Facebook makes you dumb

… at least so says, or sings, David Ker.

When I read your blogs I get smarter. When I hang out on Facebook I get much much stupider.

I agree. So, while I will remain a Facebook member at least for now, don’t expect me to hang out on it much.

I’m not like this guy. I don’t install any Facebook extensions, at least not without very good reason.

6 thoughts on “Facebook makes you dumb

  1. How do all these thoughts and concerns cross our minds and, yet, we give permission for facebook to have our info?! The people behind facebook know our weaknesses and are playing with us.

  2. Kevin, I for one only put on Facebook information which I don’t mind too much if the whole world knows. Others would be wise to do the same. After all, I don’t necessarily trust all my Facebook “friends”, let alone anyone who might get unauthorised access.

  3. Mike, one of my younger friends liked to poke me and get them to poke me back, but he grew out of it when he reached about 14. Now he’s 15 and has just about grown out of Facebook completely. Smart young man. So ignore your poke, or else send a meaningful message back to the person who poked you.

  4. i aint no dummer then when i furst got on face book, pete!

    Actually, I find Facebook to be far less than something I really want to spend time doing. I’m on it because I can keep in touch with my kids and nieces and nephews better. But otherwise, it’s a waste of time. Blogs “r” better!

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