgoing links on this blog. But apparently TTLB picked up fourteen incoming links yesterday, and another nine today. Maybe this is in response to a support ticket and an e-mail which I sent to N.Z. Bear, although I have had no explicit response. But my links still don’t appear on the spiral charts for this blog. Perversely, however, the incoming links do appear on the spiral for my old blog although the links, or at least most of them, are actually to this one. My outgoing links don’t seem to appear anywhere. By contrast, Threads from Henry’s Web, a “flappy bird”, has 58 blogs with incoming links and 124 with outgoing links. The latter include six links to my old blog but none to this one – although I can see for myself on his front page three links to this blog but none to the old one.

Perhaps I need to make another support call to find out why my outgoing links are not being recorded at all, and my incoming ones are being diverted to my old blog. Well, I’ll try sending N.Z. a link to this post.

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  1. For some reason I have returned to “Insignificant Microbe” status. That is despite TTLB picking up more incoming links, up to 25 today. The TTLB Ecosystem seems to be in total confusion. Perhaps it is being disrupted by global warming, or has suffered a catastrophic impact like the one said to have put paid to the dinosaurs.

  2. I have a feeling that TTLB’s servers just can’t handle the strain, so they’ve been timing out for a while now. That’s my guess. Whatever the cause of it all, I know for a fact that what TTLB claims about my blog doesn’t reflect what’s actually there (Outgoing links, for instance). 🙂

  3. I think TTLB has been working on its system. My number of daily hits has been static for nearly two weeks. There are now some posts listed; also some inbound links (although not a very complete set). But the spiral diagram of inbound links has disappeared, and so has the complete tab for outbound links. Hopefully this will all be sorted out in due course. Meanwhile I am back up to “flippery fish”, which is probably about where I should be by comparison with the other blogs I know well.

  4. I found this blog on a Google search for help with the TTLB Ecosystem. I am having problems, too, and guess what? I have not gotten replies to my requests for help either.

    I was stuck on Flappy Bird, #3909, for literally months. Then, a few days ago, I jumped to #2641, Adorable Little Rodent. Only problem: When I click on the link on my blog status widget, it takes me to the Flappy Bird, #3909 page! So now I don’t know if I’m actually #2641, or still #3909.

    And The Bear does not answer his support tickets. Ever.

  5. Thanks, Kathy. I’m afraid I can’t help you. All I can say is that today I have gone back to being an Insignificant Microbe (no, “a Insignificant Microbe”, Bear can’t even get his grammar right) although my statistics are unchanged.

  6. There’s an update period every day during which inaccurate information displays. Once the update is complete, it’s accurate for that day. I don’t know when this is, but I think it’s early enough in the morning in California that it’s during the middle of the day in the U.K. That may not be the problem at all, but I know that during that time you’ll get contradictory information coming out of the ecosystem until the update is done.

    He doesn’t respond to requests. That’s for sure. I had a very simple request for him that I emailed him about every few months for at least a year and a half. All it involved was changing my URL, something the automated help features didn’t allow because the old URL was dead, and it all worked based on finding the site and then updating based on code you put at the site. You can’t do that if the URL goes nowhere.

    He never responded to my requests or did it. Eventually one of his major updates to the site allowed me to fix the problem by adding my blog under my personal domain name and then adding the real URL as a second address for it (while disabling the original). During the whole period when I couldn’t get him to do anything, there was no way even to do that.

  7. I’m evolving! I have now left the seas and acquired legs and wings to become a Flappy Bird. Perhaps that is because of a surge in links, especially to my “God never forgives” post – 19 links recorded, but all but one from just two other blogs. What this also seem to show is that the TTLB ecosystem is sorting itself out.

  8. Thanks, Fred. Well, as NZ is now promising to fix things, because you hit him hard enough that he responded, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer – and not complain too much that my legs and wings have been replaced again by flippers in only a couple of days.

  9. I’ve used TTLB on my site of and on for about a year and a half. I used to watch my rankings, but not any more. I simply no longer find TTLB useful either as a ranking system or as a source of traffic promotion. It’s a curiousity for me, nothing more. Once in a while I’ll check to see if I’ve evolved to a higher level of existence, but usually what I note is that the rankings are dancing madly.

    :: sigh ::

    Oh well. Back to SiteMeter, Technorati, and Quantcast.


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