Todd Bentley on Facebook too

Two days ago I reported the news that Todd Bentley apparently has a new Myspace page together with a blog. Now Agathos aka Scott has discovered that Todd also has a new, as of 16th December 2008, Facebook page, The Official Todd Bentley Facebook Fan Page. (I’m not sure if you need to be a Facebook member to view this.) Again there is no proof or confirmation that this is genuinely from Todd.

Todd has already acquired 361 fans (none as far as I can see called Jessa). On the site there are five “notes” apparently by Todd, all dated 16th December, including the announcement of a new book Kingdom Rising, which is being sold, and promoted on their home page, by Todd’s company Sound of Fire. Two of the other “notes” are explicitly older writings by Todd. They are not the same material as on the Myspace blog.

Todd has also contributed to this discussion linked to the fan page. Again I can’t be sure that this is the real Todd, but he does have 4735 friends (again no Jessa). He writes

Hi friends tell me your testimonies from Lakeland outpouring love and blessings


wow i love reading your testimonies please keep them coming.

But the longest post in Todd’s name in this discussion is in fact not by him but the story of “One of The Fan Page Admins”. The latest message from Todd is dated 21st December:

Merry Christmas friends

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  1. You made a fair point Peter – this could be a violation of Facebooks Eula if it isn’t Bentley.

    The “One of The Fan Page Admins” says they worked for Fresh Fire Ministries Canada and couldn’t get a visa, but they are selling Bentley product.

    That’s a violation of terms:

    “You represent, warrant and agree that no materials of any kind submitted through your account or otherwise posted, transmitted, or shared by you on or through the Service will violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights; or contain libelous, defamatory or otherwise unlawful material.”

    Bentley’s stuff is his, and if this isn’t his site then aren’t the admins in violation?

    “register for more than one User account, register for a User account on behalf of an individual other than yourself, or register for a User account on behalf of any group or entity;
    impersonate any person or entity”

    And this:

    “use or attempt to use another’s account, service or system without authorization from the Company, or create a false identity on the Service or the Site.”

    And this:

    “You may not post, transmit, or share User Content on the Site or Service that you did not create or that you do not have permission to post”

    Facebook Marketplace Eula:

    “You may not list any item for sale, lease or rent that is not in your possession or that you do not have the right to sell lease or rent at the time the item is listed.”

    “You must own or otherwise have the right to use all photographs used in any Listings, and such photographs must accurately represent the item involved in your transaction.”

    While you aren’t the potential third party here: Todd Bentley is, since you are doubtful he put it up don’t you think you have a responsibility to report your concerns?

    It is also against copywrite laws to post the full work of another person (in this case something Bentley wrote) You may quote parts with attribution but require permission to post in full or you’ve broken the law.

    You can report these possible violations here:

  2. Bene, it is not an infringement of anyone’s rights to advertise their products with a link to their website. But it is of course an infringement to impersonate someone.

    My personal opinion is that this site is probably genuine, but I have no proof of that. The same is true of most of my friends’ Facebook pages. Am I supposed to have a duty to report them because I have no proof of genuineness?

    If you have any evidence that this site is not genuine, report it yourself, and please let me see your evidence in a comment here.

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  4. Peter:

    Is there any other verifiable news regarding Bentley? If this MySpace site is genuine, does it seem he is making the effort to promote his “ministry” credentials in hopes of resurrecting his reputation? Was he up in Redding with Bill Johnson of Bethel Church?

    I think he may be skirting the ‘restoration’ process & itching to get back into the travelling circuit again. But there seems to be little valid news regarding his current whereabouts & his plans at moving into the ministry spotlight once again.

  5. Joseph, see what I wrote in early December, reporting news which does seem to be verifiably from Todd.

    As for any links with Bill Johnson, I can find nothing new. His website is newly revamped and now includes a blog, with just two posts so far. But the only thing I can find on it about Todd is, oddly enough, a link here to “Fresh Fire Ministries – Todd Bentley”, which still goes to the Fresh Fire site. I guess this is still there by mistake.

