God is alive & well, and on the side of a bus

Everyone (at least among Church of England clergy) is getting into it using this site, or so it seems from the examples of Bishop Alan, Sam Norton, Maggi Dawn, Doug Chaplin, and my old friend Martin Jackson, plus a whole competition from Madpriest. So, not being one to miss a blogging bandwagon, I must show off my own example of this, and not just in an edit to an old post which hardly anyone will notice. To mark the day when the real Agnostibuses are off the road at least in London, here is the slogan written by a friend of mine for our church, as it would appear on the side of a bus:


0 thoughts on “God is alive & well, and on the side of a bus

  1. Another offering from an Anglican priest, this time in Canada, together with one from a layman and one from a Lutheran “Candidate-Pastor” who calls himself “Doorman-Priest”. So at least mine is not the only non-priestly offering.

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  3. Two more amusing offerings from Polycarp. He is I think another layman, so I hope we don’t share the fate of King Uzziah for making non-priestly offerings (2 Chronicles 26:19-20).

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