Earthquake shakes England!

Blackpool TowerThe BBC reports that an earthquake hit Blackpool in north west England at 3.30 this morning. So far there are no reports of damage or casualties, but it is still early. The iconic Blackpool Tower is believed to be still standing. But as this is a low lying coastal area we can only hope that there will not also be a tsunami. We are safe 40 miles away in Warrington.

So has Mark Stibbe’s prophecy been fulfilled?

Or is this an April Fool?

Probably neither. I’m sure the BBC report is genuine, and I have added nothing but speculation. But “the 2.2 magnitude tremor” was very slight, and the real reason for no reports of damage is that very likely there wasn’t any. Also Wikipedia lists several earthquakes more powerful than this in the UK each year, including two already this year. So there is no prophetic significance to this morning’s event.

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  1. Today a man died after being hit by wave on Blackpool sea wall. Perhaps there was a tsunami, and this earthquake claimed a victim. But the BBC report blames “the overnight weather conditions”.

    My condolences to the man’s family.

  2. I have just come across your website and would like to share something about the earthquake prophesied will happen in England by Mark Stibbe. Firstly, many years ago (something like 10-15 years ago), I had a vision of Oxford Street in London, England. It had been hit by a VERY BIG! earthquake. I was at the time shaken by what the Lord had shown me. Since then the Lord has not
    shown me or spoken of such an earthquake, until this morning. I believe that he spoke to me of an earthquake such as never happened to this Nation in its history. My feelings are that it will be pretty big. big enough to bring the people of this nation to its knees. There will be much mourning and wailing because of this, and repentance. I believe this will bring many people of this nation to their senses and many will be saved at this time. I think God would say “Does it have to come to this before men will believe IAM who I AM” (a God who greatly loves them and desires them to turn to him). I believe the Lord will have spoken to many Christians about this in these days who are quietly seeking him in the secret place. For those who take him seriously to draw into his presence, he will reveal these things to them so that they will not be taken unawares. We do not need to wait until a well-known prophet speaks of these things, God desires to speak them to us individually in these days, straight from the horses mouth so to speak. Please do not interpret this as to mean that God does not speak through these prophets, but that he can confirm these things to us as we seek him. I think that as Christians, we are far too quick to judge whether a prophet has prophesied correctly or not. Time will tell and who knows, some of us may not be around when this happens! Personally, I believe the Lord HAS given this word of prophecy about the England earthquake through Mark Stibbe. More importantly however, is the call for intimacy with God that he has been calling us to for many many years now. We need to be seeking his face and praying to see the unity between committed christians that the Lord WILL bring about with our cooperation and for his mercy upon this land of ours. I think that God will shake his church first and then he will sake this nation, when his glorious church is ready and prepared for such an event. May the church wake up and ARISE.

  3. Lil, thank you for your comment. I don’t know what to say except that only time will tell if that is a genuine prophetic word, and that I hope and pray that God will spare England from any such disaster.

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