Todd Bentley the blogger?

I haven’t been following blogs about Todd Bentley recently, largely because they are so often full of speculative nastiness. But my eye was caught by a post at Onward, Forward, Toward… because it linked to one of my posts. And there I found some interesting information which seems to be more than speculation. It is certainly true that someone has set up a Myspace page in Todd’s name. This appears to be new, with a signup date of 16th December 2008.

I cannot confirm what is stated in the post, that the Myspace page has been set up by Todd himself, or at least by someone acting on his behalf. There is surely the possibility that this is an unofficial page set up by someone wanting to blacken Todd’s name even further – or my a misguided supporter. But it does look quite genuine.

What I discovered is that linked to this Myspace page there is a blog. Now the Myspace blogging software is so poor that the link to View Todd’s Blog leads to an almost unreadable page. But there are three posts there, all dated 16th December 2008, which can be read if accessed individually. And they do appear to be genuine writings by Todd, although not necessarily new ones.

PJ Miller, who has also posted about Todd’s new Myspace page, claims that

You won’t find anything on his page concerning his recent troubles–including his separation, impending divorce [he lists himself as ‘single’] or the fact he is continuing to live in adultery.

The fact here is not the presumption that Todd is continuing to live in adultery (for which the only evidence offered is that one of his Myspace friends is allegedly the woman with whom he has admitted an inappropriate relationship). The fact is that there is in the Myspace blog material relevant to Todd’s personal situation, although not explicitly about it. For two of Todd’s three posts are about Restoration. Here is an extract from this post, based on Isaiah 61:2-4:

Actually, did you know that it’s one thing to loose and undo the work of the devil—it’s one thing to be set free—but it’s another thing to have God restore back in your life all the damage that was done because of the oppression of the enemy?! In other words, just think for a moment about the alcoholic that gets set free, and we thank God for that. But what about all the aftermath—the damage that the alcoholism did to the children and others—or the drug addict that’s now free, but the family is still broke?

The fact is, there are testimonies of people that have come into notable freedom, yet there still remain lingering negative consequences. But biblical restoration cuts off those negative consequences! That’s because, when God restores, one: He brings an increase; two: He multiplies beyond where you were; and three: He adds the extra, making it better than it was before. Look at Job. When God restored Job, He gave him double (Job 42:10). In fact, you cannot be touched by the anointing of restoration and, for example, just get your money back at the same measure. It’s not just recovery of a former condition. No! You’re not going back to a former state. You’re going back to better! I mean, when God restores, say double, it’s everything double—life, joy, and revelation, and much more!

Is this the kind of restoration Todd is looking for? Indeed God can restore him from his current brokenness and give him an anointing that is double even that which was poured out at Lakeland. But one prerequisite for that is repentance. There is no mention of that in this article, although it is a start for Todd to recognise “the oppression of the enemy” in what has happened to him. What we do read is that when Todd was praying for his father to be saved God

revealed to me that my dad had made certain choices and he wanted the darkness. That being the case God was prevented from breaking in to help him.

Todd has also reportedly made certain choices, to live in a sinful way, which prevent God from restoring him. If he seeks restoration, first he needs to make different choices. The details of what he needs to do are known only to his close advisers. But it must include turning away from any inappropriate relationship with his former nanny and seeking reconciliation with his wife and children.

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  2. The use of Job as biblical justification for increase after absolution and “restoration” is simply lazy, if not obfuscating, scholarship. Job did nothing wrong preceding his personal demise.
    Is that too obvious to see?
    More appropriate as an OT illustration would be King David (I can’t believe how obvious this seems): he sinned, and he paid for it, and consequently so did the people of his kingdom. He may have still been king (God did not break his promise), but would no longer be able to claim personal glory for anything accomplished or hoped-for accomplishments for the sake of the Kingdom.

    Would Todd allow that kind of scriptural obfuscation into his teaching? Or is that the “helpful” disciple ignorantly muddying the waters?

    Wow. What a mess. What a blight.

  3. Rob, I agree that King David is a better parallel to Todd’s situation, as I have written before. It is interesting that Todd himself made the same parallel when he got his King David tattoo, although perhaps at the time he didn’t have David’s sin in mind.

    I guess Todd would respond to you that his article is not about restoration of someone who has sinned, but of someone who was in demonic bondage – although I suppose he would accept that there is sin involved in taking drugs or excessive alcohol leading to addiction. That leaves open the question of whether Todd was at all thinking about his own situation when he wrote this.

  4. Peter (blogmaster over at Gentle Wisdom):

    On the ‘alleged’ MySpace page, there is a section for “Companies” which lists

    Sound of Fire Produtions (for all of Todd’s books, teaching material, and CD’s-
    o Ladysmith, BC CA
    o President

    Doing a “WHOIS search” on the domain name SOUNDOFFIRE.COM reveals the owner is a “steve stanczyk” out of abbotsford, BC Canada.

    The “Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:” on the domain name SOUNDOFFIRE.COM is listed as being

    Sound of Fire Productions
    Darcia Bentley
    Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A8

    On the page

    her picture is listed and in the paragraph about David Bentley, Darcia is listed as David’s wife and Todd is listed as David’s son.

    The myspace page and the site appears to be legitimate in reference to Todd Bentley.

  5. Steve Stanczyck hasn’t taken the Fresh Fire/Todd Bentley off his studio page yet.

    He has done work for Heidi and Roland Baker for Cry Africa which is out of Global Harvest Ministries (Bentley’s former home church and where his road crew managers are from)

    Jessa’s pic was taken by Lara Merz, an Abbotsford photographer whose Todd Bentley/Lakeland pic sold(?) is up at Christian Week, a Cdn mag.

  6. Onward…, I know very well that there is a link to Todd’s father’s company on the page. But this is well known information, which I have seen on several websites before and indeed linked to myself (but the link is now broken). A clever faker would of course include such information to provide apparent authenticity.

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  8. Is it legal to sell someone elses product on a MySpace page?

    If you click the link ‘photos’ off the profile page you are sent to a product page selling Bentley stuff. There is nothing up in videos yet; has he sold videos in the past?

    If this MySpace page isn’t authorized by Bentley can’t he or other MySpace users report it as a violation and have this yanked if it’s fake?

  9. Bene, I don’t exactly know, but I would be rather surprised if it is illegal to advertise others’ products and provide link to their websites. What is against the rules is to impersonate another person, especially a public figure. If you have doubts, report them to Myspace, but they would probably require some evidence of wrongdoing. They would probably only act on a complaint from Bentley himself.

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  11. Its clear that by looking at the page then the comments on Wes Roderick’s page that Wes who serves for Todd set up the page on Todd’s behalf. Wes is also some what involved with graphic design.

  12. Thanks, Avshalom, that looks like good information. Wes is also on Facebook so may well also be Todd’s Facebook administrator, and perhaps the person who wrote his story on Todd’s Facebook page.

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