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The irrepressible David Ker, in a post simply entitled 7000, has tried to start up an outrageous meme which has the potential of overrunning the whole Internet with mindless drivel, if the people he tags do what he asks them to do. In the spirit of brotherly love, and since the world might be a better place if the Internet collapses, I will obey his instructions to the letter. Indeed I am copying his whole post just to make sure I haven’t missed anything. 😉

Lingamish has reached a milestone of 7,000 comments on this blog. Gone are the days of badinage and flapdoodle. Hyperbole has given way to humdrum. But 7K is a pretty good sized number.

In honor of this momentous event I’ve decided to make the technorati rank of all my commenters who have blogs soar into the stratosphere. This is like a chain letter. You musn’t break it or we will all get mad at you. I have arbitrarily chosen ten of the most recent commenters on my blog and shown them below. Each of them must copy this entire list into a post on their own blog and add then more of their own commenters. The result is going to be huge amounts of link love.


OK, everybody, include this list in your post and tag ten other commenters on your blog. What better way to thank all these nice people that make us feel so happy by leaving comments on our blogs?

P.S. The last time I did this someone broke the chain after two weeks and the very next day was torn limb from limb by hyenas. I kid you not. So don’t risk it. Instead let the blessings flow…

Or am I doing this because I am afraid of the hyenas? There aren’t too many here in England, but I’ll stay well away from Mozambique just in case.

Note that I do not endorse the blogs listed above, some of which I have not read and some of which I have read too much of. Here is my list of ten blogs of those recently commenting on my posts – again, I am not endorsing these sites, some of which I don’t know well, but I am omitting some which I prefer not to link to, or which are Lingamish:

  1. Rahab’s Place
  2. Obscene Beauty
  3. The Road to “Elder” ado
  5. Friends’ Meeting House
  6. The Sundry Times
  7. This I do…
  8. New Epistles
  9. Seeking His Face
  10. jon sidnell

Interestingly few of these are among the regular circle of bibliobloggers and Anglican and Methodist pastors whose blogs I read regularly. Not all blog regularly, but there are some gems to be found here.

Meanwhile, please comment here! I am just 55 comments short of Lingamish’s 7,000 mark, that’s counting approved comments only (are you counting the same, David?). That’s 6,945 comments on 690 posts (I’m sure Lingamish has more posts than that). Just one more push, perhaps another outrageous post about Todd Bentley, and I can ease past him!

0 thoughts on “Following 7,000

  1. Here’s my contribution to your comment count and I’m going to visit every blog you’ve listed. Keep the meme going folks!

  2. That’s my comments too. It’s interesting how quickly you get into new corners of the web when you follow those link.

  3. Hi Peter
    It was a stretch but I have found 10 people to link to. Thanks for including me as your list has introduced me to some new blogs

  4. I might have guessed DAvid Ker was behind all of this – anyway well done both of you bibliobloggers I admire your feistiness and productivity both of you even if blah blah blah – I’m a liberal you’re not etc etc –
    anyway if this gets you one step closer to DAvid’s total here’s a first comment from me!

  5. Thanks, Jane, Tim, Mike, Ferg, Patsy, even David. 6,961 comments and counting!

    Ferg, I hope you enjoyed Hillsong. I’m sorry I never got to go there when I was in Australia. I did once make it to their London church.

  6. Ok so now I’m stuck on the link love thing
    1) How do I get my blog to show the links?
    2) howcome some of the people I linked to as instructed, even though their posts do show links, don’t show mine 🙁 (David Keen being the primary example)
    mind you, have discovered a whole new world of blogs through this

  7. Tim, I’m glad to be able to help. With Blogger (and WordPress) you need to edit your post in visual mode, click an icon which looks like a link in a chain, and then enter the FULL URL of the blog you are linking to. By the way, the links you give in commenting on this blog don’t work because you don’t include the http:// part. Maybe that’s why your links are not appearing on other blogs. I hope that helps.

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