Todd Bentley interviewed on video by Rick Joyner

Todd Bentley has appeared for the first time since he left Lakeland, I think, in a 12 minute video interview with Rick Joyner, posted at Rick’s website. This is promised to be the first of a weekly series. This is part of the restoration process which Todd has now begun.

Todd starts by expressing his primary concern for his children. He refers without acrimony to Shonnah as his ex-wife, and only in passing to his new wife Jessa. He notes that the “process” of parting from Shonnah has been going on for years, and has nothing to do with Lakeland. He agrees with Shonnah when she says she is sorry for “the way the public won’t move on when we have”. To that public Todd says:

I want to say I’m sorry for the pain, the hurt I have caused you…  I’ve been repenting and I want to repent and say to the church “I’m sorry”.

Rick points out that he bases his efforts to restore Todd on the command in Galatians 6:1.

Also I just found a long article about Todd’s remarriage at the website of Charisma Magazine.

11 thoughts on “Todd Bentley interviewed on video by Rick Joyner

  1. Rhea, thanks for the link. I note that the omissions pointed out by Grady have been put right in the video interview. But why does Grady assume that during the period of silence Todd has NOT been “listening to counsel and seeking reconciliation with his first wife”? He certainly has been doing the former, and if not the latter probably because his overtures have been rebuffed. But I agree that “we cannot rush the process of restoring a man to ministry”, and so, I am sure, does Rick Joyner. I really think Grady needs to learn not to assume the worst about situations that he doesn’t know much about rather than create a scandal out of mere suppositions that there is something wrong with the restoration process which has now started.

  2. Has Todd actually confessed to comitting adultery? According to Jesus’ teaching, divorcing and remarrying for any reason apart from “sexual sin” constitutes adultery. The first step of any restoration process is surely to confess and admit the wrongdoing.

  3. Alastair, I don’t think Todd has stated that he committed adultery. But it is the first step for him to confess this only if he actually has done so. And there is no reason to assume that he has done so. It is possible for men and women to have close, even intimate relationships without sexual intercourse. One of the worst errors of our modern society is the assumption that everything is sexual, that every friendship is a sexual one and that every kiss or cuddle is evidence that the couple are having intercourse on the side. Of course some people are. But if Todd and Jessa are claiming that they have not done this, and there is no real evidence to the contrary, we really should believe them rather than putting pressure on Todd to confess to something which he may not have done.

    According to biblical teaching, a man deserted by his wife is free to remarry, presumably implying that intercourse after that remarriage is not adulterous, 1 Corinthians 7:15. The evidence suggests that this applies here. Of course Shonnah is not an unbeliever, but for leaving her husband surely she should be treated as one.

  4. [please delete my previous post due to formatting error]

    Thanks, Peter, for your further understanding in this matter. I am not sure I can follow your interpretation of 1 Cor 7:15 though. The text clearly states this applies to the case of a husband/wife becoming a Christian and then being deserted by their unbelieving spouse. The same text just a few verses earlier addresses the issue here, that of two Christians divorcing without good cause:

    10 To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A wife must not separate from her husband. 11 But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife … 15 But if the unbeliever leaves, let it be so. The brother or sister is not bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace.

    So I agree that Paul offers a concession to those that are abandonded by their partner because of their allegiance to Jesus. But otherwise, it seems no permission is given to divorce. As I said previously, Jesus said that adultery happens automatically when one gets divorced outside of these concessions and becomes remarried. Its adultery because presumably God still considers the original marriage intact.

    I don’t have much if any interest in judging Todd et al in this issue, its not my place; rather, I’d like to see how the scripture’s teaching on divorce and remarriage might apply to a situation such as his. If nothing else this whole issue jas highlighted a general lack of clarity in what scripture teaches about adultery, divorce and re-marriage.

  5. Alastair, I note that in vv.10-11 Paul has nothing to say to the husband who is deserted by his wife. But the implication of his teaching is that if she refuses to be reconciled as he teaches that she must be, she is to be subjected to church discipline which means she is treated as an unbeliever, or worse. I’m not sure that it is fair to Shonnah to name her in this case. But the overall thrust of biblical teaching on marriage is by no means as simple as you suggest. You might like to look at what David Instone-Brewer has written on the subject, see here for links; sadly the main site isn’t working at the moment, but see this simplified presentation, perhaps the best use I have ever seen for Facebook!

  6. Thanks, Peter. I am already familiar with Brewer’s work, I generally accept his thesis, but I have also recently read Piper’s rebuttal, so I will need to look at this again. I agree with you that scripture’s teaching is not as clear cut as we would like it on this matter. I’ll read your recent post concerning Brewer and perhaps comment further.

    I guess my general point is that I am alarmed at how common divorce is with Christian leaders, given Jesus’ radical and sobering teaching on the matter. Just how many exceptions to the “no divorce rule” are there? Clearly there are some, but I am wary of attempts to introduce so many that we end up with something very close to “no fault” Christian divorce, which clearly is not in the spirit of our Lord’s teaching on this topic.

  7. Alastair, I agree that “no fault” divorce “clearly is not in the spirit of our Lord’s teaching on this topic”. But we need to find a right path between this and a situation where people are bound when Jesus intends them to be free.

  8. Rick Joyner has now released another video (dated 13th March) in which he, alone, answers questions about the situation with Todd. This helps to explain what has been happening. Here are a couple of extracts:

    …he got married again so fast. How can I approve that? I did not approve either the divorce or the remarriage. Neither did Bill Johnson, neither did Jack Deere. But what I told Todd, and what I meant, we will comply with Galatians 6:1. And I told Todd… you know, Todd actually asked me about, you know, if he should get remarried or something, and I, I honestly think I need to take some personal responsibility for letting that happen.

    We’ve been trying to walk a really fine line in some areas, especially concerning Todd’s ex-wife Shonnah. You know, she is just handling this beautifully, and the kids are doing great, but they have asked for privacy, they don’t want us to talk about them, they don’t want us to go there, and we really had to navigate through some stuff just to do the last special bulletin, because that is on the heart of many people. But I tell you, we have come to really appreciate that girl, and just the way she has handled these things, and many others just been put in very very difficult situations, and as you saw on the last video Todd is just grieved about this, I mean he is grieved about the grief he has brought, it weighs on him every day, that’s one of the things… you know the cross can handle that too, it can handle those failures. And I appreciate the concern for high standards, and especially with the attack that marriage is under right now.

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