  6. There is a new note today on The Official Todd Bentley Facebook Fan Page in Todd’s name. In reply to the following from Escotilla Harrison:

    Is this page really run by Todd Bentley himself? Or, is this just a Fan of Todd Bentley?


    Todd replies [sic]:

    It is not ran by Todd. He sees the page. It was created so that FRIENDS may join, he ran out of room on his actual FB page.

    Just discovered that Todd also has an older public Facebook fan page, with over 3,000 named fans. This has apparently not been touched by its administrators since September 2008, although there have been quite a lot of messages from fans on its Wall. But this page seems not to be “official” in the sense of having been set up by Todd himself. Here is an extract from the Personal Interests section:

    this fan page was created for the sole purpose of supporting our friend and brother Todd Bentley and is neither affiliated with nor intended to idolize him in any respect


    this is a reminder that the purpose of this page is to stay true to the original intention simply to be a fan support page and nothing more. over time some have gone far beyond that, resulting in a disservice to other fan members.

    therefore any personal opinions, presumptions, judgments or attacks directed at any fan members or any other individuals thereof need to be reserved for other more appropriate facebook pages or internet forums that are not fan pages of this nature. simply put, if you’re looking for a place to pick a fight or start a debate, we have no problems as long as you take it elsewhere that’s more appropriate.

    any posts that do not adhere to this rule will be removed at the discretion of the admins, whether we agree or disagree with your viewpoints.

    due to repeated abuse from a select few individuals, several threads have been completely removed. potentially more will be completely erased if deemed necessary. repeat offenders also risk being banned permanently from posting on this fan page.

    thank you for you understanding and blessings to everyone, whether you support Todd or not.


    Please refrain from responding to posts by individuals that have joined this group for the sole purpose of stirring up dissension, and passing judgment and attacks on other believers.

    If you see any posts that are judgmental or attacking in nature, please simply report these posts and posters using the “REPORT” link next to the particular post, so the facebook admins can be alerted.



    It should be obvious why this kind of message is necessary. I suppose that the “official” page has a similar policy, as several posts have been “marked as irrelevant” and disappeared.

  7. I have no proof of any breach of the Facebook conditions in respect of Todd Bentley.

    But, interestingly, I have uncovered a breach in the case of Robert Ricciardelli who has commented on this matter, including this comment today apparently from him in which the commenter claims to have read recent Facebook correspondence between Todd and his girlfriend. A Facebook search for Robert Ricciardelli reveals two separate pages for Robert, both with his photo (and a third identity with no friends or photo, which could be a sad unrelated person). One of these identities, in the Charlotte, NC network, has 4784 friends including Todd Bentley also of Charlotte, NC – the same person who has commented at the official fan page so probably genuine. The other Ricciardelli identity, of Seattle, WA, has 1276 friends, not including Todd. Neither has a friend called Jessa.

    Either Robert himself is in breach of Facebook’s conditions, or else someone has set up a page impersonating him, about which he should complain.

  8. I left this message on the fan page in facebook – hope that it gets to Todd:

    Hi Todd,
    Hopefully you will see this. We would like to help you and your wife recover AND have an outrageously happy marriage. We work, full time, with the worst marriage situations – and yes, yours qualifies. From a Pastor who got into adultery in 1991 but whose marriage recovered – we have lived an outrageously happy marriage since 1994 – we can help you. Please contact us. Joel and Kathy Davisson

    I do not know how to add it to the “wall” of current comments.

  9. Thank you, Joel and Kathy. Indeed I hope that there is a way of restoring Todd and Shonnah’s marriage, and his ministry.

    I don’t think posting this here will help it to get to Todd, though I suppose he or his staff members just might read this. You probably can send a direct Facebook message to the individual Todd Bentley of Charlotte, NC who I think is the real one – he is the one who initiated the conversation on the fan page.

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