No comment?

Why is no one commenting here? There have been no comments on this blog, except from myself, for more than three days. For several days before that they had been coming in at an average of six a day, and that excludes the ones I disallowed from Susan and Brad (who use the same IP address). So why have they stopped coming in so abruptly? The number of visitors here has been steady over the last month at about 400 per day during the week, 250 at weekends. A few pingbacks from other blogs (and lots of trackback spam) have been arriving, but no comments except my own.

I hope my action in banning Susan and Brad from commenting, because they were persistently making unsubstantiated libellous accusations, has not put off anyone else from commenting. Please keep the comments coming!

Or could there be a technical problem? If anyone has tried to comment here without success, please contact me by e-mail, at the address given here.

27 thoughts on “No comment?

  1. This is officially an unspammy, unlibelous test comment. 😀

    Seriously, I’ve been a bit quiet lately; keeping busy with Jesus, a bathroom renovation project, and hopes of being able to move soon!

  2. Been busy with parish stuff and snow, certainly haven’t been put off by anything.
    Am loving the pseudo-hebrew anti spam words!

  3. Thanks to all of you for showing that comments are working here.

    Blue, I found and retrieved your previous comment from among nearly 9,000 spam pingbacks. Comments which are mostly link and not much text do tend to look like spam.

  4. I also haven’t had anything to say, but I found the Isa/Yeshua posts really interesting and forwarded them along to a friend.

  5. I also tend to read without having anything important or witty to contribute, so I don’t usually leave a comment – whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent.

  6. Thanks, Andy. I didn’t mean to make people feel guilty about not commenting. Anyone is welcome to read without responding. The Bible of course teaches us to be slow to speak, and by extension to write – a lesson I need to learn better myself.

  7. I’d comment more, but I’m too lazy to fill in my name, email, and website info all the time. Generally I comment the most on blogger or WP blogs where everything is auto filled in for me already.

    I almost commented on your snow post, not sure why I didn’t though.

  8. Brilliant strategy! And it didn’t even require mentioning Todd.

    Commenting is down because Obama was elected and the whole world waits in hushed anticipation for the new age.

  9. Peter – bit of a mystery that, it’s not appeared yet and not in my inbox either. I commented on another Blogger based site yesterday and that seems to have vanished too.

    Anyway, your post worked, I’ll have to try it myself!

  10. Si, this is a proper blog again now! Thanks for all the comments.

    David Ker, trust you to mention Todd.

    David Keen (sorry to have to spell the names out in full!), I also made the point that both you and I were referring to the Natural History Museum as a temple of Darwinism, independently on the same day. Coincidence?

    Nathan and others, if you log into WP you shouldn’t need to fill in your details here. Or do you need to log into this blog? You shouldn’t have to.

  11. Anyway, David Ker, the strategy is working – not just 19 comments not by me in 19 hours, and not all on this post, but also nearly 600 visitors to my blog yesterday, the highest number this year. Of course that may also be partly because I posted seven times in two days (plus one on BBB), probably a record for me.

  12. I read almost every day, but seldom comment. I will do better with that. I enjoy your thoughts. My daughter is Anglican here in the states and I enjoy sweet fellowship there. I am Pentecostal in my church expression. We do fine together in an interdenominational Bible teaching ministry. Our Lord is good.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. I think your commentaries just say it all and there is no need for further discussion. However, a second blog, or even a published book with all of the items you’ve disallowed would be very entertaining and might sell….

  14. Thank you, Spasm. But I’m afraid that second blog or book would be very repetitive and boring, mostly incoherent ramblings and rants, and links to similar material. It would also be rather short – a total of 45 comments in three years.

  15. I’m still here too, enjoying the snow with my family and trying to figure out what is happening with our school’s strike.

    God is still good! Keep on going, Peter – we are all one body and it’s when people fragment that deeper issues lie unresolved.

  16. I’m away travelling (currently in Thailand, move to Australia in two days), but as soon as I find internet access I check your blog and Greg Boyd’s blog. I don’t comment as often as I’d like too, but I read every post and always enjoy.
    You’re a blessing.

  17. Thanks, Ferg. I saw your posts from Thailand. Have a good time there and in Oz. I really enjoyed my time as a tourist there a few years ago. I envy you the warm sunshine! Mind you, it’s sunny here today, but still freezing even mid morning.

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